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Extreme Encounter!

An amazing story written for Me about Me!

This is NOT just one man’s dream in writing.  This may very well be your dream come true!



Imagine yourself meeting a client for the first time.  Of course, You’ve previously chatted with him by telephone and vetted him as well as You could, and he seemed to respond well to your suggestions.  So, when he asked to meet and experience You in person, You agreed to receive him. Read more…

Under the Spell of the Witch

Kevin paused in front of the oaken door that graced the graceful abode of Mistress Marquesa, the hypnotic witch, and went through the chain of events that brought him here.

As an investigative reporter for an online magazine that focused on the strange and esoteric, he was used to stories of magick and mystery, but this was a little different.

An anonymous tip via e-mail had brought him 3000 miles from home to interview a woman who was rumored to have magickal powers of seduction and temptation, and who was also suspected in the disappearance of several men in the area. Read more…


One day on the way home from work, I sat in the bus, dozing off. It had been a rough day, and a cloudy, windy one as well. I have an hour ride on the bus, so there’s plenty of time for a nap. And sitting there in the heat I closed my eyes and felt my breathing getting heavier and heavier.

And I fell into a dream. A spectacular scenario from probably 4000 years ago. Yet it was right now in the dream. I was standing in a kind of hall. There were pillars on both sides. And the hallway between the pillars was about 12 feet wide. There was space beyond this hallway, but I didn’t notice how far it extended. Read more…

Smother Sisters


Doctor Satinica Entrancia’s bedside manner is much more enticingly intimate than most medical professionals ever get with their clients or patients.

Are you ready to play doctored by Me?
Then SUBMIT to each of these sizzling scenarios OF THE MEDICAL OR THERAPEUTIC FANTASIES COME TO LIFE that tickles your tastes in hands-on hypno-stimulating.







This was the strangest company medical Ethan Jones had ever been to. For one thing, because the boss of the BIODOMME company he worked for, Dr. Satinica Entrancia (What a name!) and her sister Swoonita were carrying it out. But also the pre medical questions were something else: Did he prefer women to “Take Command” in a relationship? Did he like to be a protector and /or did he like feeling “Nurtured”? Did he like women to take an active role sexually? What material did he find arousing–Leather, rubber, satin? Read more…

An Actual Hypnosis Session

The following is a transcript of the actual recorded words of Mistress Marquesa, and the responses during the session of Her faithful slave alvin as She hypnotized him in 1992. In all cases where the Marquesa employs hypnotism in a session with a slave its use is entirely voluntary on the part of the slave and, in fact, must be actively sought by him before the Marquesa will consent to its use. The purpose of hypnosis as practiced by Mistress Marquesa is to enhance the Mistress/slave relationship to a virtually unbelievable intensity of sado-masochistic energy and psychological ecstasy – for both Mistress and slave. Read more…


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