i thought i would relate a story to you all that exemplifies Marquesa’s hypnotic power to change behavior and beliefs. Just after the beginning of the year Mistress and i fell into a discussion of how things have been going and plans for the coming year. We got onto the subject of sales of Her panties and i mentioned that this was a fetish that i could not understand and had never had any interest in at all. She asked me if i thought i would ever want to wear Her panties over my head and i replied no. She laughed that little wicked laugh of Hers and passed Her hand down across my eyes while saying “the word” that puts me to sleep. Some minutes later She awakened me. i knew i had been given instructions, however, i never remember them or ask what they are. That night i had that overwhelming compulsion that indicates a post hypnotic suggestion. i just had to listen to the panty training recording. A recording i had no interest in and had not listened to since i finished engineering it. After three nights i found myself on the phone sheepishly begging Her Highness for a pair of Her fragrant panties. She told me i would have to wait and teased me for two weeks over it before i received Her panties. All this time my need became stronger and stronger as i was forced to continue listening to the recording by the PHS. i now masturbate regularly with them over my head and as She says near the end of the recording, i have truly become Her “Panty Slave”.