Day 12



She did not appear at breakfast today. Instead, a tray for one slid through the pass-through. On it was a note: “Tune in to our channel at noon. There is something I want to show you.”

The seconds crept by at a snail’s pace until noon. When the time stamp on CNN told me that noon had arrived, I tuned the TV as her note had directed. When the station came on, it revealed her standing in the living room completely naked, but not alone.  To her left was a young man, also naked, with an extraordinarily handsome face and perfect physique. To her right was a tall brunette woman, about the same age as Goddess Marquesa, likewise a specimen of classic beauty. Like the Goddess, both her companions were stark naked.

“Good afternoon, pet,” Goddess Marquesa said, seeming to address me directly through the screen. Gesturing to her companions, she explained, “These are Rick and Michelle, my personal slaves. You have shown extraordinary willpower… I’m truly impressed. But I can’t make this challenge too easy for you. So I have one final test for you.”

Goddess Marquesa clapped her hands. That seemed to be a signal for which her slaves had been waiting. They began to worship the Goddess, moving reverently and in an attitude of total adoration. Michelle knelt at the Goddess’s feet and began to place gentle kisses on the Goddess’s thighs, working her way slowly toward the triangle of the Goddess’s pussy. Rick moved behind the Goddess and began kissing her spine, all the while reaching around her torso to gently fondle her nipples and massage her breasts.

Goddess Marquesa responded blissfully to all these attentions. Her eyes closed, she moaned with delight. She let her own hands glide over the skin of her hips, torso, neck, and face-assisting her slaves in teasing her body toward ecstasy. For ten minutes the three figures on screen worked in concert to stoke Goddess Marquesa’s pleasure.

When the juices of the Goddess’s arousal were flowing so copiously that they were picked up on camera, she emitted a ravenous growl. The slaves took this as another signal, and expertly maneuvered her into position for lovemaking. Rick lifted her from the hips, and Michelle collapsed under her, making a cradle for her supine, quivering body as they all fell to the carpet. Rick thrust into her deeply, eliciting pants and moans of pleasure, while Michelle cupped the Goddess’s breasts from behind and covered her neck and shoulders with soft love-bites.

The thrusting went on and on- for how many minutes, I don’t know. I thought I would go mad as Goddess Marquesa began to cum, her eyes closed in rapture as she sang forth in a high-pitched scream of delight. My cock was ramrod-stiff and pulsing with every beat of my heart. It took every ounce of willpower for me to keep from reaching down to stroke myself.

The orgy on screen did not end. After the Goddess came the first time, Michelle and Rick changed places with practiced speed. Rick cradled the Goddess between his legs, enfolding her torso in his brawny arms. Michelle slithered down so that her face was between the Goddess’s thighs, where she began to lap eagerly at the Goddess’s clitoris.

After sustained effort by Michelle, Goddess Marquesa came a second time. As her slaves continued to transition acrobatically around the Goddess’s body she came a third time. And a fourth. And a fifth. Sweat poured from the bodies of her slaves, but still they worked feverishly to please her. Rick was obviously deliriously ecstatic, but he never achieved release, remaining focused at all times on the Goddess’s satisfaction. Michelle likewise served the Goddess single-mindedly as one hour became two, and two became three. Finally, the Goddess bent to kiss the brunette on the mouth, which seemed to grant the slave permission. Michelle reached down with her hand and stroked herself toward climax, clinging adoringly to the Goddess, with her face pressed against the Goddess’s back, as Rick brought their mistress to one last peak with his mouth.

By that time I was on my knees, sobbing uncontrollably, trembling with desperate need. Watching the lovemaking was torture, but I could not turn away. I was as much a puppet dangling on the Goddess’s string as the slaves serving her with their bodies, like them I had no choice but to experience whatever she desired. Somehow, I don’t know how or why, I made it to the end without completely losing my self-control or my sanity.

When it was finally over, Goddess Marquesa stood to face the camera, her gorgeous body glistening with sweat. Rick and Michelle retreated, returning with towels and a robe. As they fussed to make the Goddess comfortable, she spoke into the camera:

“So, pet. I see that you kept it together, for now. Good boy. I know it will be a challenge to make it to tomorrow morning. Remember that there are cameras on you at all times, so I will know if your willpower breaks. Good luck.” With this she winked and blew a kiss. Walking up to the camera, she shut down the transmission.

I have been lost since then, adrift in my own misery. I don’t know how I will survive until morning. Oh Goddess, Goddess! How can I show you how much I love you? How? HOW?





Day 13



“Congratulations, pet,” Goddess Marquesa said as she entered with our breakfast tray, “you made it.” On seeing me, her tone switched to concern. “You look awful! What’s the matter?”

I fell to my knees before her, partly from adoration, partly from exhaustion. “I didn’t sleep at all last night,” I explained.

“Aww, pet,” the Goddess exclaimed, setting down the tray and gesturing for me to rise. She walked me over to the bed, where we sat down next to one-another.

“Are you well enough to eat?” she asked. “Should I give you a chance to rest and come back later?”

“No,” I said. “Thank you, but no. I have been thinking all night. I want… I need to talk to you now.”

“Oh,” sighed the Goddess, taking on a serious expression. “Well, you have earned your reward, pet. I am a Goddess of my word. Only remember what I said- choose carefully. If you choose correctly I will not only reward you, but set you free.”

Moving slowly, I slid from the bed and back onto my knees facing Goddess Marquesa. “For my reward,” I declared, speaking clearly and deliberately, “I choose to remain your prisoner. Please, I beg you, don’t release me.”

Goddess Marquesa smiled. She did not seem surprised. “Clever pet,” she said, “what a fine paradox. And how long do you expect me to keep you under lock and key?”

It was my turn to smile. I had anticipated this question. “I don’t know,” I replied. “I throw myself on your mercy. Keep me for as long as it amuses you to do so. That is all I ask.”

Goddess Marquesa rose from the bed. “I have something to show you,” she said, walking to where the remote control for the television lay on the table. Pressing several buttons in sequence, she brought a video up on screen.

I peered down on us from the TV screen, seen from the chest up, identical in all respects to my current self except for being dressed in a blue button-down shirt rather than a hospital robe.

“Hi, John!” screen-me said, my tone jovial. “That’s your name, ‘John.’ You must have a lot of questions. Let me settle some of them for you. I asked Goddess Marquesa to do this to you. That is to say, you did this to yourself. Or I did it to myself… or… Well, you get the picture.”

I looked up at Goddess Marquesa incredulously, but she only shook her head, gesturing for me to continue paying attention.

“Why did I do this?” screen-me continued. “Good question. I’ve worshiped Goddess Marquesa for about ten years now.  The other day I was speaking to her after a hypnosis session, and I said something like, ‘I envy everyone who is just falling for you for the first time. It is a shame that someone can only fall in love with you once.’ It was just an idle thought, but it set the wheels turning. I conferred with the Goddess about how it might be possible for me to experience falling in love with her a second time. Together, we came up with this plan. If you are watching this tape, it means the plan worked.”

Here my screen-self paused and took a sip from a glass of water. “Oh, and by the way,” screen-me continued, “you’re rich. That is to say, we’re rich. I mention this because, for extra fun, Goddess Marquesa and I decided to make this a sporting challenge. If you fell in love with her in less than two weeks’ time, you owe her one million dollars above and beyond what I’ve already paid in expenses and fees. I remind you of this in case that fact isn’t retained when the Goddess gives you back your memory… So, that’s it. Welcome back to reality. I’ll see you on the other side of trance.”

The screen went black. My mouth hung open. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.

“Okay pet,” Goddess Marquesa said, “that’s that. Let’s get to work putting your memory back.”

“No!” I cried.

“What?” Goddess Marquesa asked.

“No,” I repeated. “I don’t want that idiot’s memories back. That man was a fool. He couldn’t have truly loved you if he wanted to ‘fall in love with you’ a second time. Loving you isn’t some amusement park ride. Please, don’t make me go back to being that nitwit. Let me stay what you’ve made me.”

Goddess Marquesa smiled. After a long pause, she pursed her lips and answered in a bright tone, drawing out her syllables for emphasis, “Well… if you insist…”

Seeing the amusement on her divine face, realization dawned on me. “You knew!” I cried. “You knew all along! You knew while that idiot was planning this game, that it would end up this way! That I would be transformed! That I would never want to go back!”

Goddess Marquesa threw her head back and laughed. A deep, musically uproarious laugh of perfect satisfaction. The laugh of someone who has seen all of her plans bear fruit exactly as she desired.

Hearing that sound, I felt true and total elation for the first time since I was reborn in my cell. I wept tears of joy to see how happy I had made Goddess Marquesa by falling into her trap. The best thing is, I know how I can make her even happier…



End Transcription



Attorney’s Note: This transcription is offered as Exhibit A of the evidence file in support of Mr. John Ingraham’s declaration of bestowal transferring all assets and property into the name and possession of Goddess Marquesa. The original handwritten diary itself is attached under separate cover, along with time-stamped video attesting to its being a verifiable record of Mr. Ingraham’s state of mind at the time of this declaration.

Let this stand against any claimants who might contest this action as being of unsound judgment.




The End