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Come Prey

            Brad recognized the woman sitting down the bar from him. He was impressed. She was even sexier in person than she appeared on the internet. He had caught her glancing at him a few times, and decided to make his move.

             Brad gestured to the bartender. “Come here,” he summoned, pressing a twenty and a hand-written note into the bartender’s hand. “Buy the blond whatever she is drinking and give her this. Keep the change.” Read more…

A Witch’s Tale


It had been a long meeting.  Jerry had been negotiating all day with Justin Perez, the owner of a small machine tool plant in East Los Angeles.  Things were not going well.  Perez seemed to think that his building was made of gold – not bricks and mortar.  And, that his customer list was filled with the CEOs of the Fortune 500.

True enough, it was a well-run little plant – clean and profitable – but nobody could resist for long when his company, Jerrico, put on the pressure.  Perez had tried to be friendly but that didn’t matter to Jerry.  Jerry had bought and sold dozens of little companies like this in the past and he didn’t want any new friends – he just wanted to make money. Read more…

A Change on a Friday Night in Vegas

There are no side streets in Las Vegas but Scott turned a corner and there seemed to be less neon and blinking lights. He spied an entrance with a simple painted sign that said “The Marquesa’s Crystal Palace.” And displayed on boards on either side of the entrance were photos of some very beautiful women …

Scott was what you would call a hell raiser. A hard drinker, he often got into fights when he was drunk and won most of them. He also liked to push women around after he had had a drink or two . . . and tonight, he felt like a drink or two ….

Once inside Scott took a seat at a table and looked quickly at the menu placed there, hardly noticing the imprint: “The Crystal Palace, A MarquesaCo Enterprise.”

…. of course even if he had noticed he wouldn’t have known what it meant anyway. Read more…

Panty Obsession


The Magnificent Mistress was returning to Her palatial residence after an evening of dancing, domination and male degradation. As She pulled Her powerful sports car into the garage, She realized that someone was already there! Her high-tech alarm system even told Her which room the burglar was in!

She was, of course, curious as to who would have the courage to take the chance to burglarize the home of the neighborhood s acknowledged Hypnotic Highness. Read more…

A Live Demonstration of Power

The Magnificent Mistress Marquesa had been spending the week in New York City. When the local New York Doms heard the famous and beautiful Marquesa was in town they asked Her to come to The Vault, a NYC S&M club to demonstrate Her power over men. She was only too happy to make an appearance for the ladies and their slaves.

Cliff Jordan had been spending the week in New York City as well. He had been on a business trip and had worked every day from 8:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. Each night he had then returned to his hotel room, eaten a room service dinner and gone to bed. Read more…


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