The Monday night following paul’s humiliating and degrading weekend under Goddess Marquesa’s  carefully planned and deviously devised hypnotic session in front of an audience of  Her close friends and clientele and featuring her very muscular and athletic wrestling/bodybuilding acquantainces , one male and one female,   paul was reluctant to answer the phone answering machine which  revealed that Marquesa was following up sooner than he could have imagined.   For  paul was still very fatigued and exhausted from the weekend of combined anguish,  and yet thrilling and exciting fantasy fulfillment beyond anything he could have imagined.   But the reluctance quickly gave way to the, by now,   deeply ingrained submission and resignation and paul almost automatically and reflexively ran to grab the receiver.   Marquesa’s voice was all too familiar, a slight lustful rasp, and mixed with a deep and luscious resonance that paul was now conditioned to respond to without hesitation and with a deep sense of reverence and desire to obey and submit to.


Maquesa , knowing Her subject was now weakened to a state beyond resistance,  was determined to press the matter of paul’s submission to even greater depths and which would serve to satisfy  not only Her own profoundly complex and developed sexual appetite but also that of Her slave paul and also those of her associates who had now been recruited to assist in the lifestyle changes that would be encouraged and cultivated relentlessly from this point forward.  So the Monday night phone call was merely business as usual and expected for the Marquesa, and paul should have known  that such prompt and nearly immediate followup after the grueling weekend to be imminent.


Marquesa began by asking paul if he was expecting the call as he should?  The  response from paul was merely a ‘yes mistress’ , now realizing that the Marquesa required displays of obedience with verbal economy  and with obligatory acknowledgement of the dominant/submissive hierarchy which had been carefully conditioned.   Marquesa was calling with a command that would need to be obeyed and paul knew that inside,  at once both fearing what would be forthcoming yet at the same time a feeling of deep arousal beckoned paul to anxiously wait for what he was about to hear:   “Slave, I want you to meet me at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in an hour,  I will be there and you need to be prompt and meet me in the parking lot,  we need to discuss some things and get going with your training schedule and workouts, I will explain everything, just be there and do not disappoint me by being late”.  Dial tone.    The Marquesa was not going to waste her time or words on the phone, not with a slave, not with THIS slave,  not with a slut-slave who was only worthy of humiliation and mind-body enslavement.  No, any time spent on the phone was not nearly enough at this point……now was the time for in person strict conditioning and guidance and training in order to cement all the effects laid down systematically to date.


Paul hurriedly prepared himself in the manner he had come to grow accustomed,  ensuring his skin was completely smooth over the entirety of his body, with a skin bracer applied to provide a taut sensitivity as well as a freshness  and scent which would meet with his mistress’  approval,  one with pheromones and a natural sexual attraction, stimulating the olfactory senses quite purposefully.   Additionally paul knew he would be expected to wear a very brief thong and a suspensory ‘double lift kit’ cock ring made of satin and nylon with measurements to provide a slight constriction circumferentially around the scrotal sac and the base of the penile shaft………maintaining an aroused excitement  due to the vascular engorgement it had been fabricated to rapidly produce. The double suspensory also provided a marked lift to the shaft and scrotum, the result being a constant strain of the penis and scrotum against the tightly fitted thong and overlying thin trousers ……..Marquesa had made this a wardrobe requirement which should never be overlooked at any time, whether during the daytime for formal or informal wear, or during the night when relaxing or when sleeping. Paul had now become accustomed to the feel of this special undergarment combination, and the arousing effect was constant throughout the day and night……creating a need for his mistress/goddess both physically and psychologically.  Of course the hypnotic conditioning would always be the overriding stimulus for paul’s obsession and need for continuous and ever-deepening sexual submission and surrender to the Goddess Marquesa and to whatever She deemed necessary to satisfy her own craving for dominance and control and her resulting sexual gratification.  Paul finished preparing and dressing as quickly as possible and thought he had left on time,  driving the 10 minutes to the restaurant all the while nervous , yet excited at the same time.  It was difficult for paul to concentrate on the driving given the distraction of the impending meeting and the thoughts of what might be prepared were racing through his head as he attempted to maintain focus.


Arriving at the parking lot, there she was………magnificently leaning slightly against the late model Mercedes, black car, mistress dressed in black.  Paul’s heart simply sank as the scene was simply overwhelming…..that dominant stare, the black mini-dress, black nylons, black stiletto high heels, sheer black blouse cut low and transparent subtely revealing a push up bra and accentuating the Mistresses’ nipples as they jutted against the sheer fabric of the blouse.  It was all too much for paul, as he exited his car and approached his goddess.  Paul’s heart was racing and the Marquesa could see the obvious nervousness and fear in paul’s face as he was about 5 minutes too late for her tastes.    Paul was greeted by a swift slap from the mistress, right across the cheek,  with enough force to cause pain …..” I told you to be prompt, I’ve waited here 5 minutes, ON YOUR KNEES!”   paul meekly complied with the command.  Mistess kicked off one heel and demanded that paul kiss her precious foot,  on top, on the sides, in the arch and along the plantar surface.  The scent and taste overwhelmed paul…….he became hard and erect and Marquesa was pleased with the results and the act of obedience and submission.  In addition the humiliation was obvious for arriving customers to see in the parking lot……..glances from the patrons with chuckles  was exactly what the Marquesa desired to assist in the subjugating humiliation of this act.  Paul could merely comply with the order as mistress forced paul to suck and lick all 5 toes on her  foot.   Laughs were now heard from some of the customers who were entering the restaurant ahead of us.  This was at once devasting yet fully arousing to paul , and the scent of the nylon encased foot and toes was simultaneously repulsive yet irresistible, as paul had dreamed of such an encounter having listened to “Scent Into Slavery” so many times he was now conditioned to the addiction and obsessive infatuation he was now demonstrating for the Marquesa’s feet.

Marquesa next demanded paul bring Her removed high heel to cover his nostrils and begin inhaling   the intoxicating interior of Her shoe.  The scent was simultaneously repulsive yet irresesistable, just as “Scent Into Slavery” had by now fully conditioned paul to expect. It was a public, fully revealing, humiliation and exhibit of power for an audience of mostly strangers to observe.  Marquesa had planned this methodically and the intent was fully transparent and purposeful and devastating.


Subsequently after this public display had run it’s course, Marquesa swiftly led paul to the restaurant and smirks on the faces of the staff were not lost on paul……embarrassment and humiliation were now achieved to the extent the magnificent Marquesa had desired from the start.  But of course this was simply the beginning of a night that would raise the bar and delve further into the complete degradation and subjugation of Her slave paul.


Led to the plush leather booth by the maître de,   Marquesa made sure paul was seated in the center of a booth for 4 and She Herself seated next to paul on the right.  Marquesa explained  to the female waiter that one of the settings could be removed  as only 3 would be attending.  Paul became immediately fretful yet the suspense of this arrangement was electric at the same time.   “I see you are nervous slavetoy”Marquesa chuckled menacingly.   “I’ve arranged for you to meet your trainer, who will expertly guide you through the program I have devised that will allow you to achieve your full potential as a submissive, which we both know you and I want and need.    I would like this to serve as a further introduction and for the 3 of us to clarify and discuss the training regimen and the goals . This will require you be fully transparent, divulging and discussing any of your sexual desires and weaknesses and fantasies, so that we all might benefit from this process in the most optimal manner possible. Do I make myself clear slave?”    paul’s answer was the brief anticipated and ,by now, conditioned “yes mistress Marquesa”.

“Goooood.    Your trainer is arriving now, as Marquesa looked up at the approaching bodybuilder/wrestler.   This was the same male bodybuilder who had essentially raped paul at the weekend session, and paul’s heart sank in a combination of frightened panic and yet intense arousal, the feelings were very disorienting for paul, as his sexual privacy had been fully breached by this wrestling hunk under the direction  and guidance of the completely overwhelming dominant, Marquesa de Sade.


Marquesa suggested the two of us greet and She formally introduced us , as there was no time for that during Marquesa’s weekend rape-a-thon.  The wrestler, Jacque, was fully magnificent in physique and aura.  Thick and bulging musculature, tanned well, smooth shaved bodybuilder skin, very thin shirt and trousers which revealed both erect nipples/pecs and a bulging crotch…..his manhood fully on display.  Slave paul was intimidated and his inferior build and lack of confidence made a distinct contrast to this accomplished trainer and athlete.    It appeared that Jacque had been hypnotized at some point in time prior to this meeting, as his eyes were a bit glazed and he seemed to react to the Marquesa in a manner suggesting he was now under her subconscious control.   It  was hypnosis, rather than just innate de novo impulse, the paul believed motivated Jacque to grab paul’s neck and pull his head sideways and allowing Jacque to give  not just a kiss , but plant a deep French kiss, prolonged down paul’s receiveing throat. The Marquesa smiled approvingly and paul could tell Marquesa was aroused by such a display under her control and direction……and the waitress seemed to smile approvingly as well, giving a wink to the Marquesa.  Slave paul could merely blush and swoon submissively and was speechless, looking down and then at the Marquesa and then down again…….the Marquesa laughing hautily and paul’s embarrassment.  Yet Marquesa knew already from her incredible intuition that this was exactly something paul needed, and wanted.   Marquesa had garnered all this carnal knowledge of paul’s yearnings from paul’s writings and from the tapes he’d ordered and from phone and in-person conversations.   She was a renowned expert at deciphering a slave’s desires and weaknesses and all areas of potential for exploitation and seduction.


Jacque sat down in the booth next to paul and the next couple of hours were a very productive and well executed dinner session which would extract full disclosure and confession from paul of his fantasies , of his limits or lack thereof, and allowing the Marquesa and Jacque the opportunity to begin paul’s further training and transformation to a more complete and fully compliable slavetoy.


Very expensive steaks, seafood, and drink were served however this would ultimately be for Mistress and Jacque rather than paul , as paul would soon find out his place in the middle would be busy, not from eating, but from discussion back and forth with  the two tormentors seated on either side and also from  physical/mental/hypnotic interaction with them both… well as with the waitress!  What an incredibly powerful and brutally effective session the Mistress had arranged.  Slave paul could only steel and harden himself for the night ahead and the events that would begin to further his descent into the world of hypnodomination, erotic wrestling,  transformation and total and complete humiliation/degradation for himself.  At the same time the sexual gratification of , and fulfillment the Mistresses’ and Jacque’s dominant sexual appetites   would be paramount to any desires that paul found satisfied, although paul was certainly discovering that the satisfaction of his dominant captors was indeed symbiotic with his own submissive need to completely relinquish psychological and physical sexual control to another.  It was all so overwhelming and the pace at which the Marquesa was now proceeding with paul’s conditioning and training was causing paul to become almost overwhelmed to the point of a mentally exhausting breakdown of any psychological or physical resistance. The slave’s arms and legs and entire body were feeling weak and fatigued and heavy, and paul’s mind was almost blank.  Marquesa immediately took the opportunity of paul’s weakened state to trigger the hypnotic surrender and paul’s descent to the edge of sleep was merely a simple matter of course, instant and completely helpless somnolence.


As drinks and food were periodically served by the expert waitress, who by the way turned out to be a close acquaintance of the Marquesa, perhaps one of Her female slaves,   the Misstress and Jacque both queried paul re: his desires and fantasies,  in search of any issues that had not yet been addressed and discovered.     Slave paul  of course revealed his need for wresling submission to both female and male dominants and his need for humiliation…….these were hallmarks  that were the core of, as it would now be revealed, a broader spectrum of submissive fantasies and desires that paul craved to fulfill.   The slave indeed possessed a wealth of sexual fantasy that had never been realized but that would serve as very fertile ground for the Marquesa and Her associates such as Jacque to exploit and explore and take full advantage of for their own satisfaction.  Slave paul was all too prized a target for dominants searching for a slave able to tolerate extended sessions,  wide ranges of fantasy exploration, and with the stamina sexually to tolerate whatever a dominant desired he tolerate both psychologically and physically.  In short, paul was fair game and the hunt was on and would not end until paul was captured and tormented and completely utilized as a sex object for the hunter to feast on.


During the dinner paul’s steak and salad sat untouched as both the Marquesa and Jacque(under the hypnotic suggestions and commands of the Marquesa) sexually assaulted paul by massaging his groin, over and under his pants,  teased his nipples by undressing his shirt and pinching and sucking the nipples ( in between bites of their steaks),  and all the while extracting more sexual information re: paul’s psyche.  The sexy waitress was interested the entire time, often pausing to watch and to offer her own suggestions and observations.  Smirks, laughs, from the waitress and the other restaurant patrons was apparent to paul and achieved the public humiliation effect desired by the Marquesa.  All this achieved further reality training and conditioning for paul…..he would now physically and psychologically and emotionally reach tolerance levels for these activities and learn to crave them more and more so that the obsession and addiction would render him helpless and fully in need of the Marquesa’s training and enslavement permanently.  This was not in any way superficial or amateurish control ,,,,,this was world-class hypnotic domination at the pinnacle of the artform, on full display for the public to see and for paul to become accustomed to.


The slaveboy paul further began to divulge and confess his to now intimate and private desires.   These would include the need to be transformed into a smooth soft-skinned slut slave girl,  to be forced to sexually satisfy a superior male wrestler sexually after having been beaten on the wrestling mat,  to undergo whatever humiliation publicly and privately the Mistress Marquesa and Her  associaties deemed appropriate for further enslavement and conditioning and that would fulfill the sexual appetites of paul’s dominant captors.  Anything and everything was something paul could consider. The slave confessed his desire to worship Marquesa’s feet and legs and pussy.  The prospect of body worship of Marquesa and Jacque was exciting  and arousing to paul Marquesa and Jacque continue extracting this information with sexual innuendo and physical stimulation. For example Marques would  kick off a heel and massage paul’s legs with her feet, also requesting paul remove his shoes and socks and allowing further access to foot stimulation.   Jacque would massage paul’s crotch and nipples and give periodic French kisses.    At one point paul was forced to suck Jacque’s cock after Marquesa commanded Jacque to lower his trousers and jockstrap.    The waitress and Marquesa were thoroughly engrossed in the domination of paul by Jacque.


Two hours seemed like 5 minutes to paul.   Not once was paul give the opportunity to consume the steak dinner.  Jacque and the Marquesa came up with a schedule for paul’s physical training and conditioning that would involve daily workouts both in the gym and on the wrestling mats ,  paul would need to get fully conditioned to withstand the rigors of a wrestling club he would be required to join.    Jacque and the Marquesa were establishing a new venture that would compete with the popular  female erotic wrestling organization known as “Ultimate Surrender”.   In that particular wrestling club the lesbian females wrestle to a grueling submission-only timed match with a referee scoring the match based on erotic holds and orgasms which might be forced on a submitting opponent being the highest awarded points. The final scores at the end of the time limit are tallied and the loser must sumbit to a completely humiliating and degrading sexual onslaught via dildo or any other device including fisting etc,  until orgasms are achieved to the satisfaction of the victor.  Thus the name “Ultimate Surrender”.


Jacque and the Mistress Marquesa informed paul they would require he be one of the ‘jobbers’ for their new venture which would consist of male wrestlers competing with a female referee and with a female audience.  This would become a very popular local attraction for females in search of erotic entertainment…….and the possibilities were enormous for investors…..all female associates of the Marquesa.  Marquesa advised paul he would need to be available on a daily basis for such matches and had Her female attorney friend drop by prior to the end of the dinner for paul to sign a contract committing him to become one of Marquesa’s prized wrestling submissives.  This was at once both daunting and exciting and arousing for paul to speculate about.  In essence paul had to admit this was something he’d fantasized about for years and now was becoming a reality.   Marquesa assured paul the training that she and Jacque planned in detail and with great care under the advice of professional trainers, would provide paul with ample physical endurance to tolerate the many hours and days ahead of erotic wrestling activity.


Marquesa further advised paul that he would be required to meet daily at her Marquesalon for skin care and begin training for transformation into a slut slave girl.  So daily shaving and skin treatments, lessons in how to dress as a female,  act and talk and walk like a female, would encompass a large part of paul’s schedule.  This too would be part of the contract the female attorney friend was to bring by.  So much detailed legally binding commitment and the lifestyle change implications caused paul to have conflicting feelings of both a slight sense of foreboding yet a deep definitieve arousal and excitement over knowing his secret fantasies were to be finally realized under the guidance of the Mistress he’d fantasized about for years!  The effect was completely overwhelming and electric.


Mistess Marquesa was completely satisfied with not only Her meal but more importantly with the concessions she had so expertly extracted from her subject slave paul.   She thanked Jacque and gave him an intimate kiss in front of paul as Jacque was instructed to now leave and be prepared to train paul in the morning first thing.  Jacque told paul to be ready for a rigorous demanding first 2 hour session the next morning and grabbed paul into a bearhug, and massaged paul’s penis and scrotum underneath his trousers and gave another departing deep prolonged French kiss to paul, telling paul he could not wait to more intimately learn all about paul, physically and mentally.


Marquesa laughed and beamed at the evening’s conclusion, as She well should.  She had demonstrated once again her ability to completely control a scene, to, through hypnosis and dominant feminine energy,  render those around Her completely pliable and acquiessant to her desires and for her complete satisfaction sexually.    This magnificent hypnodomme knew She was well ahead of the game in ensuring paul would become one of Her prized submissives and provide her with years of sexual entertainment and satisfaction.  Marquesa ordered paul to be prompt the next moring for Jacque and to follow every instruction and to fully comply with the training that would be forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead.  Marquesa told paul She was expecting great things from the new wrestling venture and that She wanted paul to make her proud and to prove to Her that Her instincts regarding his  unique submissive abilities  in the wrestling arena and also in the areas of foot/body worship and feminine transformation were indeed correct, and would justify the time  She had allotted in planning paul’s training and conditioning for the months and years ahead.  Maquesa requested the waitress put paul’s meal in a doggie bag so She could take it home for Her own noble canines,  laughing as She heading for foyer and the exit door, leaving  paul to clean himself up, gather his wits as best he could,  and prepare for inevitable humiliating exit past the remaining patrons, waitresses and waiters, maître de, and out to his car.   What a night of submission for paul,   in terms of public humiliation, deep and thourough confession and conditioning,  and legally binding commitment to both the Marquesa and Jacque for a slavery that would be complete and subjugating fantasy fulfillment…..the opportunity of a slaves’ lifetime.  The possibilities left paul with not just a feeling of trepidation but more importantly a deep sense of  excitement and arousal and anticipation at the realization that , what to this point in his life had been pure fantasy and imagination, might becoming  a very distinct and intensely lifechanging reality.


THE END     (to be continued)

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