The road stretched out ahead as the shoes began their repetitive striking of the pavement. The air crisp and cooly filling his nostrils and lungs. Perfect weather to stretch the legs and push a bit harder today. As the sun sank down, down off the edge of the horizon leaving the dusk to keep the road lit, thoughts turned to the day before. Her brown eyes glanced up at him. She had been pulling a friday night piece of pizza from the box. Her expression mostly unchanging as she said, “no, you’re right.” It was one of those moments. A moment that was inevitable. There was a small voice inside him that said, “I know she’s gonna say Yes, when you’re not around I miss you and it’s totally different. “But she didn’t. She said what his heart thought she would say. The running shoes dug harder into the asphalt.

Deciding to detour off the usual hard ball road, an inviting trail wound through some Adirondack trees and off the draw of the mountain. Picking up the pace , the scent of pine growing stronger, his legs groaned at the steepness as he embraced it. With lungs heaving and eyes squinting the trees began thinning as the skyline grew. The sky painted majestic and serene as he topped the hill. He slowed gasping for air while grasping the scenery. As his breathing became more controlled flashes of his bland, 2 room apartment flashed in his mind. He felt no rush to return. Besides it was Friday and no need to prepare for work tomorrow. As he lightly jogged the clearing closed suddenly. How odd, for it to open and close again so near the top and declining slope. This should open up to a nice view. Thinking back to his infantry days when he would often have to read the land he walked further up. The trees didn’t look right. There was undergrowth that looked impassable. He kept looking until he found an opening. It looked as if someone had tried to obscure it. As he pushed back the brush and walked through the trees a clearing opened up to a small lake and cabin. Wood smoke gently rolled from the chimney. Meditating on the serene overlook he lost track of time.  An hour had passed and realizing it would be dark soon the light dimming as the shoes once again dug into the grit and gravel of the small trail. Thunder began to grumble in the distance. “Should have checked the forecast, damn too late now. “ As the clouds rolled ominously above the Adirondacks obscuring their view, a sliver of lightning extended out like a finger, striking the spruce tops as a sharp clap of earth shaking thunder exploded overhead. Jumping started and surprised by the explosion the trail he hit a sharp turn and mud. As if the trail shot out from under his very feet he was falling. A sharp bang to his side by a trail log while grasping wildly to not slide further down the embankment produced nothing but kicks, grasps and frustration addled yelling.

He slid down, down, down the hillside as the skies opened up and deluged the mountain. The rainwater speeding his decent.  Think, there was no time to think as his mind filled with the fear of not living through this.  The edge thrusting closer, with nothing past it, oblivion approaching. A vine, lying near the edge and one chance. He kicked and lunged toward the brown length. Flailing and falling, hoping the other end attached to something, the cliff now overhead as he looked back waiting for the catch and jerk. The vine groaned and sank with his weight as it drew taught. His hands slid but clamped down. Suddenly swinging, with no time for relief, spinning into the sudden stop of a wall and fade to black.


The smell of lavender and frankincense permeated his nostrils and mind awake. Rubbing temples and focusing his eyes he made out a soft dark clothed room. Candles scattered through the room. Where do the walls begin and end? Unable to see beyond the shadows he rubbed his eyes some more. “You’ve been out for hourszzzz.”


“What?” Had she been sitting there all along? “I, uh what, what happened?” She was in the shadows, behind the candle’s light. “You need more rest, my pet.” My pet? “Wait, I,..” A soft, velvet clad slender hand extended into the light motioning up, then down. All went black. Light shown into the window as he stirred. “Morning? How long?” He shook his head, moved his legs beneath the heavy blankets till they slid off and found the bare floor. He began to stand and felt lightheaded. His bladder protesting and his head aching he stood and realized he was naked. “Hello, h-h-hello?” Rubbing his temples he searched the room for his clothes. An empty dresser and a trunk were sitting open. In the trunk he found what looked like sweatpants and hooded top. A strange sparkle to the fabric he didn’t recognize. “Where are my shoes?” He managed to slide on the remarkably slick sweats. He went to the door and saw a small kitchen. The counter had a  note along with a bowl, 2 capsules and a thick looking smoothie drink in a clear glass.


Eat what’s in the bowl, take the pills and drink the drink in that order. Your compliance is appreciated.

“What is going on here?” He sighed, his head was hurting and he had no answers. No phone to be seen and he hadn’t brought one with him, as he didn’t like keeping up with them. He knew he had run well into the mountain green but where was he. Rubbing his temple he figured the capsules were for his head. “Well if she was going to off me she would have done it already.” He picked up the bowl and began eating the yogurt and granola mix it was slightly sweet and his stomach growled as he gobbled the mixture. “How freak’n long have I been here?” He rubbed his temple as he popped the capsules into his mouth. Sliding higher he felt cloth, a bandage. He patted further and found his entire head covered in bandage. His scalp was tender as he started a mirror hunt. None on the walls or doors. The bathroom was small with a double vanity and large tub. Pulling out a drawer a small mirror slid into view. Picking it up slowly, not sure what he would find He angled it until he saw all of it. Surprisingly it appeared to have been applied with precision. His whole head was covered but no sign of blood or stain. He tugged at the edge and it brought the pain of his headache to the front. He went back for the smoothie to wash down the capsules, bitterly dissolving on his tongue.


The smoothie was quite-delicious, and soon his headache subsided. He felt his legs and started walking toward the door. Tiredness overwhelmed his brain and he swooned slightly. He quickly found a chair and sat. “Geez I can’t even walk a few feet, WTF?” His frustration grew as his thoughts began racing, and where is that woman? Where is my watch, my things and why are there are no clocks in here. Flustered he moved back to the counter. The note now read, “very good. Very, very good,” with a smiley face.

A smiley face? Really? Wait how did she write a new note? I need to lie down this doesn’t make sense. He walked around the corner of the kitchen. “There’s another room?” Heavy drapes hung in the doorway rippling slightly as he moved toward them. He brushed back one side of the drape to see another drape. He squinted, pulling his head back. “What now,” as he brushed the next drape aside then the next and the next and the next. He stopped, he realized he felt better, stronger. He turned and looked back the way he came. “Feel more like I could walk now.”


As the thought came he felt a coolness hit his feet. “Oh damn it man, no shoes!” His fist balled, pushing the blood out while squeezing a hot white beneath his skin. He sighed, took a breath and released it. Taking another breath and turning back to the drape in front he pushed it aside, again another drape but attached to this one a note. “The answers you seek lie ahead, not behind.” He rolled his eyes, and called out,  “can we stop playing these games so I can go home,” and he pushed forward. Another curtain then another and another. He grabbed the next one and stopped. The bright colors, the old world design, the scent of candle wax.  From way back, he remembered the stories. An old wives tail meant to keep the kids from exploring the woods.


“She’s a witch and she eats children,” Tom’s mother used to say. “Don’t go deep into the woods, the Marquesa gypsy is there waiting to make you her one and only.” His brother would poke him in his pudgy belly and laugh. He remembered feeling intrigued by the thought. A beautiful gypsy, in the woods who would take you away and make you her own? He remembered trying to hide his excitement at the idea by laughing and telling his older brother to “shut up dumby. So, so long it had been since he heard the stories. He had forgotten until he saw this ornate drape. He heard a voice, somewhere nearby, “don’t let your curiosity fade now, just a bit further.” Wanting to yell back at the voice he paused, shook his head and decided enough was enough. He started pushing forward harder and harder, faster and faster. Curtain after curtain he parted. He stopped counting as they blurred and time passed. He began sweating and breathing became labored. He stopped asking why and just pushed ahead. The drapes felt endless but he kept pushing through. He didn’t notice how time itself seemed to change or indeed how very far he had gone. Dimensions, time and space bled into one another as the drapes began passing by faster and faster but he barely noticed. Then the next curtain lifted and he was out. Not one to be claustrophobic, but was excited and so relieved, he bent over with his hands on his knees as if it was the end of a long run. Sweat pouring down his face.


It was warm and candle lit. A round table in the center of this small but opulent room. He stood up sighed and began to look around but was so fatigued by pushing and pulling the heavy fabrics he sat at the table and laughed. “All I wanted was a good run.” He leaned over and put his head in his hands. A soft, firm hand slid onto his shoulder. “Are you sure that is all you wanted?” Hers voice was full, smooth and silky. He thought he should be startled but couldn’t muster the energy to be. He looked up at her. The candle light reflecting off her. She was a vision of bright cloths wrapped around her. Golden hair shining and her green eyes piercing. “You gave me quite a scare my pet. When you slammed into the side of my home I feared it was a bear. I ventured out and found you unconscious, lying on the wet ground. You were badly banged up. What were you doing playing Tarzan? Ah hahahahaha… Her laugh rang in his ears and a smile spread across his lips. Thank goodness you were able to rise and walk inside once I revived you. “I don’t remember, walking…, I don’t remember anything until last night.” You have been in and out. Some days better than others but always getting stronger. “ How long have I been here?” Oh you’ve been here quite a while she smirked.  Luckily I have the medical skills to bring you back to health. “Well I am thankful um, for your kindness but I uh, huh. Forgot what I was saying.” You were about to say that you need to get going but, I think there is something else you need. “You do?” You want to know your future yes? You have so many questions about yourself and where you want to go. I can answer them for you. “Now look, I am so glad you found me and took care of me but there are people who…” His voice trailed off as her hand waived in the air. Be silent she said, I know more than you realize.


She walked around the table and sat down across from him. She tugged at the edge of the sheet that covered the table and whipped it away with a magicians ease. A large glowing crystal ball shown forth And he felt giddy inside. “I, I guess I can indulge this with you then, uh get going.” She smiled knowingly, of course she smirked. She waived her hands with ballerina like grace and began chanting low and in a dialect he did not understand. Then the crystal ball became darker and eerily swirling. You have come a long way in your life, she said in a sing song tone. You have overcome being bullied, being overweight, being timid and being poor. You have become incredibly healthy, wealthy and wise. However, her voice began to ebb and flow like waves of the ocean. You have not found what you seek. You go unfulfilled, your more primal needs have been left wanting. Stare into the crystal ball and tell me what you see. He looked up at her with a wary side glance but then did as he was told.


The ball seemed to almost open up as he stared deeper into it. Images of his childhood flew by. His awful high school days, then blossoming in college. Going on to start his own business, becoming a millionaire by 30 and meeting the woman of his dreams for it only to end in divorce. He sold his company, his house, bought an expensive RV and had been exploring. He shook his head slightly, “this has all been, truly a fascinating…uhm, huh,” he chuckled, “I uh, forgot what I was about to say again.” No you didn’t, her voice more commanding now. Why don’t you sleep for me now and surrreeender. He felt his stomach dip like it used to do on the roller coaster as it crested the first hill and shot downward. The G-force floating him. His eyes rolled back in his head and he felt the deepest relaxation come over him. Now, ask me what you truly mean to ask me my pet. “Yes,” he said. “Are you the Marquesa gypsy of the wood?”


Yes, she purred. “I thought so.” His heart began beating faster and his breath quickened. “I think you are beautiful.” I know my pet you have already told me so much when you went deep for me over the past 3 months you have been with me. You have divulged your desire to worrrsh-ip me and become my chosen captive slave. You were so weak and needed to regain your strength so I waited taking you. Now, after you traveled through my forest of curtains you have traversed into a time and space no one else can enter. You are deep within my sacred chamber. For me to take you however you must come willingly. On the count of 5 you will be wide awake, 1, 2, 3 4, 5, wide awake. Her fingers snapped like a firecracker and he awoke.


Now my pet, you must choose. Do you wish to stay with me or go back to your, life, as it…was. He took in a deep breath and began to speak. Don’t even begin to try and say people will be looking for you. I saw it all in the crystal ball. No one knows where you are or will miss you for quite some time.


He looked down then looked up at her amazingly, glowing, ethereal face. “What do I have to do?” He said in a resigned yet relieved tone. Simply tell me that you willingly yield and wish to stay with me forever or get up and find your way back. Her chuckle so soft and barely noticeable.  His mind raced, she was right. What did he have to go back to? Would this be his fantasy? Would this..Before he could say another word he found himself on the floor, at her feet. Please oh please gypsy of the wood, I willingly yeild and wish to stay with you forever! He felt slightly like he was out of his own body as he felt and saw the words fall out of his mouth while kneeling on the floor. Very goooood, she said.


His eyes grew wide as the scarves that wrapped around her began peeling off almost like a snake as they slithered and slid encircling him and binding him. It felt constrictive but secure and warm almost like a heavy blanket wrapping around him. You may have stared into my crystal a bit too long my pet. It seems the true submissive side of you has sprung out. He found himself pulled back and up into the chair he had left only moments ago. She rose and almost floated to him. You will be a very nice addition to my collection she purred. Her eyes gazed into his. Her hands slid up to his face. Her silky gloved hands began stroking his cheeks. Look deep into my eyes my pet, deeper and deeper. He couldn’t help himself.

He felt as if he was being pulled out of himself. I couldn’t fully take you until you agreed of your own free will. Now there will be no free will of yours to have. She stroked his cheeks and moved her lips close to his. Her smell engulfed his nostrils and filled his now gaping mouth.


She drew in a breath and felt something from deep inside himself being sucked out as her fragrance came in. This is what your family warned you about my pet. But only those who truly wish to give me themselves fully to me, find me. He felt his member begin swelling as she took another breath. Oh yes my pet. You want to touch that throbbing piece of meat between your legs but not yet. I want more of you first. She drew in another breath and another and another. He felt himself growing weaker and weaker. That’s right my pet. You grow weaker as I grow stronger. The scarves began falling as he succumbed more and more. His hands now free but he didn’t want to move. He only wanted to gaze deeper into her eyes. Yes my pet she crooned. Now, take out that cock of yours. It has been so eager to cuuum oouuut. He did as she said Unzipping and grasping his now engorged cock. His heart racing and her eyes seeming to grow bigger.


Now stroke for me my pet, stroke away your last bit of free will and be forever mine! He winced and began stroking feverishly, running his hand up and down his shaft. Easy my love, she whispered into his ear. Make that last bit of will laaaaasssst….mmmmmm, she said teasingly. His hand slowed as his expression became more vacant, he moved robotically. Now my pet, repeat after me, I love you my gypsy Marquesa. He repeated in an almost robotic tone. Stroke a little faster. He began speeding up. I am now your willing and ensorcelled slave. He again repeated her word for word. Stroke faster. He sped up more. I give up everything I have to you. He repeated faster and more desperately. Stoke faster! He sped up and began moaning. I cum now for you Maarques, he could barely speak as he repeated her. My life, my body and my soul. He cried out her words. Now cum! He spasmed, called out her name as all went dark.


He woke in the same room, light headed and giddy. The scarves again securely around him. She walked around him and ran her hand across his shoulders. Relax here my pet. I shall fetch you when I have need of you. His head swam as he heard her footsteps fade away and a door close behind her.