The old radio hissed and popped in defiance at the lovely manicured nails as they softly caressed the smooth knob into submission.

“only JoyBoys fortified dog food will do, right puppy Darling” said the lovely voice from the speaker.

Woof! Woof, woof!

The Lady Mesmer was pleased to hear the dog food ad, since it meant Her favorite program was about to begin. She d been so busy lately that She hadn’t had a chance to check out tonight’s event. Seated on Her couch, She lifted Her right foot, still soft from Her bath, to Her left knee and began to rub the soreness away. A phone was ringing behind Her.

Oh, My aching feet, She thought. Why do I torture myself in those heels?

With a cotton ball dabbed in nail polish remover, the Lady Mesmer began to carefully remove the faded polish from the nail on Her beautiful, but sore, tasty little toe.

Ladieeees and gentlemen, the announcer began. Tonight’s main event, the championship bout, for the World’s Title, in this corner, from Los Angeles, California, wearing the mezzzzmerizing mini skirt, and the beauuuuutiful black leather gloves, the reigning Champion, the marvelous, the magnificent, Mistress Marquesa.

The Lady Mesmer smiled to Herself as She continued Her work on Her toes. Mistress Marquesa was Her absolute favorite. There was never a dull moment in any of Her matches, since She was such a Showboat . In many ways, the Lady and the Mistress had much in common.

Although the bout was televised, the Lady preferred to listen to Her antique radio. Her ability to visualize was much clearer than T.V. She could see the grand Mistress strutting around the ring. As the cheering and applause subsided and suddenly roared up again, the Lady had a very clear image of the Mistress flashing some cleavage or blowing a kiss to the crowd. Yes, She may have been polishing Her toenails in Her living room, but She ALSO had a front-row seat at ringside! A phone began to ring behind Her.

And in this corner, the announcer continued, from Edmonton, Canada, wearing nothing at all, the regent of resistance, the stringless puppet, Pinocchio. The crowd cheered again. They wanted a good show.

Lady Mesmer closed Her eyes. She pictured the naked challenger prancing proudly around the ring with his fists in the air. Then She looked at the healthy glow of Her glorious toes. I want a foot massage, She thought.

Welcome listeners across America and around the world, a new voice crackled into Her living room. This is Johnny Cummings with Joey Kizonu, coming to you live from the Staples Center in L.A. Well folks, this should be a good fight tonight. This challenger looks really pumped. Joey?

You bet Johnny. He’s single. He’s unattached. And, he passed all the tests for heterosexuality and arouse-ability with flying colors. This crowd seems to like him already. Everyone’s out for a good time tonight.

Must be the full moon Joey.

The Lady Mesmer selected a hot and radiant red polish for Her toes: Moonlight Sonata, as Her Hypnosis Hot-Line answering machine behind Her, was listing the best hours to call for real-live information and instruction.


Johnny now carried the blow-by-blow action to the listening world. There’s the bell folks, and we re underway. Pinocchio comes out quick. Whoa! Look at that! He tossed his head back, spun around on his heels, and sauntered back to his corner with his nose in the air!

A beautifully executed snub job, said Joey. That one’s gotta hurt!

Not by the smile on Marquesa’s face, said Johnny. My God, She is pretty! Uh oh! Look out! Marquesa is moving in. Pinocchio doesn’t see Her coming. He’s still gloating out at the fans from his corner. Too late! Ladies and gentlemen, Marquesa has Pinocchio pinned in the corner. She has a gloved hand on each rope, trapping him. He looks right. He looks left. I think She’s got him. This one could be over quickly folks.

A hush fell into Lady Mesmer’s living room as the crowd’s cheering stopped abruptly. The Lady spread the shiny polish over a nail with a steady, even motion.

Johnny’s voice became low, as if he was commentating at a golf tournament. Ladies and gentlemen, Marquesa has Pinocchio pinned in a corner. He’s staring deep into Her eyes. She’s speaking to him very softly. Wow! What grace! Without taking Her eyes from his, She lifted Her right foot and is now resting it on the lower rope. Oh my, what a seductive pose!

Looks like he’s done for, said Joey.

The Lady Mesmer blew softly at a completed nail, and then started another.

I d have to agree Joey. Pinocchio’s eyelids are starting to droop. His knees are starting to bend. He s,

The crowd roared.

Holy cow! said Johnny, his voice now resuming it’s excited tone. Pinocchio just slid under Marquesa’s leg with the speed of a startled cat!

The crowd roared again.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is unbelievable! Now he’s mooning Her! Pinocchio is actually bent over in the center of the ring, pointing at his behind!

And Marquesa is some pissed off, added Joey.

She sure is, Joey. And what’s this? Four men have just stood up from the front row. Each one is holding a sign: Kiss, This, Mis, Triss! Listen to those fans!

Son of a bitch! said the Lady Mesmer. Having blotched a nail, She reached for a cotton ball and dabbed some remover on it. Break that fucker’s balls, Marquesa! Oops, excuse Me puppy Darling I didn’t mean to be so,..crude She said to her fabulous 150 pound favorite four legged puppy dog pet (snickering all the while.)

Wait a minute folks, said Johnny. This aint over yet. The Mistress is leaning over the ropes at those four fans. I can’t make out what She’s saying. Joey?

The cheering is too loud, Johnny. But whatever She’s saying, it’s working. This is just the sort of thing that put Her on top. This place is going wild.

Sure is, Joey, said Johnny. Those four men have dropped their signs, and their drawers. The Mistress has them under Her spell already, and they re performing for the crowd real good.

I don’t think Pinocchio sees what She’s doing, said Joey. He’s still parading around flexing his biceps for the fans on the other side of the ring.

You re right, Joey. He’s as unaware of things as the four guys are. Ooops! There goes one of them. He’s finished. There goes another. Marquesa is lifting Her hands in the air. There go the other two!

What a mess! said Joey.

The Lady Mesmer replaced the cap on the nail polish. She calmly stretched Her exquisitely sculptured leg, and then switched positions so She could begin the other foot. I wonder if I could have that effect on men? She pondered the thought, the fantasy. She closed Her eyes for a moment, and smoothed the silky fabric of Her Victoria Secrets full length robe between the even silkier texture of Her thighs.

Look out folks. Marquesa has Her claws out. Pinocchio just noticed what happened to his support group, and he looks scared. The Mistress is coming at him with slow deliberation. His back is against the ropes. She’s moving in. She s,


Lady Mesmer got up from Her couch and went to Her kitchen to refill Her champagne glass. The many flashing lights of Her answering machine caught Her eye. The phone started ringing,,again! She yawned. She reached down and silenced the ringer, and the answering machine. She glanced at Her computer screen. Only 29 new email messages, She thought. Must be a slow night. She yawned again, and returned with Her full, bubbling flute to the couch.

For those of you just joining us, Joey was speaking, let’s review the rules of the match. The contender must first endure 2, ten minute rounds with the Mistress. At the end of the second round, he has 5 minutes to exit the ring. If he gets out, he’s free. If he doesn t, he becomes the eternal property of the champ. Anyone ever make it, John?

Never in time, Joey. There’s been a few who jumped over and ran during the first round, but that’s immediate disqualification. No one has ever survived the full 20 minutes and made it over the ropes. Well folks, it looks like we re ready to begin the second round. And what an exciting match this has been.


Marquesa comes out first this time. Pinocchio looks for escape. You gotta give him credit Joey, he’s not going for the ropes yet. He’s got his hands clasped tightly against his ears. A classic move. Marquesa fakes left. Oh, he fell for it. She got a hand on his balls. That stopped him for sure. Pinocchio still has his hands clamped on his ears, but his eyes are as big as saucers!! Marquesa is cooing something at him. It looks like, it looks like she mouthing the words so seductively – My balls. My balls. Joey?

I d say so Johnny. And it looks like Pinocchio is weakening.

There’s the arousal Joey. Yes, he’s definitely becoming aroused. And there’s a tear. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a tear running from his left eye, down his cheek. He’s in big trouble now. His guard is coming down. Yes, Marquesa has him now. She’s speaking at him quite firmly and freely now yet with such softness of voice and yet a deliberate demeanor beyond anything I have ever seen! She’s going at him relentlessly all right. There’s another tear! Folks, Pinocchio has tears running down his cheeks from both eyes now. I m sure that whatever She’s saying to him is the only thought in his mind now.

Suddenly there was a loud smack. The fans at Staples went wild. Lady Mesmer blew softly on Her wet toenails.

Folks, this is amazing, said Johnny. Marquesa just smacked Pinocchio across the cheek with a right. He’s staggering around in a daze.

Come here! the voice of the Mistress was heard clearly by everyone this time, including the Lady, who paused for a moment at the sound of this fantastically dominating voice.

Pinocchio returned to face Marquesa, said Johnny. She whacked him again! And again! This is the fight of the century! She’s speaking to him again. Joey, I think he’s really enjoying this. At least, it sure appears that way. Pinocchio is turning around. He’s bending over. Wow! Marquesa just planted a foot on his backside, and drove him into the ropes.

How can She balance on a five-inch heel and drive him like that with the other? asked Joey. Those heels sure pump Her up though. Look at the arch in Her back. Look at that firm round ass, and those heavenly hips, those lovely legs! The spotlights really shine off those sheer silk stockings. Really shine! And that skirt is soooo short! You can see the garter at the top of those great looking stockings, and the smooth perfectly tanned skin of Her thighs as they come together and softly disappear up into the glory of Her beautiful,

DING the bell began the five-minute submit-or-run clock.

Hey! Joey! Where are you going buddy? asked Johnny.

The Lady Mesmer had to give Her head a shake and take a deep breath. She was getting too caught up in this Marquesa character. She sighed and returned to what was the really important thing in Her life: Her wonderfully delicious, delectable toes.

She straightened Her legs, and put Her feet together so She could admire all 10 toes in a row. Oh, how I adore Me! She thought to Herself. She reached over, and picked up a hand mirror. I wonder what would happen, if Marquesa and I were to meet, face to face? Would She bow to Me? Would I to Her? I wonder.

We ve got ourselves a new development, Folks. Johnny interrupted the Lady’s thoughts. Pinocchio is on the ropes. There’s a beautiful woman in the front row. She’s obviously a powerful Mistress, in her own right. And She’s gesturing him to climb over. He’s got a leg up. Could the arousal be backfiring on Marquesa? Marquesa has Her hands on Her hips, deciding what to do. The Mistress in the front row of the stadium stood up. Pinocchio has both feet up on the ropes now.

The fans roared.

My God! yelled Johnny. Joe Kizonu has just jumped into the ring! Joey, what are you doing man? Marquesa looks at Joey. Joey stands frozen, staring back. Pinocchio looks at the other Mistress. Marquesa looks at Pinocchio, then at the other Mistress, then at Joey. Joey looks at the other Mistress. Pinocchio looks back at Marquesa. The crowd is in frenzy. It’s a madhouse in here!

The Lady Mesmer looked at Her fingernails, deciding not to file them tonight.

Johnny’s voice was yelling, but the noise from the crowd was drowning him out. Ladies and Gentlemen, I can’t believe it! Marquesa just yelled SHUT UP!

A hush once again instantly consumed the Center. Johnny’s voice dropped to a whisper. This is highly unusual, fans. Marquesa is standing in the center of the ring. She reaches into a hidden pocket in Her skirt and, yes, there’s a ringing. It looks like a tiny cell phone. pinocchio is somehow frozen on the top rope, gently swinging back and forth. With less than two minutes to go, which way will this one end? Folks, it’s so quiet here, the only sound is the gentle jingling of the unknown other Mistress’s chrome covered handcuffs. I m going to switch on the ringside microphones.

Yes? said the unmistakable dominant voice of Marquesa, obviously answering the cell phone.

There was a short pause, then the sound of high heels elegantly clicking their way closer to a ringside microphone.

It’s for you, slaveboy.

Hello? stuttered pinocchio . Yes, alright, but, yes. There was a long pause. Not even Johnny dared speak. Even the handcuffs were silent. Finally, pinocchio’s voice broke the silence, without which, no one would have heard his barely audible i will.

In a split second, a cheer went up that must have loosened the roof. Johnny’s voice was almost hysterical, and only a few words found their way out of the crowd’s jubilant noise into the airwaves. ,and gentlemen.., off the ropes.., bowing, kneel,.. Marquesa’s toes, one by, two sec, the clock, Marquesa, laughing, Joey is, other Mistress, unbelieve, absolut, unbel, Marquesa, Mistress Marquesa, World Champion again,

The Lady Mesmer gently dropped Her phone into its cradle, a satisfied grin forming across Her perfect lips. An almost imperceptible shudder ran up Her spine. She looked at Her right hand. I really do love that Marquesa, She thought. Hmm, maybe I need to file these nails after all.

The chanting crowd Marquesa, Marquesa, Marquesa faded to nothing as the lovely, soon to be ever so much more lovely, mesmerizing and manicured, nails turned the smooth knob on the antique radio off.