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Tabula Rasa – Days 4 & 5

Day 4

            Another strange breakfast with my jailer. She made a new condition for my being rewarded today. When I tried to take my usual seat on the opposite side of the table from her she stopped me.

            “Sit here,” she said, gesturing to the side of the table at an oblique angle to her.

            “Why?” I asked.

            “Because there will be another reward if you do,” she explained. Read more…

My South of France slave boy


This was wonderful.  As good as she might ever have imagined.  Better.  The sun shone onto her right hand on the table.  She looked out through the eastern doors at the sun-lit grass & trees rising to the ridge.  Wonderful.  The meal had been superb.  The wine – light & refreshing.  She was in heaven.


“…………Simon de Monfort was both.  It just depends on your ……………” Read more…


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