(Your Marvelous Goddess’ willing webworker recently discovered this story.  It is a bit dated, but it’s hard not to find it standing up to the test of time.) 

What would you do for a bigger, harder, longer lasting erection?

A California man is suing BMW, claiming that’s exactly what he got–an erection that lasted 20 months from riding a BMW Motorcycle.
Here’s the link:  Califournia man sues BMW over persistant erection
The condition is called priapism, and as appealing as it might sound, an erection lasting more than a few hours (not to mention 20 months) is considered a medical emergency.
It takes is name from a minor Greek fertility god, Priapus.
Needless to say, Priapus was big–in both Greek and Roman mythology–but you need not take Mistress’s word for it. See for yourself in this Wikipedia entry: Priapus.
As you will notice, the “hooded look” was “in” in the ancient world.  🙂
Mistress is curious. What would you do with a 20-month long woody?
Would you rush to the hospital?
Sue BMW? ……Or call Me for an extra special trance?  🙂

I would love to hear how you would handle such a tale of woe.