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Note- “Focus” is both a sequel to an earlier story, “Tame Your Pet,” and an homage to the novel Venus in Furs.


Heinrich was suspicious as soon as the woman walked through the door.  The modeling agency that sent her was legitimate; he had taken work from them many times when he was under cover here in Los Angeles. But their services could have been commandeered by the FBI or some other government office. Heinrich had been using the cover of a professional photographer for decades (it was the perfect smokescreen for reconnaissance, no one questioned why a photographer would want to inspect buildings and terrain in great detail), he had met hundreds of models. This woman was not one. Read more…

In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter 4 – The Closeness of Confession (Correct Chapter 4)

Ravar gulped, shuffled, wondered if she could sense the thoughts forming in his brain.

“Ahh. I always wondered how you ladies found your way about.” he said at last, having failed to come up with something witty.

“Did you think I was incapable of such when you helped me in the Bazaar?” she asked softly.

He remembered that day well, for it was the night when he’d pledged allegiance, and more, to the Goddess. Laying with a whore in a slum brothel, west of the then closed Bazaar, he’d been taken to new levels of ecstasy. Amidst post-coital lassitude, he’d asked her where she’d learned her trade, being so amazed at her unearthly skill. Read more…

Goddess Marquesa takes over the town, Phase 2

Goddess Marquesa had a simple plan. As an expert in hypnosis programming she made a program and sent an email to all the council members who happen to be men. In it she said please review my latest tax proposal, and included a link. “Any feedback would be appreciated,” she told them.

Councilman Nathan looked at the email and clicked on the link. Suddenly the screen blinked, and then Nathan found himself surprised; and he was a man who wasn’t easily surprised, ever, but on the screen in front of him was a video of Goddess Marquesa sitting on a satin covered bed in a very sumptuous room and she was wearing a short sexy negligee. Read more…

The Tables Are Turned

Monica was beautiful—all blond hair, full lips, round and lush breasts, voluptuous hips. Long, lean tanned legs finished the picture. Her eyes were a deep blue and her complexion was clear and fair. She was dressed in a short black skirt, white silk blouse and very-high-heeled black patent leather pumps enveloped her lovely, erotic feet. She wore small simple gold earrings and a matching gold chain as jewelry—but suspended from the delicate chain was a large, multifaceted aquamarine crystal which matched her lovely eyes. Read more…

The Symposium

The evening before the 9th Annual Symposium included, as always, a cocktail party for Mistresses, Goddesses, and dominant Women to mingle, share some experiences, renew acquaintances, and, of course, flaunt their beauty and power. For there exists, in such Women, a great deal of vanity and pride. In fact, years ago, it became accepted practice for a Mistress to declare Her supremacy over other Mistresses at this event. Such challenges usually led to a sort of battle. Often, choice slaves were used as pawns in such conflicts, since the true measure of a Diva’s power is reflected in Her slave. Read more…


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