He had done it as his dare in a contest with work colleagues. He applied to Venus Vixenia “The Silken Sorceress of Submission” for a session. The application didn’t take much time or effort to fill out. He was surprised at how easy the whole process was. To prove he’d done it, he had to provide one photo for his friends of him being “Dominated”.

Outwardly he was a shallow, cynical person–a bit of a sneery type. But deep within, he craved to be controlled and nurtured. He was particularly attracted by This Lady’s statement that She loved to control Her “Subbies” using satin. “Soft and strong and Feminine” was Her banner.

“Comforting but cravingly carnal” and” Languorous yet lustful”. Whatever his face, words, or actions said, these phrases hit all the sweet spots in both his heads like Cupid’s golden arrows spiced with a mesmerizing dose of submissive surrender.

Shortly after he arrived, his Domme’s “Maid” tied his neck in a wonderfully long swatch of black, charmeuse satin. He was told to completely undress. After he obeyed, only then was he led to his Mistress’s “Dungeon”.–which was in fact a room padded completely in rich, red satin. Everything was satin. He was told to kneel on a wonderful silky mass of red satin over what was clearly a sumptuous deep pile carpet.

He waited. … Eventually, the Silken Sorceress strode regally in. Her maid bowed dutifully and then silently walked out.

He gasped at the vision of sweet, nurturing femininity and absolute control and command. His Mistress was over six feet tall. She was clad in a wonderfully reflective, figure-hugging satin corset with diamond buttons. She wore the most amazingly soft-looking, slippery, charmeuse, satin skirt that he had ever seen. It was coquettishly split at both sides to reveal Her long, firm, shapely, smooth thighs. At the top was a glittering belt with a jewelled crystal in the center.

As his appreciative eyes traveled down Her legs, they locked upon shimmering, diamond ankle bracelets and a pair of black, satin, high heeled shoes with razor sharp stiletto heels. He was particularly drawn to these sinister yet somehow soothing shoes because they looked as soft as the skirt itself.

“Now, mr. adams, you say you crave to be controlled by a Lady in satin. I never offer preferences, so you are at My mercy. Now, come closer.” She gripped his satin “Leash”. “Come closer student slaveboy”.

He felt delicious, satin opera gloves caress his neck and heard a cackle of laughter from This Goddess.

“Thats better, little one. Now I control My slaves firstly through gentleness. And for that reason, I have selected a particular brand of control for you.”

For several minutes, She said nothing more while Her pretty, penetrating eyes drank him in and sized him up. his facial expressions and body movements revealed how much Her silence and his curiosity were overwhelming him. When it seemed he was on the brink of exploding with questions, She said, “Hypnosis, My dear. HYPNOSISSSSSSSS” She breathlessly and breathily whispered in his ear.

“Now, for your hypnosisssss I am already irresistibly and irreversibly ensorcelling you using My sleeek, black, slippery, satin skirt . I am going to sensually sway it before your drowsier eyes are transfixed on it even now. And of course, without a doubt you will get sleeeepy and fulfill your overpowering need to relax and obey Me. you will also be mesmerized by My magical, glittering belt and especially the softly sparkling emerald green jewel in the center of it. My sleeeeeeepy slave is sooooooo soothingly spellbound to Me.”

“Whilst I luuuulllll you deeper and deeper into deepening depthless hypnotic sleeeeep, you will always be on your knees and watch Me as I tower above you.”

He thought “This is so easy to do. I’ll just watch her skirt and pretend to do her bidding. And the dare prize will be mine because those others won’t do half of what they said. Come on, a silky skirt ain’t going to put me to sleeep.”

It was a bit peculiar that in his musings he had just emphasized and elongated the word sleep in the same way he’d heard Her focus his attention on it by saying “sleeeeeeep” that way.

At least this was his conscious thought. In his subconscious, a deep craving fought its way to the surface.

She held him under his chin and whispered.

“Look up, My drowsy dear. Look up at the swaying, undulating silky satin as it softly sways soothingly before your enticed, enchanted, tiring eyes looking sleepier and sleepier. Look up further to the soporifically ensorcelling emerald crystal, My angel is at rest. As it all and also and always glitters and tantalizes and drowsily draws your eyes towards and into My stern but gently dominating eyes. And the flower of My femininity sitting and waiting behind that veil of sumptuous, silken satin, My sleepier, dreamy, little angel of rest. As it sways and sways you back and forth, rocking My little slaveboy to sleeep!! Restfully rrocking My little slaveboy to sleeeep!! Soothingly, sweetly, softly, and certainly rocking My tiring, oh so tired little slave to deeeeeep hypnotic sleeeep!!! Look at the skirt. Worship My skirt. Feel your tired head drawn to the satin skirt, My darling looks so sleeeeeeepy now. Surrender, submit, succumb to the witching hour of midnight black, slumber-inducing icon of womanhood. Feeling, getting so very! very!! tired, My darling. Very sleepy , very sleeeeepy.”

As She rocked his head back and forth, he felt his eyes drift. But he just didn’t care any longer. he was loving it and succumbing to it. his head kept lolling against Her silky skirt.

“As you feel sleeepy you also feel aroused, My angel. Now, rest your sleeepy head and be more aroused than ever.”

He tried to settle his head on the sleek material. But his Goddess stepped back and his head hit the red, satin carpet.

“Not yet, My deliciously drowsier darling is feeling so much sleepier. Show your devotion to Diva. Crawl to the skirt, My darling. Crawl to My blaaaaaack, sssatin skirt and you can sleeep and cum, My little one.”

With his eyes half-closed, he crawled towards the swaying, silken garment. Again he tried to nestle. And again She stepped sharply away. And his head again hit the silken carpet.

“Not nearly!! enough. My dear, you must completely prove yourself to Me again . Only then you will sleep on My satin skirt. Only then you will be My slave. And only then you will experience silken, satin pleasure and release.”

he crawled again to Her skirt. Despite his plan, he was really nearly fast asleep. Again his tantalizing, treasured rest was denied.

“Still not enough. Prove yourself My worthy satinslaveboy. Come crawl again and worship the skirrrrt. My blackkkkkkk, ssssatinnn skirttttttt.”

Again he crawled to the swaying garment of silken dreams. his arms felt so tired. But he had to get there and do Her bidding.

Finally he did as She commanded. he fell with joy against his wonderful Mistress’s satin thighs. Her satin gloves lovingly caressed his neck.

“Thats it, My good, little boy. Now, relax, rest, and sleeeeeeeeep! sleeeeeeeeeep!! sleeeeeee-eeeeeeee-eeeep!!!“`”

As his head slid down, She sat on a silken couch. after admiring Her hypnotizing handiwork’s mesmerizingly mellifluous masteries of his mindlessness, effortlessly She rolled him onto his back. his manhood was harder than granite, growing longer than the Nile, and getting larger than the Amazon. Slowly She salaciously massaged his cock up and down using Her satin high heeled shoes. Soon he released and sank to the floor as she stood triumphantly above him.

“Now you realize and feel you are already and always Mine. My dear, whenever you see Me in My black, satin skirt, you will remember your sweet sleeep and release your will to Me. There’s no need to tell your friends about any of this. I made them all My eagerly willing slaves a long time ago. Fortunately, they recommended you to Me. I was very interested, intrigued, and aroused by you little man. I will blow away that cynicism. I will make you a kind, sensitive, yet manly man boy, My pet. For I am your SATINATRIX!”


The Satinatrix knew a good subbie MUST BE PROPERLY TRAINED.
As your good luck would have it, here are some AUDIOS well-built to train you as I see fit:

KISS OF THE KEYHOLDER – Your New Life Begins