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An Interview with Bob

INTRO:  As one of the Magnificent Mistress Marquesa’s most favored slaves – so I’m told, and of course I pray that it is really true – I am privileged that I am allowed to perform many tasks in accordance with Her strict orders.

One of the tasks recently assigned to me by Mistress was to interview male submissives and record those interviews.  Because I am just a lowly, stupid slave She allowed start by speaking to a submissive who served Mistress Racquel, the beautiful petite associate of the Marquesa.  This meant that I didn’t have to seek out slaves in the normal commercial B&D clubs. Read more…

One Christmas Morning in Paradise

I was woken by the soft touch of a gentle foot against the back of my neck. My first sensation was of being completely drained. I could remember nothing about the night before except the feeling of ecstasy. I had cum repeatedly, gasping and screaming, spilling what seemed like impossible buckets of semen. Read more…

Goddess Marquesa’s Sleep Laboratory for Pets


Armand sleeps comfortably and contentedly.  Curled up in the fetal position and partly covered by a blanket, Goddess Marquesa’s pet derives the maximum use of an oval mattress lying on the bedroom floor at the foot of his Goddess’s bed, a location She judges a fit resting place for Her sleepy serfs.  No, Armand isn’t hypnotized; he’s really and truly asleep, thoroughly exhausted from the sheer, unrelenting exhilaration and sexual highs he’d experienced at the hands of his Goddess three short hours earlier. Read more…

Tunnel of Love

“Why have you come here?” Goddess Marquesa asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered, and it was the truth. She had agreed to a private meeting with me only after much pleading, but I could not identify the root of my pressing need. “The trance sessions I’ve had with you have been wonderful, but lately I don’t feel myself. Look…” I held up my hand, palm down. It trembled involuntarily. “I can’t make it stop. I have trouble sleeping. I can’t focus at work. What’s happening to me? Can you help me with this?” Read more…

The Baroness of Marilana

Matthew has only had three women in his life.

The first is the Magnificent Mesmerizing Mistress Marquesa. Although he lives in Miami, he visits Tampa at least four times a year for fashion shows. Each time he manages to serve the beautiful Goddess extensively. He treasures these brief interludes of paying homage and lavishing gifts on this true Goddess of Feminine Superiority, Beauty and Domination. Read more…


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