Monica was beautiful—all blond hair, full lips, round and lush breasts, voluptuous hips. Long, lean tanned legs finished the picture. Her eyes were a deep blue and her complexion was clear and fair. She was dressed in a short black skirt, white silk blouse and very-high-heeled black patent leather pumps enveloped her lovely, erotic feet. She wore small simple gold earrings and a matching gold chain as jewelry—but suspended from the delicate chain was a large, multifaceted aquamarine crystal which matched her lovely eyes.

Monica had been working at Gilchrest Industries—a cake and cookie bakery in Denver—for only a few weeks. She was a general assignment clerk, what used to be called a “pool secretary” before that term became unpopular.

It was unfortunate, because she had worked her way through college in night school with a double major in business and psychology. In her current job she was thus most certainly “over qualified.” But times were tough. she needed money to live so she took the Gilchrest job to eke out a living until she found something better.

From the first day she worked there Matt Gilchrest, the son of the owner, started hitting on her. He was an overbearing bore who thought all the women working at the firm were hired just to be his private pussy preserve hunting preserve. He would leer, touch, slap and tickle as he went from desk to desk in the “pool.” In addition to being a pain-in-the-ass, he was ugly! Clearly not someone with brains, looks and class, like Monica would date.

But every day at three o’clock, like clock work, he would stop by her desk and say something like “Hey baby—I decided to do you a favor and take you out dancing tonight. When should I pick you up?”

Every time he asked she would politely turn him down with an excuse like “I never date where I work, it causes problems,” or “No, I’m busy,” but never “I’d never go out with you, you ugly shit!” like she was really thinking.

Finally he summoned her to his office to make what he considered his final offer. “Look Monica, you’ve been here several weeks and I’ve asked you out several times.” And before she could give her usual excuses he stood up behind his desk and walked around it to stand in front of the chair Monica was sitting in. He bent over, putting his hands on each arm of the chair. He then put his face right at hers and raised his voice to a shouting level. “Goddamn it, I’m the fucking boss here! If you don’t fuck me, or at least give me some head, I’m going to fire you. Do you want that? Fuck or suck . . . it’s up to you, but you will do one or the other! Understand?”

A million thoughts raced through that precious head. Do I quit? Do I just do what he says? How much do I need this job? Then a brilliant idea struck her: she had taken a course in hypnotism as part of he psychology major and had been quite good at it. In her experience, macho guys like Bob were relatively easy to put under. She would hypnotize him and teach him a lesson for being such a predatory asshole!

The worst that could happen is that it wouldn’t work and she would quit anyway. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” she thought to herself.

“Okay. You win,” she said quietly, feigning defeat. “I’ll blow you. Just let me keep my job . . . please . . . I’ll suck you off, okay?”

A big smile crossed Bob’s face. “I knew you’d see it my way. Most of the cunts that work here eventually do.”

“At least let me make it good for both of us. Back up and I’ll get you warmed up,” she whispered huskily.

He took a few steps back and let her stand up. She drew near to him and rubbed his cock through his trousers. He immediately got hard and she continued her gentle manipulations as she spoke to him.

“Maybe we can even do it right here on your couch, but first, let me get undressed. Let me take off this pendant . . . it’s deep blue . . . a very good match for my lovely blue eyes.”

As she slowly, sensuously removed it from about her neck, she started to swing it back and forth. Almost involuntarily, Bob’s eyes began to follow the motion of the aquamarine crystal as it swung back and forth before his increasingly enticed eyes.

“It’s so relaxing just watching it as it swings back and forth . . . Bob . . . listen to my voice and watch the crystal . . . soon all you will be able to hear is my voice and all you will be able to see is the deep blue of the crystal . . . and my enchanting eyes directly behind it.”

Bob was transfixed.

“Look deep into my eyes, bob. you can’t look away because They hold you in Their grasp. As much as you want to look away, to escape My power, you can’t. I’m holding you as My prisoner with just My voice and My gorgeous compelling eyes. you have discovered a most wonderful pleasure gazing into My glorious, controlling eyes. you cannot resist their exciting power they have over your entire being. you yearn to carry out any small or daunting commands that I shall condescend to give you. you are My slave to do with as I please!”

bob was gone.

In just a few moments the voluptuous blond had captured his will.  he was in a deep hypnotic trance induced by the beautiful secretary. Whatever She commanded, he would obey. Her eyes had become his whole world—deep, compelling blue eyes which held him as a prisoner in Her sway.
his oddly shaped jaw dropped open, his pupils fully dilated staring into the gorgeous deep blue orbs of a woman only moments ago his employee . . . but now his Mistress and owner.

She continued to drive him deeper into his trance knowing that She would be compelling him to follow commands so demeaning that he would have to be absolutely subservient to Her will to perform them.

“Deeper . . . bob . . . deeper . . . keep staring into your glorious Mistress’ eyes. They capture your will . . . your mind . . . your soul . . . you exist only to be My servant . . . My slave . . . tell Me that is so, bob.”

A small nod of his head showed Her he was in agreement. “Yes, Monica,” he responded.

A lot went on inside bob’s head before he spoke the words “Yes, Monica.” his mind felt all fuzzy and a warm, strange tingling sensation swept through his body. Immediately a pounding headache leapt into his head, then just as suddenly, it vanished. To bob this all seemed to take a very long time although it really only took a few seconds. he had a curious sense of some great struggle going on deep within his brain—a struggle he was loosing.

The struggle stopped

. . . his mind cleared

. . . he blinked . . .

Then he suddenly realized, as though it was something he always knew but had momentarily forgotten, that it was vitally important that he should obey the beautiful Monica, so naturally he said “Yes, Monica,” and then stood meekly before Her awaiting more commands from Her indescribably beautiful and irresistible mouth.

She laughed out loud. “That wasn’t hard at all! This sap was really easy to control . . . he’s helpless! Now what do I do with him?” She thought to Herself.

She thought for another moment, then spoke. “bob, I know you would really like to obey My every command so from now on I think I’ll be the boss and you can work for Me. Isn’t that a good idea, bobby boy?”

“Yes,” he responded, emotionless.

“Yes ma’am! She countered.

“Yes ma’am!” he echoed.

“From now on you will address Me as Ma’am in public but when we are alone you must call Me Mistress Monica.”

“Yes Ma’am . . . uh . . . yes Mistress Monica.”

“Do you know what you will do first, bobby?” She asked.

“No, Mistress Monica.”

“you are going to give Me a big raise and the big corner office. Beyond that, you will transfer to My sole ownership all the stock you currently own in the company. Repeat to Me what you shall do to follow these most sacred orders.”

“If that is what you desire, Mistress Monica, I shall do all that and more—raise, corner office, all my stock plus bonds, stock options . . . everything!”

Monica could barely suppress a fleeting desire to jump into the air and shout “Yes!” but She knew that kind of behavior would not befit a Mistress. She did, however, smile broadly as She pointed toward the office door and spoke to the helpless bob.

“Now bobby, go outside and call all the girls in the secretarial pool into your—oops, My—office.”
As instructed, the helplessly entranced executive summoned the eight young women into Monica’s office, then stood obediently beside his most understanding Mistress.

“Ladies, I just wanted to tell you about the changes that will occur in this company. From now on I am in charge and My obedient assistant—little slut bobby—will do his very best to make up for the way he has treated you in the past. From now on, all the women here will be treated fairly and with respect and honor.”

The secretaries looked at the pair incredulously.

“I’m now in charge of bobby and the slut’s portion of the firm. he will serve as My assistant and slave. he will do everything I instruct. In fact,” She added as an afterthought, “he will do anything you command. Isn’t that right? Sluts must obey every Woman they see and you are just a slut! Right?”

“Yes i am,” bobby admitted, devoid of any emotion.

“bobby! you are proud to be My cheap slut. Now, say it with pride!” Monica commanded.

“i’m a cheap slut. Your cheap slut, Mistress Monica,” bobby shouted, “and i am damn proud of it! i don’t care who knows, i am yours!”

The assembled secretarial pool giggled but one, Mary Ann, a mousy brunette bob had harassed for over a year asked Monica hesitantly “Will he really do anything we say?”

Monica smiled a wicked smile. “Try him,” She said.

“bob . . . take off all your clothing!” Mary Ann surprisingly ordered Her former boss.

Still fully under the hypnotic control of Mistress Monica—and through Her commands, Mary Ann—bob quickly removed all his clothes. he was powerless to resist the command.

“Pile them neatly beside you,” Mary Ann ordered, laughing at her former boss.

Immediately, bob neatly folded his suit, shirt and under garments and placed his shoes next to them.
The two of them looked him up and down. Mary Ann pointed between his legs and said “Look at that puny little cock! And look . . . his pubic hair is gray! he must dye his hair. How old is this guy anyway?”

“Turn around!” Monica commanded.

Obediently, bob turned.

“Now bend over and touch your toes slut!” mary Ann ordered.

As the former executive reached down to touch his toes, Mary Ann took a ruler off a nearby desk and started to spank bobby like he was a bad student and she a harsh head-Mistress.

“One . . . two . . . three . . . ,“ She laughed.

“Four . . . five . . . six . . . ,” Monica chanted.

“Seven . . . eight . . . nine . . . ,” the secretaries echoed.

“Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen . . .

TWENTY!” they all sang out as bob’s ass turned red and stripes were visible on his buttocks.

“Now stand in front of Us,” Monica ordered.

Now just Her puppet, he stood at attention facing the women. The mere thought of what he was doing at his Mistress’ command caused bob’s little cock to come alive and become very hard.
Mary Ann noticed some thin latex gloves used to keep caustic fluids from ruining nail polish and soft skin on the desk. She slipped them on and walked around slut bobby.

She took his cock in Her gloved hand and tickled it, touching his hairy balls at the same time. his cock grew erect, twitching in pleasure.

She whispered hotly into his ear, “I’ve got it started, slut-boy, now you can continue stroking it for us . . . in honor of us . . . worshipping us . . . .”

Unable to do anything other than what they commanded, he started to stroke his hot, hard cock. Slowly at first . . . then faster . . . harder . . . faster . . . harder . . . faster . . . harder . . . oh, it felt soooo good . . . !

Mary Ann chuckled out loud as She glanced back at the happy group of secretaries. “We all knew he was a big ‘jerk-off’ but it looks like whatever Monica did to him will let us show everyone what a pud-puller he is. Who else wants to play with him?” She asked.

Ginger, a red-headed clerk-typist stepped forward and slapped bob hard across the face. “That’s for pinching My fanny and grabbing at My tits, you pervert! And as long as you’re jacking-off and having so much fun, you should be kneeling in honor of all of Us!” She said as She gave him another very hard slap across the face. “I said kneel down, you slut!” She screamed.

Immediately bob fell down on his knees—subserviently still pumping his engorged cock. Something deep inside his brain made him feel a very wonderful, soul-satisfying pleasure from this revengeful treatment at the hands of these sadistic ladies.

“Oh, thank You Mistress, for this soul-satisfying experience,” he thought to himself, “this is the way things should be!”

“Faster!” laughed Mary Ann.

“Harder!” cried Monica.

“Feel it!” commanded Ginger as the others cheered bob on as he stroked on and on and on on his hard, hot, throbbing cock—his disgusting tool of lust.

As they commanded, he stroked and stroked until he spewed his cum out, forming a puddle on the floor in front of him and splashing some onto Monica’s and Mary Ann’s lovely shoes. He almost fainted from the pleasure of the sudden release.

Mary Ann grabbed the slovenly slut slave by his ear and pulled his face to Hers as She spat out Her command: “Lick it up, boy!”

The little slut slave bobby had to obey—he must always obey his Mistresses!. Mistress Monica had commanded him that all Women were to be obeyed and he was now nothing but a toy belonging to Mistress Monica and Her Friends. he followed Mistress Mary Ann’s orders eagerly and crawled to the puddle of cum on the floor and licked up his own salty ejaculation. Then he crawled on his stomach to the women on whom he had sprayed his cum on their shoes and licked the lovely leather clean of his now-cooling juices, removing every drop and bringing the shoes to a high shine with his tongue.

Ginger looked down at the lowly slave and said in a sarcastic tone, “you disgust Me, you slovenly slut slave. you don’t even deserve to lick our shoes but you should thank your lucky stars that We are benevolent enough to allow you some pleasure in your disgusting life as a male.

Then Ginger touched Monica’s hand to gain Her attention and said, “Thank You. You have made this place a better company to work in. he really was such an asshole. Thank You so very much.”
Monica spoke again, this time directly to slut slave bobby: “Get up and get dressed My slave. I want you to remember what happened here today. Remember how weak you are and remember how I subjugated you. Remember how I controlled you and made you helpless before Me. Remember what I made you do and know I can do this to you any time I choose. you are Mine . . . your mind, body and soul belong to Me, your Mistress! you are My slave!” say it bobby!
“i am Your slave, Mistress . . . Yours . . . thank You . . . thank You so much . . . You are so kind . . . and understanding. It is so right!”

As slave bobby walked away to get dressed as ordered, Monica grabbed Mary Ann’s hand and smiled and said, “Why don’t we go down the hall and talk to bob’s dad. Maybe he would like to see My crystal too!”

Hand-in-hand, the two young, devastatingly irresistible women walked down the hall and unannounced into bobby’s daddy’s office . . . .