Dearest, Most Divine and Irresistible Goddess,


i composed a story as a gift for Your upcoming birthday, and submitted it on Your site. As usual, i found embarrassing errors on reading it over. An improved and corrected draft is copied below and attached to this message. i hope that plans for the celebration of Your birthday proceed apace, and that this message finds You blissfully content, despite the many trying experiences that You have endured in recent months.


Yours adoringly,





The Birthday Gift


*A story in anticipation of Goddess Marquesa’s Birthday on July 1


Goddess Marquesa looked at the young woman seated cross-legged across from her, lounging in one of the plush chairs in the Goddess’s parlor as if she owned it. The guest’s chestnut-auburn hair was pulled back in a neat ponytail, she wore a tight-fitting red satin dress, cut low to emphasize her ample breasts and short to expose her long, shapely legs. One black stiletto heel dangled from her right foot as she allowed her calf to bob lazily from her knee, as if determined to project unself-conscious ease.

“Thank you for the invitation, Goddess,” the young woman smirked, “I’ve always been curious about what the ‘Queen of the Hypnodommes’ would be like up-close-and-personal.” Her tone dripped with sarcasm. As she spoke she shifted in her seat, setting the leash she held in her right hand rattling. The middle-aged man collared at the end of the leash did not stir at this disruption, but knelt quietly on the floor by the young woman’s side, head bowed and eyes downcast.

“Thank you for coming at my request, Mistress Sabine,” Goddess Marquesa replied with a gracious smile, “and for bringing the slave about whom I had inquired.”

“I was surprised that you had specifically expressed an interest in Harold here,” Sabine remarked, “he is far from the pride of my stable. Still, I don’t plan to let him go.”

“I would deem it a special favor if you gave him to me,” Goddess Marquesa said, “please reconsider.”

“Why should I? Why do you want him?”

“My reasons for wanting him are private,” the Goddess explained, her voice even and patient. “As for why you should comply, aside from the obligation you will put me under; you may call it a gift. Today is July 1st– my birthday.”

This elicited a chuckle from Sabine. “I don’t give birthday gifts to strangers.”

“I urge you to think again,” the Goddess rejoined, “if you do not, I will be forced to take him from you.”

“Hah!” Sabine snorted derisively, sitting up straight in her chair. “I’d like to see you try. Harold is my complete puppet. Would you like to see me make him bark like a dog? Drink my golden nectar?  II own him totally.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Goddess Marquesa replied with a look of mild distaste, “I don’t doubt your power over your slave. But your hold over him can be broken, and the process may not be entirely pleasant for you. You would be wise to relent. I will give you one last chance to surrender.”

“Screw off!” sneered Sabine. “Even if there was a chance that Harold could be taken from me, you are certainly not the one to do it. Look at you,” she continued, gesturing with her free hand to indicate the length of the Goddess’s form. “You were no doubt very cute back in the day, but even when you were my age you wouldn’t have compared to me. And now… now you’ve seen too many birthdays, lady. There is simply no way you can compete.”

Goddess Marquesa laughed softly. “Ah, sweet child,” she cooed, “you understand so little about dominance and desire. When I was your age I was much more substantial and worldly than you are now, and the intervening years have only increased my power and allure. Only someone as vapid and shallow as you would be foolish enough to challenge me.”
“This is getting boring,” Sabine whined, making as if to rise…

“Sit still,” the Goddess commanded. Sabine obeyed spontaneously, her mouth hanging open in surprise.

“Look here,” Goddess Marquesa directed, laying the elegantly manicured fingers of her right hand on a cowrie-shaped pendant suspended on a chain that dangled between her full, round breasts. Sabine’s gaze followed the Goddess’s gesture involuntarily. “My pendant is very intriguing, yes? asked the Goddess.

“Yes,” Sabine answered, her voice taking on a slightly faraway quality.

“What does its shape remind you of?” Goddess Marquesa inquired.

“The lips of a woman’s pussy,” Sabine volunteered.

“That’s right,” the Goddess soothed. “Good girl. Watch the pendant rise and fall as I breathe. Exhale…..inhale…..exhale….inhale. Watch my breasts….watch the pendant…You feel yourself getting very relaxed. Your eyelids are getting heavy…”

Sabine’s breathing became slow and even. Her pupils dilated.

“You feel your eyelids closing….closing…..close your eyes.”

Sabine obeyed.

“You are completely relaxed,” Goddess Marquesa intoned, “completely focused on my voice. You feel yourself sinking deeper…deeper. All of your muscles are relaxing. All of your anxieties melt away. Picture a still, clear pool. That is your mind. No thoughts. No worries. No disruptions. Just still, pure water. And my voice. Are you picturing it? Are you there?”

“Yes, Goddess,” Sabine answered dreamily.

“Good girl. Now stay still.”

Goddess Marquesa rose from her chair and crossed the room so that she stood over Sabine’s inert form. “Sit up,” the Goddess commanded. Without opening her eyes, Sabine uncrossed her legs and sat up straight in her chair. Holding out her hand, Goddess Marquesa ordered, “Give me Harold’s leash.”  Sabine surrendered the leather strap still clasped loosely in her right hand.

Harold had looked up from the floor as his Mistress was drawn under the Goddess’s power, his curiosity overcoming his habitual subservience. He offered no resistance now as Goddess Marquesa tugged his leash, guiding him to crawl to a spot in the center of the parlor, some yards from where his Mistress sat, where he could observe what happened next. Leaving Harold, Goddess Marquesa walked back to stand again over Sabine, inches from where the younger woman sat mesmerized, eyes still closed.

“You are very relaxed, very open,” the Goddess said softly, “You are a clear pool that my voice can stir like a gentle hand, yes?”

“Yes, Goddess,” Sabine agreed.

“Good girl. You feel yourself becoming aroused by my voice. Great need builds in you like heat in a stove that has been stoked. Can you feel it?”

“Yes,” Sabine gasped. “Mmmm…oh, yes!”

“Open your eyes.”

Sabine looked up, her eyes fiery but still glazed with hypnotic sleep. Her mouth hung open lustfully, a small trail of drool escaped her lips. “Oh, Goddess,” she moaned softly.

“You may touch if you need to,” the Goddess permitted.

Sabine responded enthusiastically. One hand shot down below her own skirt and began to rub her pussy. The other descended worshipfully onto the smooth surface of Goddess Marquesa’s thigh and began to work its way up her torso, trembling at the luscious delight of the Goddess’s flesh.

“You are completely in my power, completely suggestible,” the Goddess declared. “Listen carefully and feel exactly what I tell you to now.”

At this Goddess Marquesa bent down and pressed her lips against Sabina’s right ear. Tremors of ecstasy rippled through Sabine’s body, her eyes rolled back in bliss while the Goddess whispered softly but insistently. When the Goddess finally pulled away Sabine convulsed gently and fell back into the plush chair, a look of rapture on her face.

Goddess Marquesa returned to her seat and sat down, once again facing her guest. Sabine remained slumped in her armchair, glassy-eyed and disoriented.

“How are you feeling, Sabine?” the Goddess asked.

Sabine looked up into the Goddess’s face, her expression conveying a slowly dawning awareness. “I….I….I need……”
“Yes?” the Goddess encouraged with a smile.

“I need to be fucked up the ass…” Sabine declared, her tone conveying surprise at her own craving. “Please….please….” she continued, rising to sit up straight in her seat as she begged, “I must feel a cock in my ass or…or….”


“….or I’ll go mad. Ohhh….mmm….” Sabine moaned, looking about the room hungrily. “Harold…” she snapped, her eyes settling on her plaything.

“Hush, child!” Goddess Marquesa ordered. “No one gave you permission. Eyes front!”

Sabine obeyed, her expression conveying panic. “Please…” she moaned, falling to her knees and clasping her hands before her chest in supplication, “Please take me, Goddess! I know you must have a strap on. Use it on me. Take me up the ass. Make me your bitch. I beg you!”

“You are sweet, child,” the Goddess answered sardonically, “but I can’t help you just now. I know someone who can, though.” Raising her voice, she shouted, “Mrs. Smith!”

A door to one side of the parlor opened and a middle-aged woman walked in, wearing only a bra and panties. She was average height and build, much more plain than either Sabine or Goddess Marquesa, but not unattractive. From her crotch protruded a strap-on dildo that was belted around her waist.

“Sabine, have you met Harold’s wife?” asked Goddess Marquesa.

“No!” Sabine answered, horrified. “No, no!”

“Don’t be so rude, child,” the Goddess cooed. “Mrs. Smith is here to help.”

“Not her….please….please let it be you, Goddess….”

Goddess Marquesa shook her head gently, a wise but sympathetic smile playing across her charming face.

“How did you get so deep into my head?” Sabine gasped. “I can’t….I can’t help myself…I can’t resist….”

Slowly, reluctantly, Sabine rose and turned, facing away from Mrs. Smith. Letting her panties drop, she bent over to grasp the arm-rests of the chair in which she had been sitting and pulled up her skirt to expose her ass. “Please…” Sabine croaked, a sob making her voice crack. “Please fuck me up the ass.”

“Please, who?” asked Goddess Marquesa.

“Please, Mrs. Smith. Fuck me up the ass. Make me your bitch….I…I beg you.”

Mrs. Smith stepped forward and pressed the dildo against Sabine’s anus. The shaft was well-lubricated and slid smoothly into the younger woman’s ass.

“Ow! It hurts!” Sabine yelped as Mrs. Smith began to pump her hips. “It feels so good…Ow…oh….Look away, Harold. Don’t see me like this…”

“He can’t look away,” Goddess Marquesa declared, observing that Harold was held rapt by the scene, just as the Goddess had planned.

“Why?” moaned Sabine, half in pain, half in pleasure, “Why are you doing this?”

“You are probably not aware,” Goddess Marquesa explained, rising and slowly circling the coupled pair to take in varied angles, “but among the Native Americans it is customary to give others gifts on one’s own birthday. My many worshipers are always very generous on this day, as one would expect. But I do like to honor the Native American custom, as an act of grace and an exercise in good karma. Mrs. Smith had asked for my help in retrieving her husband from your clutches, but since he had left her with no assets with which to pay me, I made her case my pro bono bequest to mark my birthday this year.”

“But why this way?” Sabine pleaded.

“You don’t understand how dominance works, child. Harold was never bound by your beauty, but by your power. Your vanity gave you extraordinary confidence…that is what he responded to. I simply had to take that power from you and give it to Mrs. Smith. Have you had enough?”

“No…no, please,” Sabine gasped. “I don’t want it to stop…I can’t…I can’t make myself want it to stop….”

“You are in Mrs. Smith’s power now, ask her how you can make the craving stop.”

“Please, Mrs. Smith,” Sabine begged, “How can I make it stop?”

“You need my permission to touch yourself,” Mrs. Smith declared, her voice flinty, “The craving to be fucked up the ass will stop only after you cum.”

“Please, may I touch myself?” Sabine pleaded.

“First tell me- who am I?”

Even in her distress, Sabine understood the question. “You are my Mistress!” Sabine cried.

“And what will you surrender to me?”

“Anything! Everything!” Sabine sobbed, “I keep nothing from you, take everything. Harold is yours. Just let this feeling stop….”

“You can touch yourself, bitch…” Mrs. Smith snapped.

Sabine reached down between her thighs and began to stroke, the muscles of her back and neck tautening with pleasure even as her legs quivered with the exertion of keeping her ass in the air. Her breath came in short gasps, sweat poured down her neck and into the valley between her tits.

“Please help me, Goddess,” Sabine moaned, “I need to see you.”

Goddess Marquesa walked into Sabine’s view.  Sabine’s eyes lit with pleasure, roaming hungrily over the Goddess’s face and form.

“Oh, you are….so beautiful….so beautiful! Please,” Sabine implored, “let me…let me touch you…taste you.”

The Goddess stepped forward into Sabine’s space, and the younger woman gently took Goddess Marquesa’s fabric-sheathed nipple between her lips. “Oh….Ooooohhh!” Sabine groaned as contact was made, pushing her over the edge into orgasm. Craning her neck as bliss overwhelmed her, she gaze deeply into the Goddess’s green eyes and breathed, “Th…th…thank you.”

“Sleep now, child,” Goddess Marquesa whispered, laying a hand on Sabine’s cheek. The auburn-haired girl passed out, falling to the floor as Mrs. Smith withdrew the dildo from Sabine’s ass.

“Come salute your Mistress,” Goddess Marquesa said to Harold, still kneeling stupefied off to one side of the parlor. He obediently crawled forward and bowed his head low, planting subservient kisses on the feet of his wife. As her husband acknowledged his enslavement, Mrs. Smith bowed from the waist and took Goddess Marquesa’s hand, kissing it reverently.

“Thank You, Goddess,” Mrs. Smith gasped. “I can’t possibly say it enough. Thank You…Thank You…and Happy Birthday!”




The End