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The Shoplifter

Jerry had shopped – or was it ‘shoplifted’ – in the department store several times in the last week. He had taken watches, jewelry and other small items but this time he was going to steal a complete dress suit. He carefully picked the right size as his eyes checked for sales clerks. He didn’t want to be interrupted.

He unconsciously listened to the droning canned music from the speakers in the ceiling. He had noticed, every time be was in the store, a low, barely audible tone mixed in with the sappy music. He made a mental note to complain to the management – the next time he wasn’t stealing, that is. He laughed to himself that “he might never get such an opportunity.” Read more…

The Phone Session

The Magnificent Mesmerizing Manipulating Mistress Marquesa had scheduled one of Her erotic hypnosis calls. Her phone-slave bill had contacted her and scheduled a time when the sexy Dominatrix could call him to weave a sensuous hypnotic spell over him. They had done this before. bill loved the way Her silken, captivating voice captured his mind, will and body and made him feel an erotic thrill like none he had ever experienced before.
As She held the phone in Her lovely hand and dialed the number She smiled an evil smile knowing how much power She had over fawning slave-boys like bill who craved just to hear Her powerful, mesmerizing voice.
One ring . . . two . . . .
“Hello.” Read more…

PAUL’S FANTASY Woof..woof..woof

Paul picked up the phone against his better judgement. He liked to think he was in control of his actions. He knew there was no reason to call Her. It was simply just a fantasy that existed solely in his head. He thought he should just beat off, shoot his load, and forget about it. As simple as that.  Nice and easy, no head games, no fear of Her taking control, but ultimately, no satisfaction.

Was it really that much more satisfying to be seduced, teased, and even enslaved by her voice and her feminine charms. He tried to tell himself no, but there he sat with the phone in his hands. Everything in his body was telling him to put it down, but there he sat on the verge of calling again. Read more…

Are You Game?

Las Vegas is an unusual town. Everything is excessive: Money… Lights… Women… Entertainment… Gambling… Sex!

On this night the excessively beautiful, excessively mesmerizing, excessively sensuous Magnificent Mistress Marquesa was there too.

As the beautiful blond walked into the gaming room She saw Christopher sitting at a poker table playing against one man. A casino dealer distributed the cards in a game of seven card stud. Several sexy women stood around Christopher watching the game, hoping he would “choose” them. Read more…


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