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        She stood over me silently for several minutes. Nothing is more terrifying than her silence. I knelt obediently, eyes downcast, unable to resist stealing glances at her through my peripheral vision. She is soooo beautiful. Standing tautly erect, her magnificent legs and tits, her regal air, drew every ounce of my energy toward her with irresistible magnetism. Her face, cast in fury, was so gorgeous I felt like my heart might explode from the sight. Read more…

An Interview with Bob

INTRO:  As one of the Magnificent Mistress Marquesa’s most favored slaves – so I’m told, and of course I pray that it is really true – I am privileged that I am allowed to perform many tasks in accordance with Her strict orders.

One of the tasks recently assigned to me by Mistress was to interview male submissives and record those interviews.  Because I am just a lowly, stupid slave She allowed start by speaking to a submissive who served Mistress Racquel, the beautiful petite associate of the Marquesa.  This meant that I didn’t have to seek out slaves in the normal commercial B&D clubs. Read more…

Goddess Marquesa’s Sleep Laboratory for Pets


Armand sleeps comfortably and contentedly.  Curled up in the fetal position and partly covered by a blanket, Goddess Marquesa’s pet derives the maximum use of an oval mattress lying on the bedroom floor at the foot of his Goddess’s bed, a location She judges a fit resting place for Her sleepy serfs.  No, Armand isn’t hypnotized; he’s really and truly asleep, thoroughly exhausted from the sheer, unrelenting exhilaration and sexual highs he’d experienced at the hands of his Goddess three short hours earlier. Read more…

Mona Lisa Smile

It all started because of a bad review. An influential local blogger had panned my gallery exhibition the day after it opened. “Ivan Griel’s paintings lack depth and vibrancy,” the post began, and went downhill from there. It was the first time anyone had said or written anything so negative about my work, and it flummoxed me. Read more…

The Sorceress’s Apprentice

My dear pets, subbies, and submissive slaves:

This is the season when things begin to get really hot.  And I don’t just mean the weather.  There is excitement everywhere!

Do you remember what hypnotically arousing event is just on the hypno horizon?  That’s right, my pet… Your wonderful Mistress’ Birthday is on July 1st!  How excited does that make you?

If you wish to show your Goddess how much you love her, you can satisfy that yearning by sending Her one of her favorite pet gifts;  A gift certificate from Amazon with $25 or more on it.  It would make you so happy to please your Magnificent Mistress in this way.

And… If you do this, you may also thank Me for the privilege of doing so by calling Me for a free 7 minute chat.  Your Mistress is so very generous to her darling subbies and slaves!  Seven minutes alone with Me as I take you mindlessness.

So act now.  Don’t wait.  You need to do this.

Mesmerizing you always…

Goddess Marquesa



A Goddess Marquesa Birthday Adventure



            “Professor, do you ever accept invitations to go out on the town from students?” Brad asked.

I was not surprised by this overture. After all, I am in my late twenties, single, and very attractive: a tall, curvaceous brunette with a fit body, luminous hazel-brown eyes, full lips, and high cheekbones. I get a lot of inappropriately bold attention from my cockier male students, many of whom aren’t that much younger than me. Read more…


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