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Planet Emerauda

matt was sleeping alone in his vacation cabin in the mountains. He and his wife had gotten into a horrible fight and he stormed out of the house. He was still angry! She wanted to share the financial duties in the household without his okay to make investment decisions, of all things . . . she was a woman! . . . what did she know about such things! But that was not how it was supposed to work. At least that was not the way it had worked when he was growing up. His dad made all those kind of decisions, and his mom never complained.  Read more…

Panty Obsession


The Magnificent Mistress was returning to Her palatial residence after an evening of dancing, domination and male degradation. As She pulled Her powerful sports car into the garage, She realized that someone was already there! Her high-tech alarm system even told Her which room the burglar was in!

She was, of course, curious as to who would have the courage to take the chance to burglarize the home of the neighborhood s acknowledged Hypnotic Highness. Read more…

Liar! Liar!

The Magnificent Marquesa de Sade finished with Her morning workout trimming the rounded hips and firming Her sinewy legs accentuated by Her exquisite calf muscles arched by Her lovely feet inserted in the smooth calfskin 4″ stiletto high heels. She was indeed a leg fetishist’s dream cum true!

It was Monday morning and the phones rang with the yelping desperation of baying dogs panting for a chance to worship their Mesmerizing Mistress. Marquesa’s trained puppies loved to be collared, leashed and trained by her! Read more…


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