You’ve heard the show . . . it’s on one of those radio satellite networks that links radio stations across the country. His is a morning show and he is known for his guests who are usually strippers and radio hangers-on and such. You know him . . . he’s Herb Stringer.

To introduce the show to his new Los Angeles outlet, the network moved his show to their studios for the week. Cowie Herd, his female sidekick, and Jermain, the jerk dude-they all were there. Along with the assortment of entertainment types-out-of-work actors, dancers and singers-Herb had invited the Marquesa to be a guest on his show.

Herb assumed that since she was so well known in Los Angeles that she would help get good local ratings. He was aware of the Mistress, not because of her fame but because of some of his friends. An entertainer friend had told him about her and Herb assumed his friend was a submissive and decided to use Marquesa’s visit to humiliate this “friend” and embarass her on the air.

On the appointed day the Marquesa entered the building and was led to the studio where the show was to take place. As she sat down in front of the microphone, Herb leaned over to her and said, “One hundred-twenty to go on the break, then to you honey.” In that bried two minute period Herb and the Marquesa sized each other up.

The Marquesa immediately knew that the producer had lied. This was not going to be a respectful interview. Herb was sitting there with an almost predatory look-somehow he was going to try to make her look bad.

Herb knew what he must do as well. Even though he was impressed by her physical beauty, this was show biz and his job was to show her up! He did have, however, nearly two minutes to absorb her matchless beauty. Little did he suspect at the time the effect this brief, pleasurable pause would have on the outcome that fateful day.

The Marquesa had dressed simply, not in her “Dom-wear.” She wore a white button-down blouse, unbuttoned to show just a peek of her full, sensuous breasts. A custom fit black silk skirt and a pair of equisitely sexy and classy looking Charles & David black pumps rounded out her attire. Even in this somewhat conservative outfit she looked stunning. Just before the end of the break Howie leaned over and whispered to the Magnificent One, “Want to suck me off after the show, sweetie?”

Before she could answer the “On Air” light came on and he spoke into his microphone. “Today we have a real hot number as a guest. A woman who goes by the name of Mistress Marquesa is with us. She beats men for a living. Say, why would any normal guy come to you for your services? Why not go to some pliable little pussy-cat prostitute for satisfaction gauranteed? That\’s what I would do!

After she answered this preliminary question, he intended to hit her with the name of his buddy and see if she would talk about him over the air.

“Well herb,” She began in Her honey-sweet voice, “people come to Me for many reasons. Some are natural submissives and they know it. They seek out many women. Women who are “somewhat” like Myself in so much as they are powerful, resourceful, and beautiful women. I call these males slut slaves because they usually go from Mistress to Mistress looking for the right one. I may allow a slut slave to visit Me a few times and then pass them on to another Mistress. Sometimes I even train their own wives or girlfriends to become Mistresses. I also seek other kinds of slaves.”

Herb was staring at Marquesa as She was speaking and started to ask his follow-up question as She paused but a stern look kept him speechless as She went on.

“Still other men are unwittingly captured by My beauty and sensuality. They see Me at dinner, in a bar, out walking My dog-and they approach Me. They beg to be with Me. Even after I explain to them that I am a Dominatrix, a Goddess, they beg to serve Me.

“One of My true servants once told Me it “must be hell being a sex symbol.” he was right! These “follow me” slaves attempt to take up so much of My valuable time and they usually just aren’t worth the effort. As much as they try, they can’t take sintillating sacrifices and teasing torment that marks their role in “our” relationship and I quickly tire of them.”
Herb continued to gaze into the deep penetrating green eyes of the Mistress as She spoke. For some reason, he knew he shouldn’t interupt Her as She spoke.

“And still others become hypnotic subjects.

I am a very skillfull hypnotist and many hypno-fetish males seek Me AND….they find deeply fulfilling sensual release while under My erotic hypnotic control. Others fall under My hypnotic power because they tried to do something “improper” and disrespectful to Me-as you have tried to do today herbie dear boy. . . !

“These victims of My skill soon learn that most men really subconsciously desire sexual submission to Me-as you too are learning, herbie.

“They just look into My deep green hypnotic eyes and listen to My sexy, controlling voice and willingly, helplessly, fall under My power. Each moment they look and listen they become more vulnerable to My hypnotic commands to obey Me. The only way to find ULTIMATE pleasure and release is to obey . . . just obey . . . not to think . . . not to resist . . . but to obey . . . to surrender to Me . . . to become My sex slave . . . powerless to resist . . . helpless . . . unable to fight My hypnotic spell . . . Mine to command . . . and soon, they are My sex toys . . . and soon, they can do nothing buy obey My commands . . . soon . . . they . . . surrender . . . surrender . . . to . . . Me . . . .”

herb spoke into his microphone, “. . . surrender . . . to . . . Mistress . . . Marquesa . . . .”

“Very good, herbie,” She said.

herb’s sidekick Cowie was amazed. “Is he realy hypnotized Mistress?” she asked respectfully.

“Sure, Cowie. he’s just another poor, helpless male who deep-down wanted to surrender to a powerful Mistress like Me . . . or to you, Cowie.”

“Me?” she asked, with a look of surprise on her face.

“Of course. Wouldn”t you like to be the one in charge here?”

“I’ve always wanted that but herb would never let me have any creative control. I should be paid more too! In fact, that is why I had to write that damn book . . . to make a little extra dough.”

“Well let’s change that today, Cowie. Come here, and don’t forget your microphone.” Cowie suddenly remembered they weren’t alone. Marquesa had just hypnotized herb over a coast-to-coast radio network and whatever happened next would be heard by millions of listeners!

Marquesa walked over to herb and whispered in his ear, Her warm breath bringing him to an immediate erection. She looked back at Cowie and said, “Ask him who you are.”

Cowie looked confused but did as she was told. “herb, who am I?”
“You are my Mistress,” he replied.

Cowie’s imagination-and libido-shifted into high gear as soon as she heard herb’s submissive reply.

“Show Me your little hard hot rod, My slave!” She commanded.
Obediently, herb unzipped his trousers and pulled out his puny, but highly sensitive, hard cock.

Cowie looked around and saw a roll of grey gaffer’s tape the engineers had left on a desk. She took the tape and ran it around his body again and again, trapping him in the chair. She had left his right arm free and avoided his hard cock so he looked like a silver mummy except for his arm and his highly excited little hot rod.

By now Cowie was smiling from ear-to-ear. “This egomaniac made Me his ‘sidekick.’ he always had to be in charge but now I am! I am! Does that excite you herbie?”

With his hot cock still twitching he nodded his head. “Mmph!” he replied, the tape muffling his voice.

She drew Her face close to his and gave his stiff cock a gentle jerk. “Are you excited by Myyyyyyyyy being in charge of your former show, mr. shock jock?”

“Mmph. Mmph!”

“Now while I tell you what is going to happen from now on, I want you to stroke that cock-and when you cum you will realize that you will be Mine forever . . . understand?

herbie was thinking, “If i just don’t let Her make me cum i’ll be okay so he reluctantly pulled his hand off his hot, hard cock-much to its disappointment.

Cowie smiled at him seductively. She walked even closer, bringing Her beautiful face close to his and whispered to him in a sexy, all-knowing voice: “you are a sexual submissive! you are compelled to obey the commands and instructions of beautiful Women. you are particularly responsive to those who dress you in beautiful Women’s clothing and keep you in bondage. you desire to be My male lesbian love-slave . . . My slut!”

he tried to look away . . . but . . . .

With Her index finger She lifted his face to force him to look into Her glorious dark, smoldering eyes. As She spoke, Her fingers lightly brushed against his ever-erect cock and then pulled them away. Unable to resist the sexual desire her closeness generated, he excitedly grabbed his cock once more.
Suddenly She ripped the gaffer’s tape from his mouth so he could speak. “Who are you?” she asked.

“i’m yours! i belong to You!” he shouted.

“you are My sissy slut-slave,” She alliterated.

“i am your sissy!”

She spoke into one of the many microphones in the studio. “Starting tomorrow, this will be ‘The Cowie Herd Show.’ My sidekick will be that sassy, but oh-so-submissive, sissy herbie. he will be dressed in some of the prettiest and most sexy Feminine clothes you’ll ever see!”
“Yes, tune in tomorrow to my Mistress-She will be my Owner and my Manipulator-forever!”

“And speaking of ‘surrender forever,’ I command you to finish off your feverish stroking with a flourish-now!”

Then, eagerly obeying his new Mistress’ command, herbie’s one free hand worked faster and faster until just before the fateful moment Cowie reached over and tickled his very swollen cock, causing all its juice to fill Her hand. Cowie then raised her beautifully maincured hand to herb’s face to force-feed him his own cum, making him lick each finger clean.

“Forever!” She said.

“Forever! he responded.

Cowie glanced over to the Marquesa. They both smiled broadly. Later, the Magnificent One walked over to the studio door-prepared to leave-and opened it. There, pants down and cocks in hand, stood the network president and a censor from the sponsor.
“Damn!” the Mysterious Manipulator of men whispered to Herself. She turned to Cowie and said: “Sometimes there are other types of slaves I have to deal with. Some men are so pathetic that when I mesmerize someone else, they fall into a trance!”
The Marquesa looked compassionately at the two worshipful, entranced males. “Well…….. maybe I can spend a few more minutes here before I leave.”

At this, both Cowie and The Magnificent Marquesa laughed. It was going to be a good day for both of them. Ratings-and other things are well…..perking up!”