my name is angela……now.
i am a 46 year old business executive who has had and held a secret desire for a very long time. A secret desire that is now being realized in a satisfyingly sexy and yet safe way. This past year, i have had the privilege of spending time with Mistress Marquesa and being trained by her in ways i have always dreamed of! i won’t waste time getting to the point… let me share with you the facts.
Mommy Mistress Marquesa has hypnotized me and regressed me back in time. She has also transformed me into a pretty, pliable and very horny girl (which is what i have always, since i can remember…craved to be.) i have been instructed by Mommy Mistress to keep a journal of my transformation and below you can read one of my most entries.

Deeply hypnotized and totally under Mommy’s control is where i want to be and where i feel most safe, secure, content and satisfied. i am never alone or lonely when i am Mommy’s plaything and i truly feel so completely fulfilled serving as Mommy’s little SEX toy.
i hope you find my hypno-journey down into that very special decadent place of sexual surrender to be a titallating tale and one that you won’t soon forget!
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