This morning Goddess Marquesa granted me permission to perform the rite in worship of Her. I accepted Her gift eagerly. Gathering all of the necessary implements, I sat naked before my computer.

I began with the nipple clamps. They clasped the tender flesh and made me hiss in pain as I pressed “play” and began listening to the Goddess’s voice through headphones. While Her words filled my ears I started a series of images of Her scrolling on my computer screen and set a timer to go off after seven minutes.

By now my cock was very hard. I dispensed some lubricant into my hand and began stroking my cock. As I did, I repeated my mantra:

Goddess is Beauty….Goddess is Life…..Goddess is Everything,,,

Goddess is Beauty….Goddess is Life…..Goddess is Everything…

 I continued chanting and stroking, working through the pain radiating from my nipples, the pleasure building in my cock and balls, and the exquisite delight of seeing Goddess’ image and hearing Her voice. As always, Her beauty overwhelmed me. A deep groan shook my diaphragm and lent a hoarse vibrato to my mantra, as the sight of Goddess’s eyes, lips, and curves set off deep tremors of desperate need in the core of my psyche.

As the sensations of pain and pleasure built upon one-another my absorption in Her entrancement intensified. I was not merely speaking the words of the mantra, I was living the utter truth of them. I felt my mind give way, being replaced by Her will. The feeling of being absorbed and replaced by Her was sweetly terrifying, like a wild roller coaster ride. All that remained of my consciousness was love and desire for Goddess. My world was reduced to the need to touch Her, to taste Her, to serve Her, to please Her. To surrender my body as toy for Her wicked imagination.

I felt ready to explode, but I held on, fighting the urge to cum. Sweat poured down my face. Tears leaked from my eyes. My breath came in ragged gasps, pushing the words of my mantra through my lips with pious intensity:

Goddess is Beauty…Goddess is Life….Goddess is Everything

 Finally the bell on the timer rang, and I bore down hard on my cock, triggering release. Cum sprayed from my shaft like water from a fire hose. A groan escaped me loud enough to wake the neighbors. I stared into the Goddess’s luminous green eyes and quivered in ecstasy, trapped deliriously in Her spell, feeling in that moment made of pure love and joy. Love for Her. Joy to be Her slave.

I concluded the rite with a benediction:

Blessed Moon Goddess, accept my love and service, which I offer with all my heart,body, and soul.

Let us all rejoice in the Beauty and Power of Goddess Marquesa, and let us all say…