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His Mistresses Panties

As he opened the brown cardboard envelope he felt a little shudder of excitement, this could be the package he’d been waiting for all these weeks, he tore the flap carefully & reached inside…..his hand pulled out a small ziplock bag a handwritten note & an unexpected surprise – a CD, The note was short & to the point -‘play this CD now & do not touch the other item until i instruct you to do so’

He took the bag & the CD & all but ran into the bedroom nearly tripping over the lead from his stereo as he went, he quickly shed his clothes & lay down on the bed noticing with relish the feel of the velvet sheets against his now naked skin. Reaching over he took the CD & slipped it into the deck, covered his ears with his headphones & pushed the play button….the sound of soft ethereal music soon filled his ears & soothed his eager mind ….then her voice began to speak to him….. Read more…

The Pilgrimage

It s difficult to describe how excited mike felt each time he got just a block from Mistress Marquesa\’s home. As instructed, he always called Her on his cell phone from the airport as soon as he got off the plane and barked into it. It was a quick phone call he identified himself with the bark and She instructed him he had just 20 minutes to call Her from the pay phone near Her home.

As he left the terminal he told himself, like so many times before, that this was the last time. he would go through with it this time because he was already here but never again. No matter how many times he served at the beautiful, sexy, regal feet of Mistress Marquesa he never got used to it. he always felt an indescribable mix of anxiety, fear, nervousness, guilt, butterflies, but most prominently, excitement . . . most certainly, excitement where it counts most! Read more…

Panty Obsession


The Magnificent Mistress was returning to Her palatial residence after an evening of dancing, domination and male degradation. As She pulled Her powerful sports car into the garage, She realized that someone was already there! Her high-tech alarm system even told Her which room the burglar was in!

She was, of course, curious as to who would have the courage to take the chance to burglarize the home of the neighborhood s acknowledged Hypnotic Highness. Read more…


Now as i’m driving, i’m starting to sweat from nipple pain. i start to feel a deep throbbing pain in my testicles. Oh god, what did She do to me?? Why can’t i remember? my rock hard cock is just about ready to burst. by now i was only a few blocks away from my home. i reached in my right pants pocket. i wanted to grab my throbbing member. And then i found beautiful softness. Curious as to what was in my pocket, i quickly pulled my hand out. My hand was fondling BLACK SATIN PANTIES. Her Black Satin Panties were in my pocket this whole time. No way was i going to touch my stiff rod with my hand, not now. Quickly, i sped into my driveway, and put the vehicle in park. i held the Black Satin Panties up in front of my face. i started to remember… Seeing myself..?? In them? Memories started to rush in to my brain. Read more…


Once inside the men’s restroom i placed the Hot Pink Silky Panties on top of the sink counter. i then removed my shoes and placed them under the sink. Next i took off my socks and placed them inside my shoes. Now i had to stop for a second to take a deep breath. my blood filled engorgement was busting through my slacks. i then proceeded to slowly and carfully unbutton and slither my pre-cum stained slacks down to my ankles. Read more…


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