The Grande Goddess, Mistress Marquesa de Sade does NOT have to go shopping
for her own newspapers.  One of her many slaves has this job.  But
occasionally, She does like to visit a newsstand to see exactly the kind of
person who reads her column in Hollywood Playdates /New Reality Magazine.
She just stands in the background (that IS hard for a Goddess as stunning
and attention grabbing as  Her) and observes.


One afternoon She was doing just that, when a young  man  picked up the
paper and started reading, “From the Slave’s Cell” (much as you are doing
now) when ,visibly his lips started to move as if he were talking,
even —shouting–to himself.  As he turned
the pages he seemed to get angrier and angrier.

Finally, unable to contain Her curiosity any longer She approached the man
and asked him, “What’s wrong, my pet?  You look so angry.”

Without even looking up from the paper the man started to shout “Have you
read this crap? My God! There’s a column in this paper that talks
about—-NO IT HONORS—- female domination by this sexy fictional character
,The Magnificent Mistress  Marquesa. It talks about Mind Control, S&M,
Female Domination, Hypnosis—all that bullshit!  Women, excuse me ma’am,
MUST know their places in this world ,and their
place is loving and respecting a man! You sound like a sensible woman.
Don’t you agree with me?”

A knowing smile crossed The Marquesa’s beautiful face as She responded
“Oh, yes, I DO  think a woman should know Her place.”
She looked around and made certain that they were the only two people in
the “adult room” of the newsstand. “In fact that role is well defined and   ,
once in place, cannot be changed,” She continued in a low, commanding
voice.  Her quiet voice washed over him , like an ocean wave, enveloping him
in  its softness.

As She stepped a little closer, the musky fragrance of “Jessica
McClintock” perfume wafted in his direction.  He , only then, looked up to
see, the incomparable face and body of The Magnificent One as She slowly
approached , drawing  ever closer to him. Even to a full fledged member of
the “He Man Woman Hater’s Club” like he OBVIOUSLY was , She looked GREAT!

He saw She had a full,sensual figure, slim waist and full, lush breasts,her face a vision of
loveliness—-she was like seeing a dream—while fully awake.  A sensual,
erotic dream-come-true was coming nearer and nearer to him.

He gasped.

“Why does that, particular article make you so angry?” She asked as She
fixed Her deep emerald eyes on his.

I…I…told you….b..b…b…because,”he stuttered,  ” men should be in
charge! Women SHOULD be sub serviant to us.”

“Oh, do you REALLY think so…..My Pet? I’d like to explain a few things
to you, if I may.  The first is that The Magnificent Marquesa is NOT a
fictional character.  Second, I noticed a little stutter in your voice  when
you looked at Me.  That showed Me you were, at least for the moment,
afraid.  Not a physical fear–as if I were going to mug you–but a
psychological fear that somehow, I was going to SHOW you that women are ,
in fact, superior to men.”

Not as confident as before, but still full of bravado, he responded. ” I
don’t THINK so—and anyway how come you think this Marquesa woman is not
made up?”

Her soft, sensual hand reached out and gently caressed his cheek, sending
an almost electric shock through his body, “Because, My little pet, I AM
SHE!”  With that she had only to softly reposition his head so that he was
looking directly into Her beautiful, hypnotic eyes.

He found himself paralyzed with a combination of emotions.  Fear, lust,
admiration and curiosity scrambled in his whirling  brain for control—but
above all these these emotions there was an over riding desire to KEEP
looking into those mesmerizing eyes. He couldn’t move.  He struggled
against the control  She seemed to have over his body, but to no avail.  He
continued to gaze  into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

“Good My pet, you already realize that you MUST look into my eyes.  Deeper
and deeper into My eyes. And as you look it seems as though you are FALLING
into My eyes and you cannot control that fall.  Keep looking! Deeper and
deeper.Keep looking into My eyes.”

His gaze was transfixed.  It seemed as if the emerald eyes of The
Mistress Marquesa were ablaze–burning away his will to resist Her power.

Her eyes seemed to grow ever larger, they were all he could see. They had
become his whole world.

“Just keep gazing deeply into My eyes, My pet and soon, even you shall
learn the truth…..just KEEP LOOKING  ……deep….deep …. DEEP…..
into My eyes.  Deeper still …until My eyes and My voice are the only
things that you can focus on …the only things  matter to you…. even now
you find yourself unable to look  away…  you try to resist…to avert my
gaze…but you cannot….I have captured your will….. look
deeper….deeper…and surrender to Me.”

His mind was now filled with fear. She was right !  He could not look away
from Her eyes.  Try as he might he was captured by the most beautiful,
hypnotic ,controlling ,eyes he had ever seen.  What was happening to him ?
Could this be happening or was it only some kind of a dream?

” Now , My little non-believer, Mistress Marquesa’s voice is the only
thing you can hear.  Other sounds fade away.  The only important thing for
you is to listen to My sensual, controlling voice and to do exactly as I
command.   Do everything My voice tells you to do.  My voice seems to come
from within your own mind.  My beautiful, soothing voice, in fact ,is the
voice of  your very thoughts.  My words ARE your thoughts.  You must obey My
words.  You WILL obey My words. They are your own thoughts. Do not try to
resist.  Obey Me.  SURRENDER to ME.  SURRENDER.”

“Your words…..are….my..thoughts …..obey ….Your ….words….” his
voice had become  mechanical, distant, as if he could not even speak without
the help of the Mystical Goddess before him.

A beautiful smile crossed Her face, a smile of victory.  This arrogant,
stupid ,   male, like so many others, had so easily fallen prey to Her
beauty and power. He was a captive of the hypnotic spell, She had so skillfully
woven. A moment ago he had been SURE men were superior beings and now he
would do ANYTHING She desired.

“Now, My pet, in your mind you will remain aware of what is going on BUT,
your body will obey my every command.  Nod if you understand.”

He wanted to scream out, “NO, STOP ! You can’t do this to me, ” but his
head merely  nodded in agreement as if he no longer had any control over in
( and infact he did  not).

In the relative privacy of the adult room The Mistress was assured some
time alone with Her new hypno-puppet, but She knew that in his inner mind
he would be very afraid of being seen by others in this public place acting
as a slave in service to a woman,  even a Female as beautiful as the
Goddess.  His fear of humiliation  was  yet ANOTHER incentive to KEEP him
serving Her.

She smiled , that evil knowing smile once again.

Her voice was all sweetness but her commands were irresistible to him ” I
want you to kneel down in front of Me and worship Me now.  you can’t resist
Me , you know.  you MUST kneel and worship Me.”

He tried to ignore  the command but found himself down on his knees gazing
up at  his sexy new owner.

Just then the door swung open and LaTisha, the clerk at the newsstand
burst in. His fear of others seeing his humiliation had come true. “I saw
you two on the video surveillance camera.  This guy has always
been an asshole!  He treats me and the other girls that work  here like
shit.  How did you get him to serve you like this? My God just WHO ARE YOU?”

Never surprised, The Magnificent One calmly responded, ” Oh , men just
seem to have a hard  time resisting My charm, but you can control men too,
dear—would you
like ME to show you?”

LaTisha looked around, as if she were  a spy, and opened the privacy door
a bit.  “Mary, I’m  locking this door here for a few minutes.  You run the
cash register.  But keep the  camera going—if you know what I mean.” She
winked at her co-worker , then she twisted the thumb turn  on the door lock.
The comely cashier turned back to The Marquesa. ” Yes, please show

The Marquesa reached out with Her hand ,  placed a finger under the
hypnotized man’s chin,  and lifted Her kneeling slave’s face , so his eyes
again were  again gazing  into  Hers. ” All females DESERVE to be
worshipped, don’t you agree, My little  worm?” No mere male could resist the
erotic and hypnotic power of Her voice and eyes.

He nodded in agreement, powerless to do anything else.

“Kiss her feet!” The Mezmering Mistress Marquesa ordered.

He fell ,belly down, on the grit covered  floor and started licking the
dirty brown loafers that the woman was wearing.  The leather shoes  smelled
of the  days  hard work and sweat.

LaTisha realized that The Marquesa would be able to extract revenge for
all the times this arrogant man had treated her with disrespect.  She was
excited by the prospect of gaining such power. “Bare feet, you asshole!”
LaTisha commanded, getting quickly into her new role.

Like the hypnoslave he had so quickly become , he immediately  removed her
shoes and socks and  licked the pungent black feet she offered him.  He was
becoming more and  more excited by the minute.  His mind spun.  Did he
really ENJOY serving  these two females?

“Can I make him take his clothes off?”

“Sure,” responded Marquesa, ” just order him to do it, and he will.”

“Strip—you jerk-off.  Lemme see what you got!”

As he threw off his clothes as commanded , his large, now erect, cock
bounced in tribute to the two females, now ordering him about.

LaTisha reveled in the new power The Goddess had given her, “Why don’t you
rub that dinky little cock while We watch?  That’s it rub it.  It doesn’t
matter WHO is watching.  It doesn’t matter HOW MANY people are watching.
You HAVE to rub that puny little prick because I said so, don’t you?”

Slowly his hand inched toward his cock , as if he was still struggling in
his mind to stop this humiliation.  A stranger and some store clerk were
ordering him around like he was a baby.


Then he touched his own prick and all resistance ceased, he jerked and
rubbed , in tribute to these two Goddesses.  He did just as commanded.

Finally, a few short minutes later LaTisha laughed. “Stop it you asshole,
you’re making me sick. STOP IT!”

His hand dropped to his side.

“LaTisha, why don’t you lower your skirt so we can show our boy just HOW
his life has changed. Let’s show him EXACTLY how  to worship a female
properly.” And as the cute cashier dropped her skirt the Hypnotic Goddess
pointed  at LaTisha’s firm black , round cheeks.

Her gesture being sufficient command, he crawled over to the ebony colored
ass now exposed for  him and reached up to fondle the warm soft flesh.

“Understand , My little ass licker,” The Manipulating Mistress whispered,
“that as soon as you kiss LaTisha’s bare, black ass you will have completed
a ritual of Goddess  servitude and you will forever become a slave to Her
desires.  She will be  able to command you and control you in all things.She
will be your owner and Goddess and you will be Her slave for as long as She
wishes. ”

He fought it, oh how he fought it but his lips drew closer and closer to
the round , ripe globes before him.  he somehow knew it was true ,that if
he surrendered to this urge now, he would no longer be in control of his
own destiny, but he drew ever closer.


Her ass seemed to beckon him forward and Her soft warm skin was to
compelling to resist.

LaTisha laughed, ” Go ahead you little prick.  Kiss My black ass and SEAL
your slavery to ME.  DO IT!”

She glanced over her shoulder at the struggling mesmerized male as  he
touched her backside with his lips.

Again, the almost electric shock ran through his body and he KNEW . The
Marquesa  was right.  LaTisha OWNED him.  he WAS Her slave.

Now he fell to his task with relish , fully understanding he role as a
slave.THIS was his true position.  Kissing and licking.  Worshipping.
Obeying. Serving. he buried his face between Her cheeks and licked , the
tears of humiliation  running down his pale cheeks.

The Goddess had converted yet another stupid , arrogant male to the true
status he deserved, he had become the slave of a Female .  A respectful,
submissive servant.

This was as it should be.

The Goddess had completed Her task. As The Marquesa prepared to leave She
told LaTisha to visit Her with Her  new toy later in the week for more
instructions as to how to subjugate and  control mere males, and the cashier
readily agreed.

Her eyes had been opened to a new role for Her and , with The Marquesa’s
help She counted on this being the first of MANY captives to Her will.

While clothes were being located and retrieved The Grande Goddess Marquesa
removed a black leather collar from Her purse and placed it around the
now docile  male’s neck. “This is a symbol of your servitude to all things
feminine and Female , My pet.  you must wear it from now on or LaTisha will
punish  you.  Understand?”

“Yes My Goddesses,” he meekly responded.

As the trio emerged from the locked room Marquesa looked up and broke into
a musical laugh.  Gathered around the newsstand’s security camera,  watching
EVERY move was a crowd of ten or twelve customers. When the door  opened,
they broke into spontaneous applause!

First Marquesa, then LaTisha bowed, in response to the applause and
laughter, as if it was a standing ovation at the end of a Broadway
show—and in a way it was.

As The Goddess slid into the seat of her sports car She thought to
Herself, “that was fun.  I should check the paper’s circulation more

And She drove away, every eye in the shop following Her, until She
disappeared in the distance.