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The Monday night following paul’s humiliating and degrading weekend under Goddess Marquesa’s  carefully planned and deviously devised hypnotic session in front of an audience of  Her close friends and clientele and featuring her very muscular and athletic wrestling/bodybuilding acquantainces , one male and one female,   paul was reluctant to answer the phone answering machine which  revealed that Marquesa was following up sooner than he could have imagined.   For  paul was still very fatigued and exhausted from the weekend of combined anguish,  and yet thrilling and exciting fantasy fulfillment beyond anything he could have imagined.   But the reluctance quickly gave way to the, by now,   deeply ingrained submission and resignation and paul almost automatically and reflexively ran to grab the receiver.   Marquesa’s voice was all too familiar, a slight lustful rasp, and mixed with a deep and luscious resonance that paul was now conditioned to respond to without hesitation and with a deep sense of reverence and desire to obey and submit to. Read more…


This exquisitely enticing and excitingly erotic story is a collaboration.  The story was conceived and produced by Goddess Marquesa, and it was put to paper by pawnofMarquesa.  Of the story, Goddess Marquesa says, “This is a story that I feel no matter what one’s hypnotic erotic fantasies of domination are… All will enjoy it.”  “I liked this story so much I applauded!!! :)”    We think you will too!

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In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter 7 – To What End – Pt. 2

Trembling after what he could only call the ‘unimaginable pleasure’, Ravar regarded his new Goddess with a hungry gaze; that it was the mere snapping of her fingers made it all the more decadent. She stood a foot taller than him on her golden high heels, skin of creamy alabaster hue, wearing a short leather wrap-around skirt, red thigh high sheer lace stockings, a red vest, bra cupping breasts as large as his head sticking an inch out of the vest. Blonde curls cascaded down from her head in sumptuous lion-mane like style to her bosom. Her face was just as the one he’d seen before the temple, but infinitely more lovely. Read more…


Burton Clay pressed the flashing button on his office intercom. “Yes, Molly?” he asked in the clipped tones of a busy man.

“There is a depositor requesting to see you,” the voice of his secretary reported.

Burton looked at his watch. It was two-thirty. Even with shortened summer hours on a Friday afternoon, the bank would not close for another hour and a half. “All right,” he said into the intercom with weary resignation, “send him in.” Read more…

The Academy

Chapter One


Marquesa’s school was the first of its kind, a revolution of female progression in a world where “feminism” had become a lost cause in recent years as it slowly faded away into oblivion. In its place, an illegitimate and clandestine sister had materialized, her name called “female supremacy,” and she began to play her wicked games in the sub-terrestrial universe of tops and bottoms, fantasies and illicit storylines. Marquesa didn’t entirely approve of these games. Read more…


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