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At Her Feet 

“I want to p-purchase a Valentine’s Day g-gift certificate for one of your customers,” the man on the other end of the phone said. It was my first day of work at the Cupid Salon. The shop was busy and the boss had barked at me to answer the phone. Something about the man’s voice gave me the chills. He spoke as if he was in a trance. A trance of love. No…..worship. Read more…

Tunnel of Love

“Why have you come here?” Goddess Marquesa asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered, and it was the truth. She had agreed to a private meeting with me only after much pleading, but I could not identify the root of my pressing need. “The trance sessions I’ve had with you have been wonderful, but lately I don’t feel myself. Look…” I held up my hand, palm down. It trembled involuntarily. “I can’t make it stop. I have trouble sleeping. I can’t focus at work. What’s happening to me? Can you help me with this?” Read more…

Kiss Ass Pet

            I noticed her as soon as she came into my shop, Palm Tree Cards and Gifts of West Florida. She is the kind of woman who is noticed wherever she goes. The curves of her body, the litheness of her movements, and the general aura of her presence all command attention.

Read more…

The Marquesa Triangle

           “Goddess be praised, he’s alive,” a strange man’s voice declared as strong hands fished Edward out of the churning surf.

Edward hung limp as his body was dragged up the beach. The feeling of being on solid ground was strange. He had been airborne, shaken by a storm like a maraca in the fist of a mad dancer. After his plane ditched in the ocean and he swam free of the cabin, he had bobbed for hours like a cork tossed by crashing waves. A world that was suddenly not in constant motion in all three dimensions was now as jarring as it was pleasant. Read more…

Saturday with Mistress Marquesa

This time I’ve bitten off more than I could chew, not to say I have any regrets because I don’t, but I was with people who have been at this for a long time and I felt like a freshman. The events of this week began with an invitation to spend time with Mistress M. on Saturday and that it was just for fun, a social gathering and that it was not going to be a session, “How could I say no?” Read more…


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