Slave paul was nervous as he approached Mistress Marquesa’s posh home, knowing he was now about to realize a fantasy under the complete hypnotic control of his powerful Mistress. For it had only been a few days since Mistress Marquesa had forced Her submissive slave into agreeing to provide erotic entertainment for the Mistress and some of Her select female submissive and dominant subjects during their weekly get-togethers for socializing and partying and relaxing fun. A sort of routine gathering to reinforce Her subject’s loyally and inescapable bond to their Queen Goddess if you will.

paul had readily agreed to become the subject of humiliation and degradation on this occasion, providing the Mistress with another entertaining and thoroughly convincing example of Her ability to control and dominate Her subjects, and to force Her powerful will upon anyone at anytime. It was simply a matter of course for paul to submit to this humiliating event, for Marquesa knew full well Her slave’s weakness for wrestling and humiliation.

On this occasion slave paul would be Marquesa’s subject, totally and completely, bending to Her will and following Her commands. It would be exhausting and thoroughly degrading and humiliating, the price to pay for devotion and love to one’s Mistress and Goddess. Marquesa would give no quarter on this evening, She would extract total and complete submission from slave paul, and demonstrate to all present Her unparalleled ability to exact suffering and true devotion from Her willing subjects.

Just a few days earlier, paul had consented under deep hypnosis induced by the Marquesa, to wrestle a very experienced and strong bodybuilder-wrestler in front of an audience composed of the Mistresses’ favorite female friends and subjects, and there would be about 15 to 20 in attendance this evening. Under hypnosis paul had agreed to sign a contract committing himself to the event and he knew the consequences of not appearing would be grave indeed. An attorney friend of the Marquesas had drawn up the contract and it would be impossible now to withdraw from the event for any reason, without paying a severe penalty both monetarily and emotionally. For a large sum of money had been placed in escrow to ensure the event would unfold without a hitch, and also paul had agreed to further humiliating subjugation to the Marquesa and Her female attorney associate should he not follow through.

The arena was set up in Marquesa’s expansive home. A large wrestling mat was surrounded by numerous tables and chairs, with the female guests all dressed sexily and smartly for the evening’s activities. Prior to the event paul had agreed to arrive early for preparation by some of the Mistresses’ slaves, consisting of a thorough body shave, bath, skin moisturizing and light oiling, and the weigh in and the provision of the wrestling thong and robe cover up. paul’s thong was very brief, only a thin satin white see-through pouch and string barely contained his male anatomy. his excitement grew all the while, straining the pouch and wetting it lightly with both perspiration and precum as he anticipated the match to come. the call came to enter the living room arena, and the white satin robe was quickly placed over paul’s shoulders as well as some slip-ons for the feet, and the procession to the mat began. paul was escorted by 2 of the Marquesa’s trusted female submissives.

Upon entering the arena applause and excited anticipatory conversation and exclamations could be heard. paul was escorted to one corner of the mat, where his sandals and robe were removed by the attendants. his hardness was readily apparent as the crowd began to notice and realize this was an event that would be both entertaining and erotically arousing. Minutes later paul’s opponent was revealed. A very strong, fit and muscular male wrestler and bodybuilder was escorted by 1 valet, a dominant female dressed in leather halter and shorts, a bodybuilder and wrestler herself. The male wrestler was dressed in black wrestling briefs, tight and fully revealing his magnificent physique, he outweighed slave paul 220lbs to 170lbs. paul was toned and fit but obviously no match physically for this magnificent wrestler-bodybuilder. The mismatch was obvious and Marquesa walked to the center of the mat with a devious grin and glanced at paul with a wicked look. She announced that both wrestlers had been hypnotized and were about to follow Her commands, and She expected nothing less than absolute obedience from the two contestants before Her. For this was a gift to Her female submissive and dominant subjects and no deviation the commands given would be tolerated this evening.

Both wrestlers were further induced and given further inescapable suggestions and commands just prior to the match, for all to see and hear. They each nodded their heads and looked intently into the Marquesa’s eyes as She solidified her hold on them and ensured the evening would go as planned.

The match was a long and thoroughly entertaining one, multiple excruciating submissions were extracted by the powerfully-physiqued athlete, who had been a champion college wrestler and was thoroughly versed in the sport. paul would experience multiple painful scissors both to the body and head, figure 4 head scissors, camel clutches, Boston crabs, bow and arrows, sleeper holds, and many other variations, all designed to weaken and humiliate him. The Mistress and Her audience would be completely entertained by this one sided affair. paul’s hardness would become his demise in the end, as his arousal and exhaustion were on full display and his weakness fully exploited by his more physical opponent and the Marquesa. Ultimately after many exhausting falls ending in harsh submission, paul was obviously very weary and glassy eyed. he was perspiring profusely and his thong now clung tightly to his manhood, fully exposed thru thin pouch of satin which was now soaked thoroughly.

It was now announced by the Marquesa that the match would now end if paul were to be brought to climax following the induction of a deep sleep from a sleeper hold applied by his obviously superior opponent. The audience gleefully applauded the new decree, and the powerful wrestler smiled at the chance for true domination. The Marquesa winked at him to fully take advantage of the situation at hand. paul could only acquiesce

The final fall was intense, with multiple showy and athletic holds and moves exhibited by the former college stand-out, forcing paul into excruciating and exposing positions, such as split leg cradle holds, causing his rock hard cock and balls to strain the thin thong pouch. The bodybuilder would only laugh and verbally taunt paul throughout these holds, and often grabbing the pouch and removing it to the side, fully exposing slave paul’s penis for all to see. Manual manipulation and massaging of paul’s cock and balls was also utilized to further enhance the humiliation and paralyzing arousal effect of each of these holds. The end was just a matter of course, with a very effective and powerful sleeper hold applied expertly by the college wrestler-bodybuilder, sitting right behind paul on the mat and wrapping his legs in a tight combination body scissors for added torture. paul could only helplessly place his trembling and weak hands innocently on his tormenter’s strong and massive glistening thighs , as the pressure from the scissors and the sleeper slowly intensified. The lights now became dim, the Marquesa approached and in deep low voice asked for paul’s resignation and submission to Her and the college muscle boy. paul wept tears of anguish, pleading for mercy from the Marquesa and his tormenting opponent. No quarter would be given however. Marquesa instructed Her wrestler-bodybuilder to continue the onslaught, slowly, inexorably resulting in paul’s loss of consciousness and collapse in the former wrestler’s arms. Marquesa slowly lifted paul’s hand from his thighs three times and released the hand, only to have them drop back to his thighs in confirmation that the sleeper hold had resulted in total unconsciousness.

paul was subsequently relieved of his thong by the bodybuilder, as per the instructions of the Marquesa. Marquesa now further heightened paul’s arousal by deeper hypnotic trance-inducing commands and verbal stimulation, all the while coaxing the victorious wrestler to begin erotic masturbation of his victim. The subsequent sequence would last a full hour, taking slave paul to full arousal numerous times, and then backing away, creating an intense dance of drama and passion that all would thoroughly and completely be entertained by. The hold was similar to the sleeper-scissors combo but now the victor utilized one hand to fully and expertly work over paul’s sensitive groin area, both shaft and testicles now at peak hardness at tautness. The two bodies were entwined, perspiration freely flowing from one to the other, the victors nipples piercing paul’s back, his thighs still punishing paul’s midsection. paul could again only helplessly place his hands on the squeezing and muscular thighs now imprisoning him. paul could now only submissively and ineffectually squirm and writhe his feet, legs, and arms in the brutal and exposing and completely humiliating hold. the end came quickly and inevitable upon Marquesa’s command. a large and copious amount of sperm would eject from paul’s penis, literally exploding and covering his face, chest and abdomen, directed expertly by the cruel and vicious victorious wrestler and at Marquesa’s direction.

Marquesa forced paul to lick all the semen completely from the victor’s feet after the victor further humiliated paul by smearing his feet on paul’s supine and exhausted body. Next came an unexpected announcement. Marquesa would require that this match be a permanent form of monthly entertainment. paul had signed a contract agreeing to this, unwittingly. The female attorney was in attendance and confirmed the clause. In addition paul would now be required to serve Mistress and the wrestler-bodybuilder for the rest of the evening’s duration. For all to enjoy and experience fully and completely. All in attendance were invited to offer suggestions for further humiliation and by evenings end all fantasies and possibilities were fully explored and realized. The subjugation and submission of paul was now complete and unquestionable. Marquesa had extracted full and undeniable surrender from paul for all to witness and for all to know Her power and authority are boundless.

to be continued…