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Krystal Valentine



“What is this?” I asked, sipping the scotch my date had just poured me as I perused the décor of her condo.

“That is where I display my special slaves,” she said from across the parlor, as she finished pouring a drink for herself.

Up until that point it had been a very good date, which for me is saying something. A man does not get to my age as a bachelor without racking up a lot of dating experience, and I had not been so turned on by someone I had just met for a very long time. The mention of “slaves” was the first warning sign I had encountered, and it made me turn, just to make sure I had heard her right. Doing so gave me another look at her gorgeous legs and shapely ass, as she faced away toward a sideboard that held her liquor and glassware. Read more…


A story conceived by Goddess Marquesa

A personal note from Goddess Marquesa: This story is a personal favorite of Mine because it references My number one pet. My Beautiful Borzoi.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with taboo subjects such as bestiality.  I would never consider such a story or fantasy.


I had never seen such a beautiful dog before. She darted across my vision just as I looked up from my Tolstoy. It felt like a sign, and was- though of what, at the time, I could never have guessed.

It was a cool, sunny, smog free day, and so I had decided to take my research outdoors. I had been camped out in the park for about an hour, reading and taking notes, when she appeared. She was a black-and-white Borzoi, and was bounding happily across the field on which I sat as if she owned it. Her coat was long and lustrous, her eyes bright with mischief, her frame animated by all the power and graceful agility of her breed. My eyes followed her involuntarily, my research momentarily set aside. Read more…

Spank You!

It was one of the days, you know; when traffic isn’t  always going your way, lights turning red just as you arrive, police pacing you down the street… everything is against you getting to your destination. Well, the other week i was lucky enough that Marquesa had set aside a brief moment of Her precious time for a “visit.” It was on my way there that everything was going against me. First there was road construction on the 5, then a crash on the 405, Arrrrrgh. Nothing was going the way i wanted. Read more…

Eye of the Beholder

To Be Opened By the LAPD Only in Case of My Demise

             She walked into my office like trouble on legs. I had seen her many times before, but never in person. Having her in the same room with me gave me a strange feeling…warm and harsh all at once, like the rush of a first shot of bourbon. She arrayed herself in my client chair like it was a throne, pointing her irresistible legs at me as if daring me to look away. Read more…

Once Upon A Time in A Perfect World

            Ted was distressed. What he had heard being discussed in the restaurant earlier that night had deeply troubled him. He turned on the TV to help take his mind off of his worried thoughts. The news was on.

            “…new statistics show,” Katie Couric was saying, “that since the founding of the Femarchy the gender wage gap has not only closed, but reversed. Before the revolution women earned 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. Now that figure looks considerably different, with women out-earning men in comparable employment by between five and ten percent…”

            Ted changed the channel to another news program. “And in political news today,” Candy Crowley’s voice announced over video of a room full of women dressed in suits, “Madam Leader Goddess Marquesa, founder of our Femarchy, met with Her cabinet today to discuss plans for reforming M.A.P.S., the Male Abuser Penal System. Debate was intense over whether inmates should be segregated between violent offenders and verbal harassers, as is currently the practice, or whether the common pathology among both groups required that they be rehabilitated together… Read more…


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