In the movie Shallow Hal, a man is hypnotized so that he sees the inner beauty of everyone around him, and as a result falls in love with a woman he might not ever have noticed.

It is a very clever premise, and says more about the truth of hypnosis than perhaps even the screenwriter realized.

For you see, pets, I have enjoyed the attention of shallow men all of My life. I am gorgeous, of course, so the mere sight of My legs in a short dress or My tits in a low-cut blouse has had men follow Me home like lost puppies, panting and drooling all the way.

But the men who fall really hard for Me are the ones who can see My inner beauty. All men have the same shallow desires, but not everyone can appreciate or even sense the qualities of intelligence, taste, sensitivity, creativity, dynamism, and raw personal power that pulsate at My core. Those who can are not only helpless to resist My charms, they fall inevitably into a torturously sublime rapture of love and adoration. Those lucky men experience agony and ecstasy the likes of which few are privileged to know.

But here is something that Shallow Hal got right. Hypnosis can make you deeper. Digging in a man’s psyche is no different than digging in the earth- the process creates new depths. Let Me work on you, pet. If you think that I have thrilled you before, just wait to see what you will feel when I have given you a new perspective on My Beauty.

Cum for My Body, stay for My Power. That’s a good toy boy…