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The Baroness of Marilana

Matthew has only had three women in his life.

The first is the Magnificent Mesmerizing Mistress Marquesa. Although he lives in Miami, he visits Tampa at least four times a year for fashion shows. Each time he manages to serve the beautiful Goddess extensively. He treasures these brief interludes of paying homage and lavishing gifts on this true Goddess of Feminine Superiority, Beauty and Domination. Read more…

Mona Lisa Smile

It all started because of a bad review. An influential local blogger had panned my gallery exhibition the day after it opened. “Ivan Griel’s paintings lack depth and vibrancy,” the post began, and went downhill from there. It was the first time anyone had said or written anything so negative about my work, and it flummoxed me. Read more…

The Grace of the Witch

by not so wiley coyote

D.H. Lawrence claimed the novel was the greatest invention since the telescope because it wouldn’t let you tell lies and put them over. To get you to believe what happened in Florida may take a novel. I’m having some problems believing some of it myself. Read more…

Mistress Lana — Part III

Goddess Lana had been in charge of the   Martin household  for nearly six months.  The gorgeous , young, blond simply loved the newly discovered power that  allowed her to control the men who lived there.  Both Dan , the father, and Danny Jr. , the son, had fallen under her mesmerizing , erotic spell, which  she wielded, after Dans , she had utilized her spare time learning more and more about mesmerism and mind control, using each newly discovered method to drive both her house slaves deeper and deeper under her mesmeric control. Neither was able to resist any of her Read more…


A story inspired by Goddess Marquesa





The package arrived at my office wrapped in plain brown paper and addressed to “Dr. Fletcher, PsyD MD.” Inside was a wooden box, stained a light red-ochre color, with the name “Pandora” painted on the cover in gold leaf. It was accompanied by a note in a round feminine hand: Read more…


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