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A Personal Journey

The trees streamed past, mile after interstate mile. Alan Ross had stopped paying attention. He just stared out the window of the bus. It was far from luxurious and it was slow, but it had the advantage of being cheap and that was what mattered. He had spent the last dollar in his pocket on a package of stale vending machine crackers at the last stop. Now his stomach was growling again. It didn’t matter of course. He was almost there.  Read more…

Smother Sisters


Doctor Satinica Entrancia’s bedside manner is much more enticingly intimate than most medical professionals ever get with their clients or patients.

Are you ready to play doctored by Me?
Then SUBMIT to each of these sizzling scenarios OF THE MEDICAL OR THERAPEUTIC FANTASIES COME TO LIFE that tickles your tastes in hands-on hypno-stimulating.



This was the strangest company medical Ethan Jones had ever been to. For one thing, because the boss of the BIODOMME company he worked for, Dr. Satinica Entrancia (What a name!) and her sister Swoonita were carrying it out. But also the pre medical questions were something else: Did he prefer women to “Take Command” in a relationship? Did he like to be a protector and /or did he like feeling “Nurtured”? Did he like women to take an active role sexually? What material did he find arousing–Leather, rubber, satin? Read more…


She started pouring oil on my back, ooh, it was cold at first. Then She started rubbing it in and i felt like i was in heaven. She pinched, pulled, rubbed circles inside and out, pushed my skin up and down side to side. She then went up and down my spine, relaxing me even more. All i could think about was the Goddess that i came with and how my stiff penis was being pressed between my stomach and the leather table! Her hands were moving swiftly, smoothly and sensuously up and down my spine; She sent tingles all over my body when She quickly and gently scratched the back of my neck and head. This sent all of my skin into goose bumps. She was not done. Read more…

Daryl was no damn good, Part 2


Daryl, a habitual sex offender and petty thief, tracked a pretty girl to Her apartment. But when he followed Her inside, the tables turned, and he wound up lost in the dark building, as She taunted him from the shadows.

Just then he sensed someone coming up behind him. Before he could turn, a numbing blow from a black jack struck the back of his head. he saw lights behind his eyes and felt a searing pain. Then went black, collapsing in a big heap on the floor. Read more…

Slave 24

Dear Mistress,

I just wanted you to know your incredibly provocative, sensual, and stimulating words (on your web site) inspired me to write my latest story about a beautiful, powerful mistress such as yourself. I forward a copy to you and once again express my most sincere admiration.


WARNING: The following story contains graphic descriptions of a sexual nature. It is intended for mature persons only. Any persons not old enough to legally receive adult materials or who are offended by them should read no farther. Further distribution of this story–and all others of this nature by this author–is permissible only to appropriate persons and only if the contents and author credit are unchanged.


  1. Copyright © July 1998.
  2. The persons and situations depicted in this story are entirely fictitious. Any similarities to actual persons or situations are completely unintentional and purely coincidental.
  3. Reader comments and feedback are always encouraged; send to mndbndr@hotmail.com Read more…

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