Matthew has only had three women in his life.

The first is the Magnificent Mesmerizing Mistress Marquesa. Although he lives in Miami, he visits Tampa at least four times a year for fashion shows. Each time he manages to serve the beautiful Goddess extensively. He treasures these brief interludes of paying homage and lavishing gifts on this true Goddess of Feminine Superiority, Beauty and Domination.

The second is his former secretary Laura. She is as dark in her appearance as The Marquesa is resplendently light. She is a tall lean woman with black hair, dark eyes and a sensuous body. She had worked for Matthew for five years and although she was attracted to him it was a secret both kept, even from each other.

The third was Marilana, the perfume company he owned. Or did it own him? He was Chairman of the Board and CEO of this successful venture in women’s cosmetics. He worked seven days a week, twelve hours a day, only periodically traveling for shows in other cities. It was the only relaxation he had in his life.

He had, in fact, just returned from Tampa to his home in Miami and, as was normal, was sitting in front of his office computer at 8:00 p.m.

“Damn!” he thought to himself as he saw a note from” on his inbound mail queue. “I forgot to tell the Goddess when I was leaving the office so She wouldn’t send me mail where Laura could read it. “Now,” he thought, “I wonder if Laura read the compelling message from M.“

Because Matthew was able to visit the Marquesa only a few times a year She dominated him by phone, audio recording and, at his request, e-mail. But She never sent e-mail when he was away from the office so his secretary wouldn’t be able to read it as she did with all of his normal business mail.

Now as “Ms Marquesa” flashed on his screen he wandered how to explain the e-mail on his computer. Junk mail? Spam? Misdirected mail?

Frankly, he would be embarrassed beyond all limits if Laura knew he was a slut-slave. He was always in control at the office. He was, after all, the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. He was in charge… at least there!

Just then Laura walked into his office. But… she was dressed as he had never seen her. She was wearing only a black leather bra and panties and pair of the most marvelous 5-inch-high stiletto-heeled shiny black and wickedly arrogant and imperious pumps. The black of her clothing perfectly complimented her dark, perfectly flawless complexion.

In her hand she carried a short black leather paddle. “Just in case you are wondering,” She said, “I did read your e-mail while you were gone. It revealed a side of you I had never suspected. I think—Matthew, my dear—our relationship is about to change. I will dominate you. It will be very rewarding to Me… and you will love it!”

“Laura, wait a minute. My private sex life has nothing to do with what goes on here at the office. I think you are a very nice, lovely girl but you aren’t Mistress Marquesa and I shall remain in charge here. If you can’t live under those rules, as much as it pains me to say it, I will have to ask you to leave the company.”

“No matthew… I don’t think so! In fact, while you were gone the Marquesa and I exchanged e-mail and She told Me that you often told Her how much you wanted Me to dominate you but that you were afraid to mix business and pleasure. You will no longer have to be afraid matthew because I will be in control from now on. You will serve Me!”

“That was just a fantasy, Laura. Don’t be foolish…   ,”

“Oh, and by-the-way matthew, my soon-to-be slave, the Magnificent One sent Me a present by overnight express. Would you like to see it?”

While matthew looked on with a puzzled expression, the bronze beauty opened a purple velvet pouch and took out a fine gold chain. Suspended from the chain was a clear crystal heart. The Marquesa had used one just like this to hypnotize matthew during his visits to Tampa. He had become very susceptible to its many reflective facets.

Well now… She knew too much! He would have to fire her—Now!

Slowly She started to swing the crystal heart back and forth. As She did She walked toward matthew, hips swaying, her voice becoming ever so soothing …   sexy …   hypnotic …   and controlling in a soft, nurturing, understanding sort of way.

“matthew, matthew. Watch Mistress Marquesa’s crystal swing back and forth… back and forth… watch it!  It pulls you deeper and deeper into its wonderful, soft silken sexy web of Feminine Power… My Power… do you feel it?”

“Yes,” he answered, almost in a whisper.

“Deeper! Deeper and deeper… drift away… lose yourself in My soft, lovely sexy voice… drift… driftunder My power… under My glorious power…”

“Yes… drifting… under… Your… power…”

“But you can still hear My voice, can’t you matthew?”

“Yes… Your voice…”

“That’s right matthew… you hear My voice as you drift deeper and deeper under My power.  All you can hear is My voice all you can see is the Mistress’ crystal heart.  you love this wonderful feeling of submissiveness;  and you want to surrender to Me now… to become My submissive, loyal and obedient slave… don’t you matthew?”

It was all too much for him. Laura’s sexy black body in the revealing Dominatrix outfit. Her soft hypnotic voice. The Marquesa‘s mesmerizing crystal. he was near surrender… his secretary was soon to be his Mistress!

“I can feel your resistance is nearly gone now matthew… going away… letting you surrender to My power . no resistance now… falling under My power… falling under My power…”

“Your… power, Laura… Mistress Laura…”

“When I talked to the Marquesa She revealed to be that your fondest wish was to serve My beautiful black body but that you were afraid to do so. It was She who sent Me the crystal to free you from your fear.  Are you ready to worship Me now, matthew? you can’t lie to Me… tell Me . ”

“Yes Mistress. i am ready to worship You… now!” his voice become even more urgent. “Yes… Now   Mistress Laura… worship You now!”

Mistress Laura turned around and hooked her thumbs into the waist band of Her black leather panties. Slowly, sensuously, She lowered them, exposing Her exquisite ass.  matthew knew exactly what to do. he fell to his knees and crawled across the floor, hoping to kiss and worship the soft, smooth warm skin.

“Stop slave — you may not touch Me!”  She commanded.

A tear trickled down his cheek. “Yes Mistress, i know i am not worthy to touch my glorious Mistress.”

“Correct, slave boy!”

She turned around and offered Her lovely, wickedly shod foot to him. he licked the black leather of the pumps and then ran his tongue over the dirty soles of the shoes. he could hear Her laugh… and a thrill shot up his worthless spine!

Then She shook Her foot loose from the shoe and stuck Her sexily manicured bare toes, wet with sweat and fragrant with the delicious odor of leather, into his now freely-salivating mouth.

his manhood was now helplessly erect of its own volition as he sucked Her precious regal toes slavishly… as the true slut he had become for Mistress Laura.

Suddenly and unceremoniously She pulled Her sexy foot from his drooling mouth with an audible pop and placed the ball of Her wet foot on his cheek and pushed, forcing him flat to the floor.

“I’m taking over Marilana as of now! I will control the company… and I will control you.  In return I will allow you  to serve Me as My slave. you will obey My every order… My every command and you will do anything, absolutely anything, I say… and you will love every minute of it! Isn’t that right, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress Laura. That has been my secret desire for years. Thank You for taking possession of me.  Thank You.”

“Well slave, the real thanks go to the Magnificent Mistress Marquesa who knew what you wanted, and needed, and who let Me know and helped Me gain control of your weak, malleable moldable mind.”

“Oh yes, Mistress thank You… thanks to both You and the wonderful, thoughtful Mistress Marquesa for liberating me… to become the lowly slut-slave i’ve always wanted to become, to live the life full time… but i never really knew how.”

The sexy ex-secretary sat on a chair—now her symbolic throne  and pointed a gorgeous Dominating finger at little slave matthew.  She fixed him with a withering, sensual stare, then She crooked Her index finger, beckoning him to crawl to Her.

Without hesitation he eagerly crawled to Her.  She grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head toward Her face.

Her dark eyes penetrated his mind… “Get over My lap, slave boy… now!”

Obediently, slut-slave-boy matthew crawled onto the lap of his new Mistress, his owner. She pulled down his pants and started spanking Her slave, giving him the punishment he so richly deserved.

Whap! Whap! Whap!

After a few licks She rubbed his ever-reddening bare ass softly before returning to his spanking.

Whap! Whap! Whap!

With each new lick, the ever-building excitement of the pleasure of the sensuous pain streamed to every part of his slave body… especially between his legs. his manhood grew hotter and hotter… harder and harder. She played him like a musical instrument!

Whap! Whap! Whap!

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

Now She changed Her rhythm to slow, quick-quick… slow, quick-quick… slow, quick-quick… the rhythm of a dance from Her native Puerto Rico.

Then again She touched him tenderly, across his bare butt.

“Who do you belong to?” She asked Her now-withering slave—Her now-former boss.

“You, Goddess Laura.  You!” he answered obediently.

“Good boy!” She whispered as Her hand slapped again against his ass, this time not quite so gently.

“And who do you love and worship?”

“You… You my Goddess Laura!” was his reverent reply.

She put one of Her fingers in his mouth, “Suck it, slave boy. Suck on your Goddess’ finger.”

The slave sucked on Her finger just as he had worshiped Her sweaty feet minutes before. She then rose from Her chair, throwing him unceremoniously to the floor where he remained prone before Her.

“Now crawl over to the desk and sign the contract that your new-found Goddess has graciously left there,” She demanded of the once-powerful, now-enslaved matthew.

Without question matthew obeyed his Mistress, thinking to himself, “This is so unreal… to finally  be able to live out my most cherished life-long fantasy. Thank You so much, Mistress Marquesa for making this heaven-on-earth possible. Thank You Mistress Laura for taking total control of me and my life, You are now in control—as You should be! It is the rig ht order of things for the Woman to be Dominant over the lowly male of the species.”

That night Laura moved into matthew’s South Beach apartment and took Her place as mathew’s Goddess as well as the new owner of Marilana.

When they were married—a meaningless gesture to his vanquished  pride—the guest of honor was the Mistress Marquesa who performed a special Dominatrix’s ritual for matthew and Laura wherein they both served Her, willingly and passionately, confessing to Her openly and repeatedly that, in truth it is She, and only She, that owns the bodies, minds and souls of them both!

But that is another story for another time.