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Tabula Rasa (Con’t) Day 12 & 13


Day 12



She did not appear at breakfast today. Instead, a tray for one slid through the pass-through. On it was a note: “Tune in to our channel at noon. There is something I want to show you.”

The seconds crept by at a snail’s pace until noon. When the time stamp on CNN told me that noon had arrived, I tuned the TV as her note had directed. When the station came on, it revealed her standing in the living room completely naked, but not alone.  To her left was a young man, also naked, with an extraordinarily handsome face and perfect physique. To her right was a tall brunette woman, about the same age as Goddess Marquesa, likewise a specimen of classic beauty. Like the Goddess, both her companions were stark naked. Read more…

Sinking in Marquesa’s Hypnotic Love Spell

As i paused from my domestic duties to wipe the sweat off my brow, i began to ponder how i got lured so deep in this pool of persuasiveness. i am treading water with no hope of rescue. i am over my head and there is no longer guard, there is only to keep moving my arms and legs, or succumb to the inevitable deep bliss of Her Voice…. Read more…


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