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This exquisitely enticing and excitingly erotic story is a collaboration.  The story was conceived and produced by Goddess Marquesa, and it was put to paper by pawnofMarquesa.  Of the story, Goddess Marquesa says, “This is a story that I feel no matter what one’s hypnotic erotic fantasies of domination are… All will enjoy it.”  “I liked this story so much I applauded!!! :)”    We think you will too!

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As I drove my rental car into the entrance of the well-groomed Southern Californian gated community my heart pounded. I had dreamed of this encounter for years. Now that it was about to happen, the reality threatened to overwhelm me. I struggled to maintain an even grip on the steering wheel as I piloted the car to the house I sought, past neatly trimmed lawns and ducks floating in picturesque ponds.

I don’t remember arriving at the house or parking the car. Somehow I found myself on her stoop, and knocked on her door. One minute passed. Then two. Finally a sound…footsteps. The door opened, and my heart stopped beating. Read more…

Calling Card


Danvers looked at the card again, wondering. It was encased in a cream white envelope, his name and address inked carefully on its face in a beautiful calligraphic hand. He could tell it was a card from its stiffness: whatever it contained was made of something much more resilient than paper. The only mark apart from the address was the monogram GM, printed on the back in large ornamental script.

Curious, Danvers broke the seal and lifted the flap of the envelope. A heavenly scent emanated from inside, a very distinctive and alluring perfume. The card itself was made of stock the same cream shade as the envelope. On its front was drawn a heart with an arrow through it. Inside, in the same hand that had written the address, was a short poem: Read more…

“Past pleasures – It all started with a classic cassette tape!”

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon like any other. Finally he had been taking care of myself. Drinking plenty of water, getting 8 hours of sleep a night and focusing on things other than femdomme hypnotism. It seemed that every time he got into a rhythm or became productive something would derail him. Soon he would find himself scanning the net till the wee hours of the morning looking for the next kick, the next quick fix. Something that could break the spell she indefinitely had over him. Sure, he could stay away for a while but he always found himself drifting back, back and back again to the Goddess Marquesa. Read more…

A Personal Journey

The trees streamed past, mile after interstate mile. Alan Ross had stopped paying attention. He just stared out the window of the bus. It was far from luxurious and it was slow, but it had the advantage of being cheap and that was what mattered. He had spent the last dollar in his pocket on a package of stale vending machine crackers at the last stop. Now his stomach was growling again. It didn’t matter of course. He was almost there.  Read more…


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