Author’s note: This story is respectfully, worshipfully, and fearfully dedicated as well as humbly, reverently, and submissively offered to the unbridled, unequivocating, unrelenting, unparalleled, unflappable, unbelievable, unassailable, unstoppable, unforgettable, unorthodox, unattainable, and unapproachable (save by HER leave) GREAT, GENEROUS, GENUINE, GRACEFUL, GORGEOUS, GRACIOUS, GERMANE, GLAMOROUS, GENTEEL, AND GLORIOUS GUARDIAN AND GRANDE DAME OF GYNAIKRATIA GODDESS MISTRESS MARQUESA. It should not be read by anyone who is legally, ethically, morally, or religiously proscribed or prohibited from doing so. It should also not be read by any person(s) fearful of, or uncomfortable with, the subject of mind control or the topic of female domination or both.

Synopsis: A woman deprived of her rightful inheritance uses time to her advantage.

Laureleilah Sanduvalier had always been fascinated by timepieces and the concept of time. Clocks of all types, watches of every kind, various styles of hourglasses, and all examples of sundials never ceased to pique her insatiable interest. Creating or repairing timepieces always stimulated her. The theory of relativity, time travel, and differing cultural perceptions of time were her primary academic interests.

She considered her membership in a family of horologists as one of Providence’s greatest boons to her. The smiths who worked on the timepieces were her favorite people. She stayed with them as long and as often as possible. She asked them countless questions. She watched, and when possible, imitated every move they made. They playfully and lovingly often called her their “shadow,” or “doppelganger.”

Many, who casually knew her, considered Laureleilah’s fascination with time and chronometers archaic, esoteric, or outright bizarre. Her attractiveness was the chief cause for such conclusions. She was approaching seven feet in height. When she allowed it to fall, her lustrous, thick, jet-black hair cascaded well below her waist. Her enormous, wide-set, and expressive pair of eyes (one green and the other violet) were her angelic face’s most striking feature. Her shapely and exceptionally long legs were topped by an impressive and classically beautiful figure. The word most often used to describe her appearance was, “Junoesque.” Her voice was as overwhelming as her looks. It was the kind even Marlene Dietrich or Tallulah Bankhead would have envied. Her parents displayed a sibylline gift so far as their daughter’s given name was concerned.

She had always known it was her destiny to run the family business. No, to care for, manage, and expand the timepiece creation company her kin, and those who worked with them (it was not a Sanduvalier trait to believe any of their employees worked for them), had established and built up over several generations. For this reason she made the necessary sacrifices to attend Harvard Business School. She obtained her MBA and Doctorate to make ready for this future she was certain would be hers.

Everyone was sure the business would be hers. Everybody was keenly aware that Elite Horographics Inc. was much more to her than a long-standing and excellent revenue source. She had always loved it so. She cherished its people, particularly the seasoned and skilled smiths, far far more. Her Ph.D. and practical experience made her far more than qualified to adroitly handle the business and technical aspects of guiding this company. As a child she had teasingly and respectfully been called, “Madame President.” Those who were musically inclined sometimes hummed or whistled, Hail to the Chief, when she approached.

Her father’s unexpected heart attack and subsequent passing came as a grievous blow. She and her sire had become even closer since her mother had succumbed to cancer several years earlier. Laureleilah was their only child. Her dad had made preparations for his departure from this world. Nevertheless, there were all these little details she had to manage. Plunging headlong into this minutia was the only thing enabling her to cope with her devastating sorrow.

She, somehow, managed to cope with the circumstances. The memorial service, and all that came with it, took a great deal out of her. Now that it was concluded, the reading of the will was the final item on the agenda of death-related duties.

The legatees were gathered in her ancestral home. The family’s barrister, Wilhelm Howenstein, somberly took his place and began reading the document.

I, Pierre Jean-Jacques de la Croix Sanduvalier, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby bequeath and bestow all my worldly goods according to the terms set forth in this, my, last will and testament. This document shall revoke and supersede all wills, codicils, and any other previously extant testamentary instruments duly authorized by me heretofore.

Article I: I hereby authorize my executor, later designated in this document, to pay all of my debts, including, but not limited to, personal, business-related, and funerary expenses, by the sale or disposition of all of my worldly goods and assets not explicitly bequeathed and bestowed by the terms set forth in this instrument.

Article II: To my only child, Laureleilah Elizabeth de la Croix Sanduvalier, I leave the family home along with all furnishings and any, and all, other items contained therein, all property, and all other items, associated with said dwelling, a trust fund, with all rights and responsibilities thereto, which she shall wholly receive after the event of my death, and all of my personal property and other assets or holdings not specifically disposed of by the terms of this testamentary instrument.

Article III. I leave the business, Elite Horographics Inc., and all of its assets and liabilities, to my only sister’s firstborn son, Walter Smith.

To her ears and mind, the will’s remainder was nothing save a barely audible blur. The one material possession she longed for from her father was the very thing he withheld from her. Only after she was alone would she permit the tears to flow.

Her many tears were spent. Her catharsis was accomplished. Locked away, in a deliberately concealed recess of her mind, was the knowledge that this undesirable and unwanted turn of events was not unforeseen. Her father was deeply steeped in his traditions. Some of these, painstakingly close attention to detail; rigorously scrupulous honesty; fair, honorable, and respectful treatment of employees; and meticulous and caring dedication to customer service, were things she admired and would forever seek to emulate. His belief that a company’s CEO or president should always be a man was the sole bone of contention between Pierre and his dearly beloved, greatly appreciated, and highly respected daughter. This presumption had been passed down to him from all of his male forebears. During his mortal existence, the dearly departed Monsieur Sanduvalier found it impossible, emotionally speaking, to swim against this chronic familial tide. In the back of her mind, Laureleilah knew all these things. She, nevertheless, hoped against reason she would receive a controlling interest in Elite Horographics Inc.

She was fully cognizant of her father’s degree of precision in all things. She suspected it would be useless to even consider contesting the will. Her interview with Attorney Howenstein only confirmed this belief.

She desperately needed a goal, a diversion, anything that would occupy her mind. While rummaging through the basement, she stumbled upon a grandfather clock in severe need of repair and refurbishing. It was just the thing. Recreating the mechanism and refinishing the wonderful maple case kept her hands busy for some days. When she was finished, she placed the clock (which now kept perfect time thanks to her installation of a receiver which periodically linked it to the U.S.’s atomic clocks) in her living room. Its position near the fireplace was definitely a nice touch.

She periodically checked Elite Horographics Inc.’s financial position. Something was going horribly amiss. A series of unwise strategies had been implemented. The company was beginning to falter. She fretted when she learned what was transpiring. She was certain she could do nothing to stem the tide of disaster engulfing the business she cherished so much and knew so intimately. If only the terms of her father’s will had been different. She resigned herself to the inevitable.

On a particular occasion, she decided to explore her family’s library. On a whim, she started looking through the titles beginning with “h.” To her surprise, she came across several books on hypnosis. While skimming these volumes, she noticed the margins frequently contained notes and drawings. Some were written in her father’s handwriting. Others were done by her mother. After putting all the pieces together, it was apparent to her that her parents used mesmerism on each other as an integral part of their lovemaking. This was more information than she had bargained for. Still, she somehow knew her discoveries would, in some way, serve her well.

Finding out about her parents’ hypnofetish ignited Laureleilah’s curiosity concerning mesmerism. She intensely studied the books her mother and father had collected. She chose to begin with self-hypnosis. She was aware she required a hypnotic fixation point. Her eyes fell on the longcase clock she had lovingly restored. Its pendulum’s oscillating movement would be perfect. To enhance the effect, she replaced the original weight with a prism and installed a light-gathering lens directly in front of it.

She made her own hypnotic CD. In it she: guided herself into a deep mesmeric trance; gave herself several posthypnotic suggestions; told her conscious mind it would retain no knowledge of being hypnotized; programmed her subconscious to remember and perfectly execute all of its instructions; and led herself back to her usual waking state of mind. Her posthypnotic commands were to perform certain tasks whose accomplishing would be noticeable after their completion. For several days she listened to the CD she’d made. Only after she could not remember hearing parts of it did she cease doing so. Several days later, after reviewing some notes she had made, she was aware she had flawlessly carried out her commands to herself. The desire and capacity to mesmerize, apparently, ran in the Sanduvalier blood.

Two questions now filled her musings. First, could she hypnotize another person? Second, if so, what then?

One day she received a telephone call. It was one of the watchmakers who had known her since she was a small girl. He wanted to come over and discuss a vitally important matter with the young lady he still affectionately called, “Madame President.”

He had not seen her in some years. He was taken aback when she answered the door chimes. He could scarcely comprehend that this glorious goddess, who now towered above him, had once been the little child who was so adorably and adoringly always under foot. He followed her directions and sat down on the plush and comfortable sofa. He noted she sat near, but not too close to, him. He silently reminded himself to not allow his eyes to stray from her lovely face. It would not be seemly for him to look at her that way or to hold such thoughts concerning her. His desire for her was powerful. He did not know where to begin. He was much relieved when she took the initiative.

“Maxwell, my dear, it has been far too long since I’ve seen you. How is your wife? Are your two daughters well? As I recall, they are only slightly younger than I am.”

“You are correct. They will be starting their doctoral studies next semester. My wife is doing wonderfully. We will be on holiday in Switzerland within a month.”

She fondly remembered how much she had always liked his prominent accent. “I am very glad to hear that all of your family is well. If I remember correctly, you have not been to Switzerland in some years. When you called, you mentioned there was something you wished to discuss with me.”

“Yes, it concerns the company. I know it is not proper for me to speak against my employer. Nevertheless, under these circumstances, I feel I am compelled to do so. Mr. Walter Smith is one of your blood relatives. The Sanduvalier blood, however, does not course through his veins–if you take my meaning. He does not possess the heart of a craftsman. I have always known that you do. Everyone, who has been part of Elite Horographics for some time, also knows this to be true. His only concern is, how do you say it, the bottom line. His bad decisions are slowly but surely destroying what has taken decades to establish. I do not know if you can do anything. If you can, please intervene before it is too late.”

His voice, his face and his manner clearly manifested the tension and distress he felt. He had always been so dear to her. She yearned to help him. An idea flashed in her mind. This was the perfect opportunity.

“I am uncertain if there is anything I can do. Nevertheless, I shall make inquiries. I often remember how much I pestered you and the other excellent craftsmen with my innumerable questions. I would like to show you that all the time you spent with me was not in vain. Take a good look at this longcase clock I have recently restored to working order. I hope my handiwork, in some small way, measures up to your exacting standards of workmanship.”

He walked over and carefully examined the clock to which she had pointed. He knew she had learned well. He was much impressed. He told her how proud he was of her skill level. He returned to his place on the sofa. He still kept his eyes fixedly trained on her countenance. It would have been so very wrong for him not to do so.

“I am so pleased you are somewhat satisfied with my craftswomanship. I find this clock to be quite comforting. I enjoy sitting comfortably, relaxing, listening to its dependable and soothing sound, and just watching the constant movement of its pendulum. It is sometimes so very comforting to just take a break and watch it swing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. On occasion, I realize my eyelids begin to feel heavier and heavier as I watch the pendulum swinging in its easy and so constant movement.” She noted the relaxation beginning to take hold on his facial muscles. “I shall now count from one to twelve. With each number you will feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. One, your eyelids are becoming so so heavy. Two, you are feeling more and more relaxed with each breath you take. Three, you hear only the sound of my low melodious voice. All of your muscles becoming more and more relaxed as you listen to each word I say to you. Four, your eyelids are so gently closing down and so comfortably and tightly locking completely shut. Five, you are easily and peacefully drifting into a quiet sleepy place. You will immediately, easily, and peacefully return to this wonderfully relaxed and highly suggestible state whenever you hear me say, “My sleepy little man.” Six, the soothing sound of my voice and the tranquil movement of the pendulum are all that you can perceive. Seven, it feels so good to allow yourself to focus only on my words. All of the tension and anxiety are leaving your body with each and every slow and easy breath you take. Eight, you know you can trust my voice. You will only come back to his deep hypnotic trance when you hear me say, “My sleepy little man.” Nine, you know with absolute assurance that mine is the voice of one who deeply cares for you. Ten, it is so so wonderful to allow yourself to simply follow my instructions. Eleven, for my thoughts are your thoughts, and my words are your words, and my will is your will that you desire to obey in all things. And finally, twelve, you are now deeply relaxed, fully alert, totally responsive, remaining completely mesmerized, hearing only my voice, and you are fully ready, willing, and able to carry out all of my instructions. For my instructions are your instructions which you are giving to yourself.”

She observed the tranquility pervading every part of his being. She began to wonder if he could hear her. “If you can hear me, tell me your name and the names of your wife and daughters.”

She heard him laboriously respond to her request. She wondered what else she could persuade or compel him to do. Again she remembered how much she adored his accent. This gave her an inspiration. “Maxwell, my dear friend, listen to my words. Soon you shall awaken from your deep deep hypnotic trance. When you hear me snap my fingers, you will only speak in German. When you hear me snap my fingers, you will always speak only in German. When this occurs, you will not think, feel, or believe anything is different or has changed in any way. When you hear me clap my hands, you shall be able to converse in any language you desire. When you hear me clap my hands, you can thereafter speak in whatever language you want. No matter what happens, nothing will seem unusual or out of place to you. Tell me what will happen when you hear me clap my hands?”

“I can speak in any language I know.”

“And what will occur when you hear me snap my fingers?”

“I shall only talk in German.”

“Perfectly correct, my friend. You are doing so so very well. Now I shall count up from one to four. After the count of four you will be fully awake and alert. You will not consciously remember ever being hypnotized by me. Your subconscious mind, however, will totally remember and perfectly carry out all of my instructions to you. One, your eyes are slowly beginning to open. Two, you are becoming more aware of all that happens in your environment. You will always return to your state of deep and total relaxation when you hear me say, “My sleepy little man.” Three, your subconscious will perfectly execute all of your instructions which I have given to you. Four, you are completely alert, you are fully awake, and you feel absolutely marvelous.”

They reminisced and talked for some time. As they conversed, Laureleilah, from time to time, snapped her fingers or clapped her hands. He always responded as he had been programmed. He remained oblivious to the changes in his behavior.

At length, she: employed and strengthened his trigger; removed the commands concerning the clapping of her hands and the snapping of her fingers; gave him the suggestion he would feel absolutely marvelous when he awakened; and returned him to his regular frame of mind. He told her how wonderful it felt just to see and speak to her once more. He bowed respectfully; gave her a fatherly embrace; cherishingly kissed each of her large, feminine, and exceptionally well-manicured hands with their long, slender, and powerful fingers sporting their long and colorful nails; and swiftly departed. He knew it was meet for him to leave quickly. It was simply not right for him to think of her in that way.

Her cousin, Walter Smith, he was the key. How would she deal with him? She wondered if she could mesmerically compel him to transfer all of his holdings in the company to her? Such a radical change, irrespective of its subtlety, was bound to raise questions, and perhaps inquiries, from some quarter(s). Her first plan was unsatisfactory. What the firm sorely needed was her guiding hand. She came to understand and accept that it was unnecessary for most people to know she was in charge. That her will was performed was all that mattered. She decided to work in the shadows. She chose to control from behind the scenes. She elected to forever, or at least for the foreseeable future, be the unseen force behind the throne of power which would positively direct its actions.

How would she manage to privately speak with him? She held no leverage in the firm. She suspected he was greatly threatened by her technical competence and financial acumen. She began to remember the lasciviously lustful leering looks he had so slyly directed at her for some time. His vulgarity sickened her. She was his first cousin. Nevertheless, she could use his vile and craftily crude nature to her advantage. She would seem to offer him what he wanted so much. She would tantalize him with bait too tempting for him to ignore or long resist. She knew him. She was certain what he would do. She knew this incompetent and wretched fellow all too well.

She heard him accept her invitation almost before she could proffer it. She expected him to start panting while they were on the phone. Fortunately, for the sake of her appetite, her sexual desires, and her psychological well-being, he restrained himself. She surmised there must have been someone within earshot. She would endure practically anything to rescue Elite Horographics, and its employees (many of whom she reckoned as family members), from ruin. Even entertaining Walter Smith was not too high a price to pay. If only her father had not been so set in his male-dominated hierarchical ways. She made a mental note that she would definitely have a long talk with him about this.

Laureleilah made a last minute check of all her preparations. The firelight fell perfectly upon the clock. The champagne was properly chilled. Her dress was short enough to stimulate and gently fan his interest yet long enough to protect her mental health. Its bodice revealed exactly the right amount of cleavage. Her hair was loosely gathered at the nape of her neck and flowed sensuously down her back. Her perfume was evident yet understated. She knew he had a thing for women in high heels. She wore the tallest pair she had. She would see to it that he would pay, and pay, and pay for this as well. She mentally reviewed her martial arts training. She was especially glad her senseis had taught her several effective techniques for controlling life energy manipulation (commonly misnamed pressure) points. She doubted she would need to use any of them. Still, she reminded herself, of two important maxims. First, one can never be too careful. Second, one should always be prepared with as many alternative strategies as one can reasonably master to handle as many contingencies as possible.

He moved in to hug her as she greeted him at the door. She reached down and placed her hands on his narrow shoulders. Her thumbs and fingers loosely encircled his throat. With great difficulty she resisted the delicious temptation.

They sat together on the sofa. They chitchatted for some while. She genteelly sipped her glass of vintage Dom Perignon. He gulped down several glasses in that time. Throughout the evening, she deliberately did not entirely thwart each of his fumbling, grotesque, and groping advances. She deeply feared her memories of the movement of and expression in his eyes whenever she stretched, crossed, or even moved her long, sensuous, and shapely legs would be permanently seared in her brain. She slowly and carefully ratcheted up his perpetually flickering lust for her into an agonizingly unbearable flaming frenzy.

She thought the time had come. She also could no longer endure the pleasure of his company. She leaned in his direction. Her intense gaze was directed deep into his eyes. “I have always been attracted to men of accomplishment, power, or wealth.” Her voice was filled with promise.

“When I’m done with Elite Horographics, I’ll have more money than I know what to do with.” His boastful statement was dripping with avaricious anticipation.

“But what of the company’s future,” she inquired?

“The company’s immediate bottom line is my only concern. Mine is the only future I care about. Mine, and my lover’s, of course.” He reached around her back and began to caress her neck and shoulder.

“I see. I find it is always good to know the heart and mind of anyone with whom I may become intimate. I’d like to set the mood for future events. That is, if you don’t mind?”

“Do what you must,” he said cavalierly.

She thought he was so overconfident. She had rightly concluded that he was so undesirable. She was exceedingly overjoyed he was so naive.

“To begin with, I’d like to show you something.” She slowly and nonchalantly reached down to her dress’s hem as she spake. “Just focus all of your attention on the exquisite grandfather clock near the fireplace. Pay particular attention to the beautiful pendulum as it serenely and relaxingly swings back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth. I find it so soothing and yet so stimulating to simply sit back, relax, and let my eyes come to rest and linger upon the pretty pendulum–as it slowly and so slowly swings in its so so calming and ceaseless movement. Now notice how all the light seems to dance, sparkle and shimmer before your eyes. See how the pendulum seems to transform the warm and wonderful firelight into a relaxing rainbow of soft and pretty shades. Your tired and sleepy eyes seeing nothing but the pendulum as it surely swings, and swings, and swings. My voice and the rhythmic sound of the clock are the only sounds filling your ears and your deeply relaxing mind.” She employed her voice’s many powers for all they were worth. She varied her cadence, volume, and pitch in such tantalizing and soporific ways. Her thespian and vocal trainers were worth their weight in gold and platinum.

He had never felt this way before. He knew not what to do. He did not know what she wanted. He had no idea what would happen next. He was surprised. He was scared. He was so aroused by her. Why was she speaking so slowly? Why was she saying these things? He was bewitched, bothered, bewildered, befuddled, bedeviled, beguiled, and confused beyond measure.

“Now I shall count down from seven to one. You shall easily and peacefully become more and more relaxed with each number you hear and with every slow and easy breath you take. Seven, drifting deeper, and deeper, and deeper into deep deep relaxation. Six, your tired and heavy eyes beginning to gently close down for a time in quiet, peaceful, and sleepy rest. Five, my voice is the most important sound in your world. Any other sounds you may hear will only aid you in devoting more and more of your mind to the sound of my most magical and mesmerizing voice. Four, you know that my thoughts are your thoughts, my words are your words, my instructions are your instructions, and my will is your will that you assuredly know you desire to fulfill above all else. Three, your tired and sleepy eyelids now closing comfortably and completely. Two, you feel more and more relaxed as you allow yourself to drift deeper and deeper into deep hypnosis. One, you are more tranquil than you have ever been, you feel better than you have ever felt, and you are ready to obey my instructions which are actually your instructions I am giving to your own self. If you can understand me, nod your head and say “Yes.””

She heard him comply. Things had gone much better than she had calculated. She would only require a brief shower after the real work was accomplished.

“Now, cousin Walter, you will listen only to my voice. You know you want to obey my instructions. When you carry out my commands, you will feel incredibly wonderful. In fact, when you do what I tell you, you will feel better than you have ever felt. It will always feel so so good for you to obey me. Now, tell me what will happen when you carry out my instructions?”

He spoke haltingly. “I will feel better than I have ever felt.”

“Very good. I am so pleased we are in agreement. Now, Walter, the future and continued success of Elite Horographics Incorporated is of supreme importance to your happiness. You want the company to do well. You want this more than anything else in the entire world. Successfully managing this well renowned company is a very important responsibility. You realize, now, that you need assistance. You know you require my advice on all business-related matters. You want to follow my advice. You need to follow my advice. You crave to follow my advice. You will always follow my advice in all matters of business. You will forever consult me on each and every business decision. When you follow my business advice, you will feel better than you have ever felt. For the more you follow my advice, the better you will always feel. Tell me how you will feel when you carry out my ideas on business?”

“I will always feel better than I have ever felt.”

Laureleilah Sanduvalier was very pleased with the results. She grudgingly acknowledged there might even come a time when she, perhaps, would be favorably disposed to her pliable and pitiable relative. She was feeling somewhat generous. She decided to give him something. Something he would never forget.

“Very good. You are doing so very well. Tonight, after you have fallen asleep in your own bed, you will experience the best orgasm you have ever known. When this takes place, every erotic thought you have ever had about me will vanish from your mind. You will not know why you are experiencing this magnificent orgasm. You will be completely unaware of why this is happening. It will be the most powerful and pleasurable orgasm you have ever had or could ever possibly imagine. After this orgasm, you will never again have another sexual thought concerning me. You shall never forget this orgasm. It will permanently burn from your conscious and subconscious minds all lustful thoughts and desires about me. Now I shall count up from one to four. After you awaken, you will not remember ever being hypnotized by me. Your subconscious will completely remember and perfectly carry out all of my instructions. One, you are peacefully and easily beginning your return from your place in quiet, sleepy, restful, deep hypnosis. My thoughts are your thoughts. Two, your conscious mind will only know that you feel better than you have ever felt. Your once tired and heavy eyes feel wonderfully refreshed and are slowly beginning to open. Three, your subconscious will do what it knows to do. You know with absolute certainty that it will always feel so good when you obey me. And, of course, you will obey me. For my will is stronger than your will. Four, you are fully conscious, totally alert, and you know it is time for your departure.”

He thanked his statuesque cousin for a wonderful evening. He left as quickly as he could. She had given him several hours of her time. He had consumed almost an entire bottle of champagne. She concluded the results would be well worth her investment. Now she was glad her instructors had drilled the concepts of cost-benefit analysis and short-term expenditures versus long-term goals into her cranium.

It took some time, and considerable mental effort, for her to right Elite Horographics Inc.’s ship of state and set it on its proper course. She embraced this daunting task with gusto. Successfully meeting this challenge gave her a good feeling. Her good mood was made all the sweeter due to her attachment to the business and her much stronger love for its people. Walter Smith flawlessly carried out the posthypnotic suggestions she had implanted. The strangest thing of all was she was actually beginning to like him. She often wondered why?

She received a call from the family’s attorney. He desired to discuss certain matters with her. She agreed to meet him at her home one evening.

She oft reviewed their relationship as their meeting’s time drew nigh. The Sanduvaliers and the Howensteins had always been close friends. After Laureleilah was born, these two couples were inextricably, eternally, and ever lovingly bound together. Wilhelm Howenstein, and his dearly departed wife Marilyn, were her godparents. Only her parents meant more to her than they did. Unfortunately, for the world, they were never blessed to have children. They therefore considered, and accordingly treated, her as their daughter. He had taught her to play backgammon, chess, go, and Othello. Marilyn had instructed her in the fine arts of cooking, sewing, music, and how to deal with (since it was not possible to comprehend their poor excuses for reasonable and rational thought processes) men.

Marilyn Howenstein had died in an automobile crash. His goddaughter felt the poignancy of his grief and loneliness more than anyone else who knew him. Why did her godmother have to die? Why was the thoroughly useless drunken son of Belial who broadsided her still permitted to draw breath? These questions would disturb Laureleilah to the end of her days.

Some of her godfather’s recent actions somewhat perturbed her. He never told her about that heinous and accursed provision in her father’s last will and testament. He would not even make eye contact with her during the reading of the will. She wondered if he subscribed to her father’s patriarchy?

Her eyes fell upon the longcase clock. She thanked her lucky stars for having found and refurbished it. It might once again serve her purposes.

Attorney Wilhelm Howenstein was as punctual as always. They shared a glass of wine before he broached the subject which was on his mind.

“Ever since your father’s unexpected and unfortunate passing, I have been tracking Elite Horographics’ performance. Initially, the company’s financial situation was in a steady decline. I was becoming more and more worried about the company’s future. Now, everything has taken a positive turn. I am almost convinced you are solely responsible for this change for the better.”

“Why on Earth would you believe such a fantastic thing? My cousin, Walter Smith, has been running things.”

“I hope you will forgive me for saying so. Your cousin is not suitable for his management position. He lacks the business savvy. Neither does he possess a craftsman’s heart and talent. My daughter, you have all these things. I perceive it is your hand which has guided events in a most beneficial way for all concerned. Please, do not lie to me. Tell me if this is so.”

“Goddaddy, you know I can not, and will never, lie to you. Yes, I have been advising my cousin. Walter, fortunately, he has always heeded my counsel.”

“This does not surprise me. You are a very forceful and exceptionally persuasive personage. I am so glad things have worked out so well.”

He had asked her for total honesty. She would always oblige him. Now, it would be his turn.

“I was very very hurt, but not surprised, by my dad’s refusal to commit Elite Horographics to my keeping. In the weeks after the funeral, I desperately needed something, anything, that would keep me busy. I found an old broken down clock in our basement. What do you think of my work?”

He walked over, carefully scrutinized the clock, then returned and took his seat beside her. “As in everything you do, dear child, you have done a magnificent job. I am sure your mother and father are quite pleased.”

“I am particularly proud of my work on the mechanism.” She arose and moved over near the example of her technical expertise. “Goddaddy, just take a moment and let your eyes closely examine the new pendulum I installed. I think it is quite beautiful. Notice how it seems to capture all the light around it. See how the light appears to fall into the pendulum as it oscillates back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I find watching it slowly swing to be so so relaxing. This pendulum somehow seems to transmute any light it touches into a rainbow of soft, soothing, and soporific shades. Whenever I relax and just allow myself to focus all of my attention on the pendulum, I sometimes discover my eyes are becoming so tired, so heavy, and so sleepy. Fixing this clock by hand was one of the best things I have ever done.”

She saw him surrendering to the parahypnotic relaxation she had induced. She proceeded to take him deeper into trance.

“Now, my dear godfather, I will count from seven to one. With each number you hear you shall become more and more pleasantly relaxed. Seven, your eyelids are so gently becoming heavier and heavier. It feels so good to simply focus on the calming movement of the pretty pendulum and the sound of my voice. Six, you are so easily drifting so deeply into deep deep relaxation. Five, all of your muscles are comfortably becoming so loose and limp. You are descending deeper, deeper, and deeper down. Four, your eyelids are softly closing down so very easily. Three, my voice is the only sound you can hear. Two, you are still drifting deeper and deeper into quiet and peaceful relaxation. One, your eyes are completely closed, your body is totally relaxed, and your mind is perfectly opened to all of my words.”

She was silent for some moments. She carefully contemplated the questions she wanted him to answer. She made her choices.

“Goddaddy goddaddy, nod your head and say “Yes,” if you can understand my words.” She saw and heard him comply. “Whenever you are in this state of deep relaxation and deep hypnosis, you will always tell me the absolute truth. You know you can be completely open with me about all things. Godfather, did you agree with all of the provisions in my father’s will?”

He spoke slowly and deliberately. “Your father and I had some fierce arguments concerning his disposition of the business. I repeatedly told him you were the only individual who was meet to inherit Elite Horographics. His desire to give it to a male relative was the sharpest bone of contention that was ever betwixt us. I tried to convince him he was making a serious mistake.”

“Why did you never tell me about any of this?”

“Your father forbade me to do so. He swore he would take all of his business to another law firm if I mentioned any of the will’s provisions before the time of his death. He knew how I felt about you and your competence.”

From the time he’d arrived, Wilhelm Howenstein, rarely permitted his eyes to stray from his goddaughter’s face. He was especially reticent to let his gaze linger on her extraordinarily long, exquisitely lovely, and sensuously shapely legs. She had become keenly aware of this. Her feminine curiosity had to be satisfied.

“I wish to know what do you think of me? Not as your goddaughter. I want you to tell me what do you think of me as a woman?”

She noticed he did not answer for some moments. His face seemed to reveal the existence of a great struggle being waged within his inner being. She became aware of this conflict. She knew she had to intervene.

“Wilhelm Howenstein, you will listen only to my voice. You know you can tell me anything. My will is your will. You know you must not hide, or attempt to keep, anything from me. My will is stronger than your will. You know you must tell me the absolute truth. For my will is stronger than your will. Now, tell me what you think of me as a woman?”

A very powerful, very gentle, very commanding, and very feminine voice seemed to push all doubt and reluctance from his mind. “You are the most desirable, and beautiful, and competent woman I have ever known. Any man you accept should forever consider it an honor and a privilege that you have done so.”

“Why have you never expressed your feelings for me before?”

“It would not be proper. I am old enough to be your father. I love you as a daughter. It is not fit for me to think of you in this way. It would be unprofessional, unworthy, and immoral for me to have ever said such things to you. I am an old man. It would be grossly unfair and unreasonable for me to even entertain the thought that you would have me. You should never waste your youth and your many gifts on someone such as I am. You deserve somebody so much better than I am.”

She considered his words. She knew how much he loved her. She was aware he would do anything for her. She was cognizant of his desire for her.

“Wilhelm, my sweet, listen carefully to my words. Whenever you hear me say, “My sleepy little man,” you will easily, peacefully, and quickly return to this state of deep deep relaxation. This will occur, no matter where you are, and no matter what you are doing. You will always return to your restful place in deep mesmeric hypnosis when you hear me, and only me, say the words, “My sleepy little man. Tell me what will happen when you hear me say, “My sleepy little man?”

“I will always return to this restful state.”

“VEry good, my pet. Now I will count up from one to four. When I reach four, you will be completely awake and absolutely alert. Only your subconscious mind will remember you have been mesmerized by me. Your subconscious mind will carry out all of its instructions I have given you. One, your eyes are slowly beginning to open. You are starting your peaceful journey from your quiet and sleepy place in deep deep relaxation. Two, you are becoming more and more aware of the world surrounding you. Your subconscious mind knows that you will always return to your hypnotic trance whenever you hear me say the words, “My sleepy little man.” Three, only your subconscious mind will know what has transpired. And finally, four, your eyes are completely open, you are fully awake and alert, you feel absolutely wonderful, and you have fully returned to your conscious state.”

He yawned and stretched contentedly. “Talking to you has made me feel better than I have felt in a long time.” He closed his eyes for several seconds. “In fact, only one other person has ever been able to make me feel so good.”

“And who was that?”

“My wife, your godmother, Marilyn. As you know we were very close to your parents.” He chuckled about something. “We were closer than you might imagine. In fact, your father told me a secret about himself and your mother.”

“What was it?”

“He told me they took turns hypnotizing each other as part of their romantic interludes. He even told me the trigger your mother used. I suspect your mother had similar conversations with Marilyn.” Again he closed his eyes in thoughtfulness. “Your cousin, Walter’s, sudden and radical change for the better. Now I know it was you and how you performed it.”

She stared directly into his eyes. “I have always been drawn to perceptive men. It is most unfortunate that there are so few examples of such. By the way, what was that trigger you mentioned?”

Once more, he closed his eyes in contemplation. “Yes, now I remember. I vaguely remember your godmother using it when we had some of our most special and intimate times together. The trigger was.”

His consciousness was pleasantly invaded by the phrase, “My sleepy little man.” The voice was not his. It was a woman’s. It was. His eyes displayed a brief flash of recognition. Thereafter, they slowly closed and were ever so gently locked shut. He vividly remembered this feeling. It was so so good. His last thought was that his loneliness would soon be at an end.

Laureleilah Elizabeth de la Croix Sanduvalier looked down at him for several minutes. While doing so, she slipped off her shoes, let her hair fall to its full length, and made herself much more comfortable. He was such an adorable and lovable little man. He had always meant, and would always mean, so so very very much to her. She stroked his skin with her nails or caressed his balding head with her long and feminine fingers. Her actions served to plunge him deeper and deeper under the seductive siren spell of her hypnotic sorceries. She began to quiver with delight and expectation. From now on, she would see to it that he remembered everything that would occur. She resolved that, soon, she would make that beatific and avuncular smile on his face much much bigger, much more earthy, and so much more sensual. The tingling within her steadily increased with this prospect. An exceptionally good time would forever be had by them both. This was as it should be.

The End.