As a student he was certainly not rich. When he took the glossy card from the striking looking lady in shades though it was more curiosity that made him go along.



Director Lady Mesmer

Good rates paid for participants in our Sleep Research Program

Males under 25 especially welcome.


He was nervous when he phoned and even more so when he passed through the door. The lobby was plush with a soothing water feature and plush emerald carpets as deep as the turf on a sports field.


But it was the staff that took his breath away. They were all very attractive females. Each one of them wore what seemed to be a figure-hugging uniform consisting of a long, shiny, tight, satin skirt and a voluminous, green satin blouse. The way their clothes reflected the light was like watching the rippling, alluring, flowing tides of some sensually soothing, erotic ocean.


While he was taken to a small room he was tantalised by the soft but femininely authoritative swishing of the assistant’s satin skirt. He was getting mesmerised by the gentle, rhythmic movement of her torso as he followed her. The coolly businesslike clicking of her heels reminded him of the rhythm of a metronome. He was much more than half-mesmerized when he reached the examination room door.


With a wave of one hand she drew his attention to the room. “Now, if you will, please make yourself comfortable and undress down to your underwear. And do not be afraid. We see all shapes and sizes in here. Just sit down and relax. Someone will be with you soon.”


He entered the room and saw a deep, soft, emerald-green sofa facing a bed. The two pieces of furniture appeared very bland. He saw some sort of electronic monitoring device. He assumed they would attach electrodes to his head soon and leave him.


5 minutes later there was a knock at the door. He opened it and faced a lady wearing the softest, silkiest, gold satin blouse and black satin skirt he had ever seen. She had wonderfully long, shapely legs and , although her well-toned body was quite slim, her voluptuous breasts seemed to draw his eyes towards them. She had long, silken, blonde tresses and spoke with a soft, strong, but very reassuring accent straight from the USA’s West Coast. Her accents smooth, gentle burr seemed to put him at ease straight away.


“Hello, I am lady Mesmer, the Director of this establishment. And I make a point of welcoming all our valued, new clients and taking personal charge of their premier sleeeeeeep experience with us.”


The long, elongated way she said the word “Sleeeeeeep” fascinated him.


“Now we need to monitor your central nervous system and autonomic nervous system activity. You may be surprised to know that we are particularly interested in, shall we say, the nerve transmissions from your lumbar spine to the lower parts of your anatomy.”


He looked alarmed.


“Oh! didn’t anyone advise you about what we’re researching? This experiment looks at arousal during sleep. Of course, you can quit now if you like.”


It is as if she just knew he would not quit.


“Good! Now lets just put these harmless, little sensors here, here, and here. And now, you just sit down on the sofa and relaxxxxx.”


Having Lady Mesmer personally handle him made the whole experience feel much more comfortable than the typical biomedical experiment. After he settled down on the couch, she sat down beside him. “Of course, I’ll be with you all the way. The first experience can be a little anxious for some folks. So I like to stay very close your first time to give you personal support in your sleeeeeeep experienccce.”


She moved her soft, silky satin skirt towards him. It brushed gently against his bare legs. Suddenly, a loud beep came from the monitoring machine.


“Why darling, your arousal in wakefulness seems especially powerful. So let us sssswitch off thissss noise.”


Her voice was amazing. The sweet Californian burr was slowing with every sentence. Everything felt like it was slowing down and sssooothing him.


She went to a phone on the wall. “He’s ready now” she said.


two young, eye-pleasing women entered the room. One wore the satin staff uniform. The other was decked out in more day-to-day attire.


“Now, young man,” said Ms. Mesmer, “this is what we will do. Victoria here will hypnotize the young lady not in our uniform. You will watch them closely and I will guide you. You will make every effort to resissssst falling asssssleeeeeeep.”


Even when she said this, he felt the advancing of that soothing calm best felt in an afternoon nap.


Victoria seated the other young lady on the bed. She began swinging a beautiful, multifaceted, diamond locket on a gold chain before the girl´s eyes. As he and Lady Mesmer silently looked on, Victoria suggested to the girl that her eyes were drowsy , heavy , relaxed, sleepy, sssleeepy , sssooo sleeeeeeepy.


“You crystal clearly see Victoria’s soothing voice softly and smoothly putting the beautiful young lady to deeeeeeep sleeeeeeep. You very closely watch her eyes getting heavier and heavier. But of course, your eyes are wide awake. You can not see your eyes becoming heavy like hers. Watch those marvelous, mesmerized eyes. As you see her relaxing, watch the sweet, soothing locket swinging back and forth, back and forth. Oh sooooooo smoothly moving back and forth. Reminding you sssooo much of the gentle cradle of your childhood. All you see and hear only increases your feelings of tired eyes and lullabies.”


Suddenly he felt soft fingers stroking his neck. He became aware of silken breasts somehow beckoning his head to lay on them.


The hypnotized girl’s eyes grew dim and heavier. Gradually closing down was all they could seem to do. Her body swayed as if it was trying in vain to snatch a final runaway facet of ever more relaxing consciousness smoothly slipping soothingly away inevitably, entirely into drowsier dreaminess.


“Look! She is fighting but losing to the deepening entrancement. See how much she wants to rest her sleepy head. Resting her sleepy head is all she can do now. The sleepiness-inducing locket is putting her to ssleeeeeeep. Watch the locket putting her to ssleep, to sleeeeeeep, to deeeeeeep, restful, satin sleeeeeeeeeep.”


He saw her eyes stop fighting. Her head lolled helplessly to Victoria’s majestic, satin breasts. He dreamily watched her eyes finally roll into her head and softly close.


He felt the soft fingers of lady Mesmer on his forehead and neck. He also felt just one corner of her silky satin-draped bosom deftly caress his neck. All this was all it took to send him to silk, satin heaven. His heavenly hypnotising was soothing , soporific, satisfying. His mindlessness reposed in languorous, yet lullaby enchanting, sweetly aroused, satin heaven.


Finally all his muscles gave way in the blissful, gentle embrace of Lady Mesmer´s loving, sweet, silken, sleepy care. He was her sweetly swiftly, oh so sensuously mesmerized child. And he adored it all as his mind basked in her heavenly, satin cleavage. He felt so safe; so secure; and oh boy was he getting sssoo, so sleeeepilly horny.


As his eyes drifted closed the hypnotized young woman slowly awoke and laughed. Her amusement was shared by Lady Mesmer and Victoria.


“Another sweet, young, pleasurable darling for our collection” they said.


“Now just lay back darling and let sweet sleep and arousal take over.” This was Lady Mesmer’s next irresistible instruction instantaneously implemented by the three people who heard her wonderful words.

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