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When you are a child the world is an enchanted place, and that magic can be both wonderful and terrifying. On the one hand, a bottle found at the beach might contain a genie. Santa’s workshop might be working on your perfect gift right now. But at the same time, when you are lying alone at night, the noise under your bed or in your closet might be a monster. The black cat that scurries across the sidewalk as you make your way to school might foretell sickness or injury. Read more…


Goddess Marquesa smiled benevolently at the man seated across from her. “Calm down,” she soothed. “Everything is all right.” The man was trembling. He glanced around the dark bar, scanning to see if he had been recognized despite the hat and dark glasses he wore.

“What have you done to me?” he asked. “What was in that bottle?” Read more…

In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter 4 – The Closeness of Confession (Correct Chapter 4)

Ravar gulped, shuffled, wondered if she could sense the thoughts forming in his brain.

“Ahh. I always wondered how you ladies found your way about.” he said at last, having failed to come up with something witty.

“Did you think I was incapable of such when you helped me in the Bazaar?” she asked softly.

He remembered that day well, for it was the night when he’d pledged allegiance, and more, to the Goddess. Laying with a whore in a slum brothel, west of the then closed Bazaar, he’d been taken to new levels of ecstasy. Amidst post-coital lassitude, he’d asked her where she’d learned her trade, being so amazed at her unearthly skill. Read more…

A Touch of Krystal Touching My Life

Do you remember you first hypno-crush?

Can you remember the first time you realized there was a woman out there who would gladly hypnotize you?

Can you remember the first mp3 you heard? The first sample? The first time you put yourself in a place to be hypnotized? Read more…

Matriarch may i? – conclusion

    I am kneeling before Mistress Sumurumus. With my left hand I caress, stroke, massage, knead, pinch, and stimulate in any other ways I can think of the skin, the muscles, the tendons, the ligaments, and the nerves residing in Her feet and legs. Her pedicure is exquisite. Her skin is exceptionally soft and oh so smooth. Everything pertaining to Her fascinating feet and Her shapely stems possesses incomparable excellence. Touching my Mother-in-law this way does something for me. It gets me excited. Sumurumus is such an exciting Woman. I am getting more and more aroused. She is the most arousing and ladylike Ladyship. It is getting me hot. It is really getting me off. My dominant hand is occupied. I am not used to using my right hand. My left hand must continue to maintain physical contact with The Shapeliest of Sirens, Sumurumus. I start to touch myself. I see my Mistress smile. I hear the peals of Her wicked and wonderful laughter. Why is She laughing at me? Is She pleased? Is She only savouring my humiliation, and/or the effortless ease with which She has effectively exercised Her ability to talk me into humiliating myself at Her leisure and for Her pleasure alone? (That’s not exactly true. I have never been so sexually excited in my entire lifetime.) I do not care. What I do gives Her pleasure. That is all that matters. I am enraptured when Sumurumus is happy. What is pleasant to Her is the only thing of any worth and value and consequence and importance and relevance. Read more…


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