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Goddess Marquesa



A Goddess Marquesa Birthday Adventure



            “Professor, do you ever accept invitations to go out on the town from students?” Brad asked.

I was not surprised by this overture. After all, I am in my late twenties, single, and very attractive: a tall, curvaceous brunette with a fit body, luminous hazel-brown eyes, full lips, and high cheekbones. I get a lot of inappropriately bold attention from my cockier male students, many of whom aren’t that much younger than me.

Despite myself I was a bit flustered. I am rarely so tempted by such propositions. But Brad is also tall and athletically built. Under his school clothes I could see wiry muscles filling out his well-proportioned frame. Piercing blue eyes gazed out from carefully mussed chestnut-blond bangs. More than all of that, he bears an uncanny resemblance to a boy I had a crush on in middle school.

“As a rule, no,” I said, forcing myself to sound stern and dismissive. “Besides, you have a big test coming up on ‘50s pop media.” I teach Communications at West Florida State College, and had just finished a lecture on the appropriation of tropes from mythology and folklore in early Disney films. Brad had approached the podium as the other students were filing out, appearing to anyone who was watching like he was asking a question about class-related matters.

Brad flashed what he obviously knew was a heartbreaking smile. “Well….if you change your mind…I’ll be at a bar called Club Krystal tonight at about ten. I don’t want to be out too late….big test coming up.”

That night I tried to focus on grading and on writing a paper I will be presenting at a conference in Arizona next month, but I was too distracted. Brad’s eyes kept invading my mind, teasing me with that irresistible combination of self-assured arrogance and naïve innocence only college boys can project. At 10:30 I gave up focusing on work, put on my sexiest black silk blouse, and headed out the door.

Club Krystal was a hipper venue than I expected. A live band on a small stage played a kind of edgy jazz fusion that was intriguing but not intrusive. The décor was understated and the lighting muted. The whole place had the feeling of a throwback beatnik watering hole. The crowd reflected the ambience: a diverse mix of young bohemians, suburban interlopers, intellectuals, and colorful locals. The age and ethnic makeup of the clientele ran the full spectrum of the rainbow.

I saw Brad seated at a bend in the bar right away. He was facing away from the entrance to the club, and seemed to be talking to someone catty-corner to him, but his back blocked my view of his conversation partner. I lingered by the door, sure that he would look up and notice me momentarily.

Two minutes passed, then five. Brad’s attention remained focused in the opposite direction; I saw nothing but the rear of his muscle-bound torso. I began to feel foolish and contemplated going back home. Finally, I decided to plunge ahead, and approached the bar.

I stepped up and gave my order to the bartender in a loud voice, hoping to attract Brad’s notice. As I did I could not help glancing at the woman who held all of Brad’s focus. She was an attractive blond with a stunning figure and striking green eyes, but much older than me, much less Brad. She was sipping a cocktail and listening half-attentively to Brad’s patter, a subtle smile on her face suggesting nothing as much as the cat getting ready to snack on the canary.

The bartender handed me a cold beer. I drank a swallow, trying to appear nonchalant, unsure of how to proceed. Brad’s back stared at me, mute and unmoving. Finally I decided that having stepped into the Rubicon I could not stop for fear of drowning. I placed a hand on Brad’s shoulder and leaned in so that my lips were near his ear.

“I broke my rule,” I said, loud enough to be heard over the music.

Brad turned with an annoyed expression, clearly unhappy to have his attention drawn away from the blond woman. At first he didn’t seem to recognize me. After a few moments a look of realization dawned.

“Oh….oh! Professor! I’ve been here a while. I was sure you weren’t coming,” Brad said, his words edged with nervous laughter.

“Well….” I replied, trying to flash my most enticing smile, “like I just said…for you I broke my own rule.”

“Wow….uh….” Brad stammered, seeming at a loss for words. Finally, he gestured to the blond woman by whom he had been so absorbed, and offered an introduction. “Professor, this is Goddess Marquesa.”

“Goddess?” I repeated, making no effort to mask my tone of passive aggression. “That is an interesting name.”

“I know,” the woman replied, requiting my sarcasm with an air of icy indifference, her voice as richly textured as the jazz music pouring off the stage, “I gave it to Myself for just that reason.”

“Do you come here often?” I asked, trying to appear unfazed.

“This club is rather new.” Goddess Marquesa replied. “One of my admirers, Rodrigo, owns it. He named it after Me.”

“You have a lot of names,” I observed, my rising pique obvious in my voice.

“Yes,” she agreed. “Someone as complicated as I am needs many names.” Her smile suggested that she knew she had rattled me, which made me even more irritated at her.

“You think quite a lot of yourself,” I sniped.

“No more than Brad thinks of Me, isn’t that right pet?” she asked.

Brad gushed. His cheeks actually turned bright red. “Oh, yeah!” he enthused. “Why you’re just…just….”

“Don’t strain yourself, pet,” the Goddess cooed. “Save some of that nervous puppy energy for later.”

“Later?” I asked.

“Yes…” the Goddess affirmed, assessing Brad’s frame with a proprietary gaze. “I’m going to take Brad home, hypnotize him, and then play with him a while.”

“Be careful…” Brad teased with a smile. “I made varsity this year. There aren’t many games I can’t win!’

Goddess Marquesa laughed. “You won’t win these games pet. When I’m finished working on you, you won’t be My opponent, you’ll be My toy.”

Brad’s mouth hung open in response. His unguarded face showed a mixture of temptation and fear. I laid a hand on his shoulder.

“C’mon…” I urged, pulling gently in the direction of the stage, where a few couples were clinging to one-another and swaying in time to the music. “Let’s dance.”

Brad answered me, but his gaze remained trapped by the emerald eyes of Goddess Marquesa as he spoke. “Um…sorry, professor. I think….I think I have to….”

“Brad has other plans, sweetie,” the Goddess finished the young man’s thought for him. “Go back to campus. I won’t send him back to class much the worse for wear.”

“Wait a minute,” I protested. “You can’t…”

“Oh but I can, and I will,” Goddess Marquesa declared.

“Brad has a crush on me,” I whined. “You can’t have changed his mind so fast.”

“Changed it, yes,” the Goddess insisted, “I am the Goddess Marquesa de Sade. When a man has spent a few minutes with Me other, lesser women leave his mind. When I’ve had a chance to put him in trance I will empty his mind some more and fill it with whatever I like.”

This was the final straw. I dropped all pretense of civility. If I hadn’t been holding a beer I think I might have actually slapped or pushed the woman who had aroused my anger. “What a load of crap!” I spat, my voice almost a shout. “This psycho-babble might work on college boys, but spare me your act.”

Goddess Marquesa did not register any awareness of my obvious rage. She took a last sip from her drink and rose from her bar stool. As she did, and without being told to, Brad rose too, making a point of leaving money on the bar to cover both his and the Goddess’s tab. “I assure you, it is no act,” Goddess Marquesa said, her tone making clear that her reply was more than I deserved. “Brad will be better for what I do to him, and you would be too, sweetling. You are wound up very tight, and if you are letting your students lure you to bars you obviously have some issues. I know you are feeling put out, but if you have a change of heart and would consider hypnosis as therapy, look Me up.”

She took a card from her purse and laid it on the bar. It was a rectangle of eggshell-colored cardstock with the words Emerald Eyes Enterprises- Erotic Hypnosis= Hypnotherapy inscribed on it in green lettering. Below the legend was a phone number and address.

“Come, pet,” the Goddess commanded with a snap of her fingers, and headed toward the door of the bar. Without a glance back at me, Brad followed her, looking for all the world like a dog trained by its master to heel. I ripped up the card and threw it to the floor as they left.

Rage kept me awake all that night and much of the next. I was a wreck when it came time to teach my next class, running on caffeine and jealousy. Brad avoided my gaze during lecture. I tried to pretend that nothing was wrong, but the class must have thought I had developed a sudden drug problem. I was distracted and incoherent, it took all of my efforts to get to the end of the class period without making a fool of myself.

I followed Brad as he left the classroom, obsession overruling common sense, propriety, and professional ethics. At first I was simply yielding to a vague impulse to shadow him, perhaps find a moment alone to talk. But it quickly became apparent that he was headed off campus, and a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach told me where he must be going. I kept out of his sightline as we boarded a bus downtown, and watched amazed as he entered a condominium complex where I knew she must live.

I tailed him to her door without his realizing. She answered his knock wearing sexy lingerie at 3 in the afternoon- a shiny lace bra and panties with sheer black stockings held up by frilly black garters. Her long legs were accentuated by shiny red patent-leather stilettos. Her only other articles of clothing were a glass of ice tea and a gauzy see-through floral print negligee, worn open at the front to expose her exquisite cleavage. Even from a distance I could see Brad quivering with excitement as he crossed her threshold and the door closed behind him.

I sat down on a bench about fifty yards from her door and waited, fuming. Part of me could see how ridiculous the scene was. If I confronted Brad, what would I say? What would I do? But my rational mind was not in charge. I was consumed by the childish impulse to claim what I felt entitled to. Brad had fallen under my spell, this bitch was not going to take him away from me!

I sat for one hour, then two. Frustration and anger turned to wonder. I remember afternoon trysts with college boys from my undergrad days. They rarely lasted more than  thirty minutes. What kind of charm could this Goddess Marquesa possess to hold Brad’s attention for so long?

I got up from the bench and headed back toward the bus stop, resigned to defeat. But a surge of passion halted me in my tracks. Whatever demon had driven me this far would not let me stop now.

Doubling back, I strode up to Goddess Marquesa’s door and pounded on it with angry fists, heedless to the recklessness of my actions. I half expected a security guard or police officer to come drag me away, but I didn’t care. To my surprise, a voice from inside called, “Come in!”

I walked in through the unlocked door. The interior of the condo was well-lit and tastefully decorated. Intriguing art glass and decorative crystal added color to the space.

As I entered through the foyer into a common area, I could hear soft moans and low grunts. The scene I finally intruded upon disoriented me. Brad was naked, strapped face-down to a metal-frame cot, his hands and feet shackled. There were thin welts all over his ass and back, a discarded riding crop lay on the floor next to his right leg.

Goddess Marquesa was stretched out on a short divan that had been brought flush with the cot. Her legs were resting on Brad’s back, his head was between her thighs. Her shoulders were arched over the backrest of the divan, her breasts were thrust skyward. Her eyes were closed as she moaned in pleasure. Brad’s head bobbed up and down as he lapped greedily at the Goddess’s pussy.

“Wha…What?!” I blurted, rendered incoherent by shock.

Goddess Marquesa raised her hand palm outwards, commanding silence. I could not help but obey as her moans turned to screams of climax. As her orgasm peaked she grabbed a clump of Brad’s hair with her free hand and pressed his face downward, thrusting her pelvis forward to meet his eager mouth. When her pleasure subsided she relaxed into a loose sitting posture. Finally her eyes open and she turned to see who had walked in upon her exercise.

“Oh, it’s you,” the Goddess observed. “Does Brad owe you some homework? He just earned an A+ from Me.”

I was embarrassed and angry all at once. “Why did you let me in?!” I shouted. “What if I had been the postman?”

“The postman always rings twice, dearie,” the Goddess quipped. “Besides, he was chained in the same position as Brad a few days ago.”

Goddess Marquesa swung her legs off of the cot and rose from the divan, seemingly completely unflustered by her recent exertions or my intrusion on her privacy. Her movement aroused Brad. He lifted his head sleepily from the cot and grunted, “Huh? Wha?” His eyes had a dreamy, far-away look, as if he were sleepwalking.

“Your teacher has taken an interest in your extracurricular activities, pet,” the Goddess said. “The grownups have to talk. You’ve been a good boy. Sleep for Goddess now.”

At this command Brad’s head collapsed back to the cot. His eyes closed, his breathing became slow and even.

“What if I had been some random stranger?” I fumed. “How can you…what kind of….?”

The Goddess stepped forward so that she was inches from my face. “I am the Goddess Marquesa and this is My home. I could give a fuck about what anyone else thinks about what I do here.”

I had never hated someone so much in my life as I hated her at that moment. “You’re sick!” I screamed. “And you’ve done something to Brad. Drugged him, or…or…”

Goddess Marquesa smiled. “I did exactly what I told you both that I would do. I hypnotized him and turned him into My pleasure puppet. Only after he begged Me on his hands and knees, that is…”

“I won’t let this happen!” I shouted. “This is wrong. I can’t…I won’t…”

“Oh, Professor,” the Goddess sighed, her smile growing wider. “Haven’t you read your Shakespeare? Don’t you know the danger of the green-eyed monster of jealousy?”

My anger rose even higher. “JEALOUSY?” I exploded. “What makes you think I would EVER be jealous of you?”

The Goddess burst out laughing. Not a short casual chuckle, but a deep sustained guffaw. When her mirth finally ebbed, she explained, “You’re not jealous of Me!…You’re jealous of Brad!”

The words hit me like lightning. I don’t remember if I moved toward her or she toward me. But all at once, I was kissing her. As if by magic or alchemy, my anger transmuted instantly to desire. All of the passionate intensity of what I had been feeling remained, but instead of hating her, I wanted her desperately. I realized in amazement that I had wanted her all along, since I had first seen her at the bar in Club Krystal.

I lost all control, I surrendered completely to her touch. With shocking strength and agile speed (and my eager assistance) she peeled off my clothes and threw me down so that I lay naked on top of Brad’s sleeping form. I gasped as her mouth closed over my left nipple and her hand probed my pussy. The warm slickness that met her expert fingers showed that I had been wet for her since I first entered her abode, maybe even earlier.

With Brad as our mattress we fucked. I begged for her kiss and she covered my mouth with hers. The taste of her was overwhelming. As I felt the sweet air of her breath fill my lungs, I came. It was an orgasm like nothing life had ever prepared me for.

Her strong arms had been holding me balanced on Brad’s back. As my climactic trembling subsided she released me, and I slid gently, my glide path smoothed by mingled sweat, off of the cot and onto the carpet of the Goddess’s living room. She sat up, perched on Brad’s ass, as I emitted soft moans of stunned satisfaction and curled into the fetal position at her feet.

“Well, that was fun,” the Goddess declared. “But the day is wasting away. I will have to be about some errands.”

“No,” I pleaded. “I still need you. Please…let me make you feel good….” To underscore my point I raised my head and took her big toe into my mouth, sucking wetly.

“That’s sweet of you, pet,” she replied, “but Brad has satisfied me nicely. I will have to take a rain check.”

“Pleeease,” I begged. The depth of my need surprised me. Even more surprising was how good it felt to abase myself to this magnificent Woman. “I need you inside me. Do to me what you did to Brad. Make me your puppet…please….pleeeease…”

“Oh, all right,” she conceded. “Listen to My voice, sweetling. You feel yourself becoming very relaxed…so sleepy….so tired….your eyes are getting heavier…”

The world melted away, leaving only Goddess. I could feel her running through my veins and seeping into my every pore. I gave myself to her completely. The climax she had brought me to was earth-shattering but this trance was….ecstasy.

I don’t remember how I got home that day. My next clear memory is of searching the internet at my home desk, hungry for her image and her voice. Soon I had many hours of her trance audios loaded onto my iPod, so that I could have her murmuring in my ear constantly.

My life has not been the same since. I was like a zombie who had been brought back from the dead, a patient at death’s door who has been given a miracle cure. Everything about my daily existence became sharper, more vibrant. My students noticed the change. I had never seen them so animated in class, or so focused on their work.

At the center of it all was Goddess. I have always been bi, but I have never felt as passionately about anyone, man or woman, as I do about her. She doesn’t just make me and everyone else around her come alive, she seems to make the entire world she moves through shimmer with magic and possibility. To say I love her would be an understatement. I worship her with every fiber of my being.

I had only one complaint, and I voiced it to her early on.

“You knew it was me at the door,” I whispered, clinging to her in bed after a heated bout of wild sex, about two weeks after I first became hers.

“Well…I had a notion you would show up eventually,” she admitted. “Like you I am a scholar, but of desire. It is one of the reasons you find Me irresistible. One of many…”

“I can’t get enough of you,” I moaned. “When I’m not near you I feel like I am starving. Listening to your recorded trances helps for a while, but I only come out of trance needing you even more.”

“That’s quite natural,” she sighed. “Imagine the poor souls who can only worship Me from hundreds or thousands of miles away. I would be sorry for them if I didn’t know how good suffering for Me was for them.”

“I feel my love for you like a constant pressure fighting to burst out,” I said. “At times it takes all my self control to keep from shouting how much I love you at the top of my lungs for everyone to hear.”

“Don’t hold back on My account, pet,” she quipped.

“You are so wonderful….so amazing,” I moaned. “I don’t understand why there aren’t constant riots in the streets from the throngs who adore you.”

“I would be a lazy or incompetent sort of Hypnodomme to let My Realm become so untidy,” she said.

A realization hit me. “I need to make myself more useful to you,” I declared.

“You already do good work for Me, pet,” the Goddess replied. “Grocery shopping. Dry cleaning runs. If I was dissatisfied with My puppet, you would know.”

“I need to do more,” I explained. “I can be of more use to your core work. I see how hard you labor as a hypnotist. Let me take some of that burden off you. Teach me how to do hypnosis.”

She turned in bed to see my face. “Hmmm….” she intoned, studying my expression. “It’s an interesting idea. I will give it some thought.”

My lessons began a few days later. The Goddess started with the absolute basics, drilling me in the fundamental principles of consciousness, relaxation technique, and verbal induction. But my training proceeded quickly. In part this was because of my motivation. I could not help but give Goddess Marquesa my complete attention. I literally hung on her every word. But my progress was even more the product of the Goddess’s gifts as an instructor. I have been an educator or training to be one most of my life, but I have never encountered a professor who taught as lucidly and effectively as Goddess Marquesa.

After two weeks of training the Goddess gave me my first assignment. I began work at her vanilla hypnotherapy clinic, doing initial screening interviews and light relaxation trances to diminish stress and improve mood. I was thrilled to be serving her, but I chafed to do more.

“I want to help expand your empire,” I protested, one night while I stood at her stove, cooking her dinner. “I can help lure in prospective slaves and put them under your control.”

“Erotic hypnotism is as much art as science, pet,” the Goddess explained. “You need more time to develop your skills and become acclimated to your power. Trust Goddess. Goddess knows all and directs all.”

On the surface I listened obediently, but in my mind plans hatched. The spring term had ended, but on June 30, the day before Goddess’s birthday, I had a speaking gig that would put me in front of a large audience. A new art house cinema was starting up downtown, and was celebrating its grand opening by doing a series of special screenings accompanied by lectures and Q & A sessions given by local experts. I had been invited to speak at the screening of a newly re-mastered print of Disney’s Fantasia.

As I walked out on stage I was thrilled by the scene. About five-hundred people were in attendance, and the diverse crowd included an array of types that I sensed would please Goddess. With a gesture I directed the projectionist to load my multimedia presentation into the digital projector.

“Listen to my voice,” I intoned into the microphone, pitching my tone as Goddess had taught me, while a hypnotic spiral began to play on the screen behind me. “You are feeling very relaxed…very sleepy…”

Once I had led the audience into hypnotic sleep, an image of Goddess Marquesa appeared on screen. Different visions of her alternated as I spoke, exposing the viewers to the many dimensions of Goddess’s irresistible sexiness and overpowering charm.

“This is the Goddess Marquesa de Sade,” I said. “She is very beautiful, yes? You find her utterly enchanting. You can’t take your eyes off of her. You loooove her……”

I left the theater that night very pleased with myself. The trance had worked beautifully. A horde of new worshipers was ready to surprise the Goddess on her birthday.

The night of July 1 came, and the Goddess accepted my invitation to celebrate her birthday. “Where are we going?” she asked as I whispered our destination to our cabbie.

“That would spoil the surprise,” I objected. “You won’t let me blindfold you, but I insist that our destination remain secret just a little longer.”

As the cab pulled up in front of Club Krystal, it was I who was surprised. Several dozen people were clustered in the street, grappling and fighting with one another, seemingly at random. One of the club’s windows was broken. Through the hole in the glass one could see that the chaos on the street was an extension of the mayhem inside the club. I rolled down my window, and as I did I could hear shouts from the mob.

“I love Goddess Marquesa the most!” came one man’s cry.

“The hell you do! I love her more!” boomed an answer, followed by the “thwack!” of a fist meeting flesh.

As I gaped at the scene, Rodrigo, the owner of Club Krystal ran up to Goddess Marquesa’s passenger side door. As she opened to the door to address him, he fell to his knees.

“Please Goddess, you can’t stay here, it’s not safe.” Rodrigo begged. “I don’t know where this crowd came from, but they are madly in love with you. When they began arriving an hour ago and you were not here, they began to destroy the club, then they turned on one-another. I haven’t called the police because I know they are your slaves. But I am afraid of what will happen once they know you have arrived!”

Goddess Marquesa turned to me. “What have you done?” she asked. I knew she had guessed the truth.

“I hypnotized the crowd at the cinema opening last night,” I confessed. “I told them to come here tonight and demonstrate their love for you. I didn’t know this would happen…”

“Didn’t you?” the Goddess asked, her tone gentle but chiding. “After what you told me about what loving Me feels like?”

“I can fix this!” I cried, throwing open my door and running toward the club, heedless of the Goddess’s call to wait.

I shouldered my way through the mass of wrangling bodies, pushing heavy men aside with ruthless energy. My object was the stage, and when I got there I was relieved to find that the microphone had power.

“Listen to my voice…” I broadcast. “Goddess Marquesa has sent me to prepare you. You feel yourselves becoming calm…”

“You have seen the Goddess?” one burly man shouted. “Where is she?”

“You can’t keep her to yourself!” a woman screamed. “You’re not the only one who loves her!”

I tried to continue my induction, but hands reached up and pulled me down from the stage. Before I knew what was happening I was trapped in a scrum of mad zombies, passed from hand to hand as otherwise normal men and woman howled at me to let them see their Goddess. I was squeezed, slapped, and shaken. Spit rained on me from foam-flecked mouths. I went limp and gave myself up to be beaten or trampled, consoled by the thought that I would die having tried to serve Goddess Marquesa.

“This is Goddess Marquesa…” resonated a voice throughout the club and out onto the street. “You all love Me. You must all listen to Me….”

The crowd froze. The men jostling me released me and stood still, attentive.

“Everyone on your knees.”

In unison the crowd fell to its knees, as if called to prayer. Goddess Marquesa entered the club, followed by Rodrigo. In her right hand was her smart phone, held up to her mouth like a microphone.

“Stay on your knees,” the Goddess commanded. She spoke into her phone, but her voice was broadcast wirelessly on the speaker system throughout and in front of the club. “I will take my throne at the front of the club and call you up by rows. When I do you will have a chance to wish Me happy birthday.”

The Goddess came up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Are you all right?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “Thanks to you.”

“It is a good thing Rodrigo’s wireless sound system can be accessed through a smartphone app. I told you, pet,” she scolded. “Erotic hypnosis is more art than science. Watch and learn.”

“I’m so sorry,” I said.

“And you will be punished,” Goddess affirmed with a wink of her eye. “But right now it’s time to celebrate my birthday. And put Rodrigo’s club back in shape.”

Rodrigo and I placed a plush chair on stage in which the Goddess sat, and she deputized us to call up worshipers in an orderly fashion to express their love and wish her a happy birthday. As they came on stage the Goddess allowed them to kiss her feet and place whatever cash they were carrying in a jar, for the purpose of repairing Club Krystal.

That night the Goddess corrected me with her riding crop. As she beat me I was sorry for my mistake, but deeply grateful for her power. With each blow I could feel my love for her grow, and as I kissed her feet after the last lash, it was with total sincerity and intense passion that I gasped, “Thank you Goddess and please…..let me be Yours forever. I wish with all my heart that despite my stupidity You had a Happy Birthday!”

As She drew me to my feet and tasted my mouth, I dared to hope that my wish for Her had come true.



The End