A story conceived by Goddess Marquesa
Note to the reader: Goddess Marquesa and Lady Krystal Mesmer are the true authors of all the stories on H-E, as their inspiration is both the sufficient and necessary condition for the production of each tale. But this story is even more special, in that it sprang directly from the fertile imagination of Goddess Marquesa Herself.

            The Governor looked up from the paperwork on which he was focused, annoyed at the interruption. “What was that?” he asked, needing to have Alice, his secretary, repeat her last words. They had not penetrated the fog of concentration from which she had just summoned him.
            “Th…there is a constituent here to see you,” Alice stuttered, abashed. “We scheduled this meeting last week.”
            The Governor rolled his eyes. “All right,” he sighed. “Send him in.”
            Alice exited and returned a moment later followed by a shapely blond woman. “This is Goddess Marquesa,” Alice announced, gesturing toward the Governor’s desk and the guest’s chair set in front of it. The woman strode forward and accepted the hand that the Governor had outstretched across his desk.
            “Pleased to meet you, Governor,” the blond woman said in a richly melodic voice.
            “Oh please, call me Mike,” the Governor replied, gesturing for his guest to take a seat.
            “Goddess Marquesa?” Mike asked when they were both seated.
            “It is a kind of a stage name,” the Goddess explained. “I’ve heard so much about you. My girlfriends are all so impressed. They insist that you are our hope for the future.”
            “That is very encouraging to hear,” Mike said. “Now that the pandemic is behind us we need to set the nation on a new course. I am humbled to have any part in that effort. Can I offer you some coffee?”
            The Goddess nodded her assent, and Mike barked an order for Alice into his desk intercom.
            “I sense from your words just now that what the newspapers and magazines all say is true. You have ambitions beyond the Governor’s Mansion,” Goddess Marquesa observed. “That is really My object in coming here today. If My friends are right about you I would like to make a substantial donation to your presidential campaign.”
            Mike smiled his most charming politician’s smile. “Well…I can neither confirm nor deny rumors about a presidential run. But how am I doing so far?”
            Goddess Marquesa chuckled. “So far so good,” she remarked drily. “You certainly talk the talk.”
            Alice had arrived with the coffee service by now, and set a full cup next to Goddess Marquesa. As she set a cup by Mike’s right side Alice’s hand trembled, spilling coffee into his saucer. Mike shot daggers at her with his eyes, and he and Alice exchanged a look that was vanishingly brief but spoke volumes to the perceptive Goddess Marquesa. The Goddess saw anger, entitlement, and possessiveness mixed with lust cross the Governor’s face. In Alice’s eyes there was fear and pain.
            “How do you take your coffee?” Mike asked, his sanguine charm returning as his secretary withdrew from the room. As he spoke the Governor pointed to a tray of fixings Alice had set off to one side of the desk.
            “I take my coffee black,” the Goddess replied, taking a sip from her cup and setting it down thoughtfully. “Please excuse Me, Mike. I have to use the ladies’ room for a moment.”
            As Mike nodded pleasantly and returned his attention to his paperwork, Goddess Marquesa exited through the doors from which she had entered the Governor’s roomy office. After she had been gone for only a few minutes, the doors opened and she returned holding a key. This she fit into the deadbolt of the office door and turned, locking it behind her so that no one would be afforded entry.
            “Excuse me?” Mike said, looking up from his desk in confusion. “Why are you….how did you….?”
            “Alice gave me the key,” Goddess Marquesa explained, holding it up for Mike to see as she unbuttoned the front of her blouse. “I had an interesting talk with her just now.” When the Goddess’s ample cleavage and lacy brassiere were exposed, she slipped the key under the gauzy fabric covering her right breast.  Stepping around the Governor’s desk, Goddess Marquesa crossed in front of Mike’s chair, forcing him to look down the canyon between her boobs as she sat down on the paperwork he had just been examining and draped her shapely legs across his lap.
            “What are you doing?” Mike asked.
            “What does it look like?” the Goddess replied. “I’m seducing you. That is why I locked the door. W/we are going to need some privacy.”
            Mike pushed back from his desk, grunting in surprise and discomfort. Though he managed to put some space between himself and Goddess Marquesa, her left stiletto heel remained on the arm of his desk chair, so that he still had a clear view of the expanse of her crossed legs in their sheer black stockings and her spreading bosom.
            “Why are you doing this?” Mike protested. “Who put you up to it? I thought you came to see about donating to my campaign.”
             “I did originally,” Goddess Marquesa answered in a patient tone. “But watching your interaction with that pretty secretary of yours made Me curious. She just confirmed My suspicions. You’ve coerced her into sex, and she is not the only member of the staff you have abused this way.”
            “Nonsense!” Mike chuffed. “I’m one of the staunchest defenders of women’s rights in the country. I can’t believe Alice would lie like that…”
            “No one lies to Me after I’ve hypnotized them,” Goddess Marquesa interrupted.
            “You hypnotized Alice?”
            “Yes,” the Goddess continued. “And I’m going to do the same to you right now. That is why I am seducing you. Arousing your desire opens your mind and lets Me crawl inside.”
            Mike laughed, braying loudly. “You, arouse my desire? A woman as old as you couldn’t turn me on in her dreams!”
            “Your cock tells a different story,” the Goddess noted.
            Looking down Mike saw it was true. A growing tent in the crotch of his pants telegraphed his excitement.
            “Your shallow imagination makes you think only twenty-somethings like Alice can turn you on,” Goddess Marquesa explained. “But your body naturally responds to My potent sex appeal. My physical beauty is of course very powerful. My legs. My breasts…” Here the Goddess paused to allow Mike’s eyes to wander involuntarily over her body’s supple curves. “My mesmerizing eyes and mouth. My seductive voice. But the force of My personality is also working on you. You can feel Me willing you to desire Me, and since My will is stronger than your will, you can’t resist wanting Me…”
            “You…you’re cr-crazy,” Mike grunted as his pupils dilated and his breathing became shallow.
            “No,” Goddess Marquesa rejoined, “I’m irresistible. Your lust for Me already has you stuck like a fly in amber. All I have to do is give you an image to focus on and your mind will open wide. If, for example, I were to tell you that in a few minutes W/we will fuck right here on this desk…”
            Mike’s mouth dropped open and a groan emerged from deep within, impelled by the involuntary spasm of his diaphragm.
            “That’s it, pet,” the Goddess purred, gently stroking the Governor’s distended cheek with the tips of the nails of her right hand, “focus on My voice…Let go of all your tension and fears and just breathe….”
             Suddenly they were fucking. Mike clutched the Goddess in his arms desperately, as if he couldn’t get close enough to her. Her weight was still balanced on the desk, he was standing, his pants around his ankles. His cock was engulfed in her warm, slick pussy. Her fragrance enveloped him. His face was pressed up to hers, so that he could see its every beautiful contour. Her bewitching green eyes swallowed his gaze in their hypnotic depths. As he pumped and thrust, a pleasure built in him like he had never experienced in his life.
            When he finally exploded the ecstasy was so intense that for a moment he feared for his life. The sheer pleasure felt as if it might sever the cords binding his soul to his flesh, his heart pounded like it might give way. Every muscle in his back, legs and groin seized involuntarily, pushing the fluid energy as it surged from his body into her pussy. When the torrent finally spent itself his tendons and ligaments relaxed so suddenly that he collapsed, falling to the floor in a heap.
            “Clean yourself up,” Goddess Marquesa commanded as she rose from the desk and stood over Mike’s supine form. “I will see you later.”
            Mike raised his head weakly and tried to ask a question, but he was too drained to speak coherently. He watched mutely from the floor as Goddess Marquesa buttoned herself up, smoothed herself out, and exited the office. After she had gone he gradually found the strength to drag himself to his feet and stumble over to the sink at the wet bar on one side of his office, where he wiped off the sweat and muck of wild sex.
            The rest of the day passed in a blur. When he retired to his apartments on the upper floors of the Governor’s Mansion he was exhausted. He had his shirt half off as he entered the bedroom, longing for sleep. It was a shock to find Goddess Marquesa in his bed, stretched out across the covers dressed in a lacy sheer black bra, panties, garters and stockings.
            “What’s going on?” Mike asked.
            “I had Alice send your family out of town for a few days. W/we need some more quality time together,” the Goddess explained.
            “That will all become clear in time. Meanwhile come to bed and let’s pick up where W/we left off.”
            Mike walked over to the phone by the bedstand. “I’m calling security,” he declared.
            “No you won’t,” Goddess Marquesa said.
            “Why not?”
            “You aren’t very quick on the uptake,” the Goddess quipped. “I explained earlier: I’m irresistible.”
            “I can resist you,” Mike insisted.
            “No you can’t. You are confused about what happened today. You didn’t know anyone could make you feel that way. The newness frightens you. But it calls to you too. You want to feel it again.”
            “I can stop. I don’t need to….”
            “What I did to you today was nothing,” Goddess Marquesa continued. “You’ve only just begun to taste what I’m capable of…”
            “I don’t care!” Mike interjected. “I’m calling security…”
            “Okay,” the Goddess said, “just let me show you something…”
            Mike paused and watched as the Goddess opened her legs to reveal that her panties were crotchless. The pink eye of her pussy peaked out from the cleft between her perfect thighs.
            In seconds Mike was naked and in her arms. She hadn’t lied, his orgasm of the afternoon was a pale shadow next to the climax she brought him to in the bed he shared with his wife. They fucked twice more before Mike finally passed out, his lips releasing their suction grip on the Goddess’s luscious right nipple as he lost consciousness.
            The following days were a surreal montage of color and feeling. The Goddess took charge of the Governor’s Mansion, the staff began to take orders from her as if she held the state seal. Mike’s work days were almost normal. Fatigue was constant, as was a contradictory yearning to revisit the source of that fatigue. An eye was always on the clock, and half his mind was always in the bedroom where he increasingly felt most passionately alive.
            Mike offered no more resistance in the evenings. He surrendered his body to Goddess Marquesa’s whims eagerly and compliantly, desperate for contact with her. willing to endure anything to return to the ecstasy that only she could help him find. She forced him to beg, plead, and abase himself. She subjected him to beatings and purges. He submitted to everything gladly.
            “I love you,” he whispered as they lay in one-another’s arms in between bouts of passionate sex.
            “Of course you do,” she replied.
            “Do you feel anything for me?” he asked.
            “You know I despise you,” she stated in a tone that suggested her answer was obvious. “You are a bully and an abuser.”
            “Then why do you do this?” he pleaded.
           “I have my reasons,” she explained. “I’m preparing you for something. You are almost ready.”
            “Everything you do or say makes me love you more. Even your saying you despise me. That must earn me some forgiveness, no?”
            “Absolutely not,” the Goddess declared. “You don’t have any more choice than any of My other slaves. Their love isn’t any more dependent on the way I feel about them than yours. Your love for Me comes from Me, from My power and My beauty. It is a measure of My worth, not yours. It is a gift. It puts You in My debt, not the other way around.”
            In the afternoon she appeared in his office again, in the same chair she had sat in when they had first met.
            “This is déjà vu, no?” Mike observed.
            “More than you realize,” she said.
            “What does that mean?” he asked.
            “It means we have never left this office,” she explained. “I hypnotized you while we sat just like this, and you are hypnotized right now.”
            “I don’t believe you,” Mike protested. “These days…our affair. The way you made me feel. It was all so real…”
            “W/we’ve been sitting in your office for only three hours,” Goddess Marquesa said. “This is all a glamour I’ve created and controlled. Watch this….” She reached inside her blouse and produced the office key from under the fabric of her bra, holding it out so that it rested in the palm of her hand. As Mike watched it floated into the air and across the desk as if by magic.
            Snatching it from the air, Mike bolted out of his chair and strode to the door of the office. Turning the key in the latch, he opened the door onto the outer vestibule where those who had business with the Governor were asked to wait. It was a large space, and it was crowded with people.
            “Very funny,” Mike said.
             Goddess Marquesa followed him out of the office, walked into the group crowding the vestibule, and turned to face the Governor.
            “So this is your idea of a joke?” Mike asked, addressing himself to the Goddess. “You’ve searched my mind for all the women I abused. There’s the Deputy Comptroller that I forced to bang me in a cheap motel,” he declared, pointing to a woman in the crowd dressed in a gray pants suit. “There is the volunteer that I groped on the campaign bus. There is the head of the teacher’s union that I cornered in a school principal’s office after hours. And there are others. The gang’s all here. But who are the rest of them? I don’t recognize half of these people.”
            “They are police detectives,” Goddess Marquesa explained. “And a few lesser-known journalists.”
            “What?” cried the Governor, his face contorting in confusion.
            As he stood frozen, Goddess Marquesa strode forward and embraced him forcefully, pulling him in to a deep kiss. When she disengaged after a few seconds Mike went boneless and collapsed to his knees, gaping in shock. He stared in disbelief as Goddess Marquesa walked through the crowd and toward the exit of the Governor’s Mansion while flashbulbs popped.
            “It was the key…” Mike mumbled. “The sound of the key in the latch brought me out of trance.”
            Alice emerged from the crowd and walked up to where Mike knelt. “Goddess Marquesa told me I would have three hours to get these people together,” she said, “and that you would confess when you walked out of the office.” Her face wore a look of disgust mixed with a dash of pity. “How did she get you to do it?”
            “She hypnotized me,” Mike explained. “I thought I was still in trance when I said those things just now.”
            “How do you know you are awake now?” Alice asked.
            “It was that kiss…” Mike declared. “In my trance we were lovers. I experienced the greatest sex of my life in Her arms. But when She kissed me just now….it was the most thrilling thing I’ve ever felt. I realized that this must be reality, and that in reality Goddess Marquesa is even sexier than She was in my dreams….”
The End