It was one of the days, you know; when traffic isn’t  always going your way, lights turning red just as you arrive, police pacing you down the street… everything is against you getting to your destination. Well, the other week i was lucky enough that Marquesa had set aside a brief moment of Her precious time for a “visit.” It was on my way there that everything was going against me. First there was road construction on the 5, then a crash on the 405, Arrrrrgh. Nothing was going the way i wanted.


i was approaching that point in time where i could possibly be late in meeting Marquesa. That couldn’t happen. So as i frustratingly used Siri to call Goddess Marquesa, i shuddered to think what i was going to say that would explain my situation. i threw up some prayers hoping for benevolence.

The phone rang…. Marquesa answered with a sweetly seductive “Hello”.

my heart melted and i stammered, “Marquesa, please p-please forgive me. i may be late, due to an accident, construction and just general traffic. Forgive me please… i should have allowed more time. It won’t happen again.”

Goddess giggled, and matter of factly said, “Don’t fret my little pet. you just arrive safely and just calm yourself and be ready to obey!”

“Yes, Goddess!” i said with glee! She isn’t going to be frustrated with my tardiness. Whew!

i finally arrived about 15 minutes past the appointed time. i rang Her front gate and was let in.

i gathered my belongings, packages and presents for Marquesa and rushed to Her door.

i knocked….waited i knocked again….waited even longer…. i rang the bell and waited. my eyes wandered around and i noticed a envelope on the mat with my name on it.

I opened the note. It said, “puppy, I am out walking Princess. Please enter and place My presents on the couch, drinks in the fridge- pour yourself one if you’re thirsty, and go wait in the Hypno-Room. Oh yes, wait in the room in position 23…”


Position 23 as i poured my drink? Position 23? What the heck is position 23? i was confused, disorientated and now nervous. So i walked down the hall and entered the “Hypno-Room.”


On the bed were the usual subjects.  My maids outfit for cleaning the house, some paddles & whips, handcuffs  and shackles. Yet, underneath the bright round red paddle was a folder marked in Trattatello… Position 23.


i stopped and was quite relieved that Goddess Marquesa had provided me with the information i needed. i hurriedly opened the folder and found it empty! i was aghast! This was inconceivable! The folder for Position 23 was right here, but there wasn’t any information inside. i dropped the folder and as it fluttered to the floor i noticed writing on the back.  my heart leapt out of my chest with joy! The info was on the back! Goddess be praised, She did leave me what i needed to please Her! i reached down and turned it over. All that was written there was, “puppy, i will be back at 4:30pm and you better be ready to obey! My first command is Position 23! There will be no excuses or i will think of something as your consequence…

my heart leapt into my throat… what time is it?…. Was that the door?…

Then i heard that wickedly wonderful voice chime out, “i hope you’re ready puppy! It will be just another minute while I refresh myself!”

i quickly disrobed, and thought to myself what would look like a two or a three. i decided to place myself over Her spanking bench, kneeling, rear up, hands strapped in, head in collar. This may work i hoped.


Marquesa’s heels clacked as She strolled to the “Hypno-Room”. She looked at me, giggled, walked over and locked my wrist straps into place. Still amused by my position She grasped the Red Paddle and swatted me one impressive swat. The sound of that swat echoed throughout my body. It shook me to my core. It was not only impressively strong! It scared me with the ease that Marquesa delivered such power! i was helpless and She had many “paddles of ass destruction” laying there within reach.


Goddess grabbed my hair, pulled my face up and whispered, “That isn’t Position 23! I haven’t taught you 23 yet! you aren’t worthy of that privilege slave! Yet, since you are in a favorite position I will use you for my amusement and pleasure.”


Marquesa dropped my head, and laughed Her evil, wonderful hedonistic laugh. You will know which one if you ever meet, because it rings in your mind and shatters your soul completely.

Out of the corner of my eye, a flash of bamboo…SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! was all i felt as She instructed me to count the swats and thank Her for each one. I got up to i think 43 as She changed paddles once again. A hint of black flew through the air and seemed to whistle as it moved, then BAMMMM!!! my body lifted in the air. i would have toppled over, if the bench hadn’t been anchored to the floor. i had lost count, i didn’t know the number or even where i was.


Marquesa asked sweetly, “pet, slut-slave, what number?”  i stammered, f-forgive me Marquesa, i don’t know, but thank You!”

“Ahhhh, you know we have to start over now, don’t you?” She cooed.

“As You wish most gracious Goddess Marquesa!” i humbly stated.
Once again Mistress grabbed my hair and looked into my eyes and stared at me for a minute or two before informing me of how dire my situation was…. “you enjoy these spankings don’t you slave?”  “Yes Goddess” was my only response!

“you crave my spankings! you need my spankings! My spankings milk you mindless!” She commanded.  Zombie like i answered, “Yes Goddess, please spank me till You are content!”

Marquesa laughed deeply, and began spanking me. She switched paddles several paddles. my mind wandered into a trance of pleasure and pain. It was what you think, the pleasure was in all the acts of spanking, the anticipation, the wind of the swing and of course, the SMACK! Oh how i love the SMACK! The pain was in Her pausing between swings, or threatening to stop. i begged, pleaded, cajoled anything to keeping Marquesa spanking me….


Marquesa had conquered completely! She had broken my will and now owned me! She sat triumphantly on my back, so She could sit and swat my bum. Taking two paddles, one for each hand, She began to perform a dominatrix drum solo on my cheeks. Oh the sweet agony of that performance! When She finished She placed each foot in front of my lips for adoration. (Thank You!) Then one last swat as She left.


MARQUESA, returned about ten minutes later and released me from my physical bondage. She paused, looked down at me and asked, “Don’t you want to move my pet?”

i responded the only way i could, “Where would YOU like me to go Goddess? i am lost with out YOU… Please give me directions, commands…. Whatever You desire…i am YOUR slave! YOU own me….

Marquesa got up, started walking, smiled sweetly and said, “Heel pet I want to watch a little TV while you adore my feet!”  i crawled along 3 steps behind Her heels….

I couldn’t help but wonder…What would position 23 look like?