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Transmigration (Part II)

Recently one of my pets discovered this story.  It fits between Transmigration (Part 1) and Transmigration (Part 3) [Use the “Site Search” feature, above, to find and read those stories.]



“No!” whispered the reflection of Anni. “No!” whispered Her voice from inside my throat. The horror and shock of the moment gripped me in disbelief. She had stolen my body, and imprisoned me in Hers.

“NO!” I hollered in defiance, with the commanding voice of Anni. I raised the statue high in the air, and was about to smash it to pieces when a sudden thought crashed into my mind. Read more…

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It was 8:30am Wednesday morning as Ms. Krystal Mesmer, carrying her make-up case, entered her office suite. It was always a joy to enter this office and know that it was her very own business. This was one of her dreams come true since her school days studying to become a Hypnotherapist. The other dream come true was being the owner of her own club, Club Entranced, but that’s a story for another time. What mattered most, was that through her hard work and dedication, she had given birth to her dreams and had watched them grow into successful ventures. Read more…


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