The Magnificent Mistress Marquesa is a sports fan.

One of  Her favorite “secret pleasures” is the CFL, the Canadian Football League, and every once in a while she will journey to the Great White North to watch one of the wide open exciting games up there.

This particular week, Our Goddess decided to travel to Toronto to watch the Argonauts play the Rough Riders.  She particularly enjoyed the Toronto stadium because there was actually a hotel attached to the stadium itself and one of Her many subjects had given Her not only tickets to the game, but a weekend at one of the hotel’s field-side suites. 

These are luxury boxes that overlook the field.

The evening before the game, She spent a leisurely evening touring the city and checking the quality of Canadian toyboys.  In gratitude to the slave that purchased her tickets for the trip and rented the room, She made time for him to visit Her in the suite he had rented.

he had reserved another room for himself in another portion of the hotel, close enough to serve ANY of the Goddess’ needs but far enough away so that he would not bother Her should She decide to be alone, OR to play with some other boy.

Be that as it may, he knocked respectfully at Her door and as She opened it he fell to his knees in abject worship to his Goddess.

At that point it time a couple walked by and laughed out loud at his servitude, but it didn’t matter to him.  He was in bliss.  He was near his Goddess.

“Crawl to Me, slut….” She whispered, as he moved like a dog ,across the deep carpeting of the expensive suite, “and kiss My foot…”

slave pierre, Her French Canadian slut-boy grew hard as he tenderly kissed first the soles of Her black high heels, then licked the straps of the Goddess’ shining, sexy shoes.

he was in Heaven.

“Take them off, slut.” She commanded, and pierre tenderly removed each shoe, lavishing the Mystical Mesmerizing One’s stocking encased feet with soft, worshipful kisses.

Briefly, she moved Her foot across his crotch to measure the depth of his excitement and was pleased to note that he was fully erect and his prick was throbbing.  A small drop of pre-cum had oozed through his trousers.

“STOP IT!” She commanded, “I didn’t give you permission to drip like that!”

Laughingly She pushed him away with Her perfect foot, and he fell back onto the floor, still gazing up, adoringly at his Goddess.

A wicked smile crossed Marquesa’s lips as she decided WHAT punishment to inflict on Her overeager toy.

She commanded pierre to kneel before Her as She sat on one of the large couches in the suite.  This brought his face EXACTLY to the height of Hers.

Marquesa reached out and placed Her warm, soft hand on the back of pierre’s neck and drew him close, so they were eye to eye.

he felt Her erotic warmth.

he smelled Her exotic perfume.

he gazed into Her deep, emerald-green eyes.

She whispered to him, “What is your trance word, My pet?”

“No…please …” he whimpered.  he knew that with the mere mention of the word he would be plunged into a helpless state where he would do the most humiliating of acts at the Goddess’ mesmeric command.  he HATED when that happened, She had made him undress in the middle of Montreal once — in January — but in Her magnanimity, She HAD bailed him out of jail ( in fact it required no money, Her mere presence caused the two RCMP officers to follow Her requests — what man could resist? — and let pierre loose into Her custody — but he didn’t know that.)

Goddess Marquesa knew EXACTLY what pierre’s trance word was, but it was part of his submission that he, himself , should tell Her each time.

“Tell … Me……. now…slut-slave….”

With tears streaming down his cheek he told Her, “Jerk Off boy , Mistress Marquesa, that is my trance key.”

With an almost pitying smile She whispered the words in his ear and he went blank, “My … little …jerk …off…. boy.”

As he scanned the room he saw only 15 minutes had elapsed since She uttered the words, and he now was awake, totally refreshed and ignorant of what had gone on during his hypnotic sleep.

“Now here’s what I want to happen tomorrow at the game, pierre.  Meet me here, escort me to my box seat at the 50 yard line and then you can return up to this suite and watch the game. IF I find another toy to amuse me at the game I will have you serve us drinks, then leave.  But if no one AMUSES
Me, then I may take the time to bind you and have My fun with you.  Would you like that my pet?”

he was filled with gratitude and expectation and hoped no football player struck the Goddess’ fancy.  he WANTED to serve his Goddess tomorrow.

Promptly at 15 minutes before game time he escorted the Blonde Goddess to Her seat and purchased souvenirs and drinks for her (I told you She was a sports fan) and returned to his waiting place in the suite.

While he was gone, however Marquesa knocked on the door of the first level control room that directed the on-field cameras.  She knew that it was their practice to pan their sideline cameras across the faces of the fans at lull times of the game and She wanted to talk to the Director in the camera

It was an exciting game with the score tied 18 to 18 at half time.

Now, She smiled, Her plan would come to fruition.

As the camera slowly moved across the side line seats showing cheering Canadian fans on the huge Diamond Vision Screen above the field, it stopped in front of The Magnificent One.

Never before in the history of Canadian Football had a crowd been so silent.

She stunned the crowd as they all turned to look at Her first on the screen, and then scanned the stands to see this perfect Goddess in person.

pierre, up in the suite, too, was staring right at the giant screen.

It was amazing.

Not a word was said — just the noise of the intake of breath, then sighs.

She smiled, the most beautiful smile in the world, and then, Her face still visible to the crowd on the screen, She mouthed the words “jerk….off…boy…”

A handful (so to speak) of the crowd, as if to respond to Her words started rubbing themselves through their trousers, aroused at the vision of this Goddess.

But pierre, seeing his Mistress say his trigger word immediately fell into a helpless trance and walked to the edge of the balcony overlooking the field.

He dropped his trousers and underwear, took off his shirt,, and there, standing in front of the 45,000 fans started jerking off furiously, screaming the name ‘MARQUESA’ and howling like a wolf.

Calmly, with a slight smile, Goddess Marquesa laughed, and then pointed to Her suite.

All the cameras assigned to the game turned toward pierre.  At that moment, not only the fans in the stadium, but all the viewers at home, in Canada, could see him naked, and enslaved, screaming at the top of his lungs, like a Canadian wolf.

Just then the second half began and Marquesa sat down to watch the game.

Later that night, after She once again bailed him out of an RCMP lockup, pierre was angry.

“Dammit, i CAN’T be made to make a fool of myself like that again.  NEVER!  I’m DONE with You, as much as i love you i WON’T be put through this a third time.  i’m leaving You!”

“You can if you want, My little jerk…off.. boy…” She said.

And once again his eyes became vacant and his muscles relaxed.  He was under Her power.

“Who do you love, worship and obey, pierre?”

“You, My Goddess.”

“Good boy, let’s go to dinner and I’ll think about your third arrest….”

The Goddess strode out of the suite with pierre in tow.