From Goddess Marquesa:   My absolute favorite story!  A wicked and wonderful tale illustrating and illuminating, expressing and narrating the power of My TRANCE! 😉


“What catering service did you hire this delicious specimen from?” asked Mistress Isabelle, lifting a cucumber sandwich from the tray held by the naked waiter. He was tall, well-muscled, and had ruggedly handsome features. His skin glistened with a light sheen of oil. The seven other Dominas seated around Goddess Marquesa’s parlor had been ogling him appreciatively since her tea party began.

“He doesn’t work for a catering service,” the hostess replied. “Rick is My pet.”

“Yummy,” cooed Mistress Lucretia. “You should bring him to my soiree next month. He would make a nice accessory on your arm.”

“Sweet of you to say,” returned the Goddess politely, “but Rick never leaves this house.”

“Why not?” asked Queen Ashley. “Really, Marquesa, you are too cruel.”

“It is his free choice, I assure you,” replied Goddess Marquesa, an enigmatic smile lighting her beautiful face.

“Is this true?” Empress Michelle asked Rick, who had stopped in front of her, his tray extended for her perusal.

Rick glanced at Goddess Marquesa, his expression questioning.

“It’s all right,” the Goddess said, “you may answer, pet.”

“It is true, Mistress,” Rick spoke, his eyes lowered deferentially.

Empress Michelle laughed. Her raven hair, cut in a pageboy haircut that framed her striking features, vibrated mirthfully. She extended her long, milky-white legs to place them more prominently in Rick’s view. “Why would you put yourself under house arrest?”

Rick looked at the Goddess again, unsure how to answer.

“Rick begged to be accepted as My sex toy,” Goddess Marquesa declared, inciting envious whispers through the room. “I agreed, providing that he would subject himself to special hypnosis. I conditioned him so that no matter how heatedly W/we fuck, he can’t cum.” This elicited murmurs of surprise from the assembled Dominas.

Empress Michelle lifted an incredulous, perfectly arched eyebrow. “Why would that keep him confined to the house? I would expect it to send him running to the exits.”

A hushed pause followed. Goddess Marquesa stood, the atmosphere became tense. “You would think that way, Michelle,” retorted the hostess, her voice laced with irritation. “Perhaps if I were a less superior woman,” here the Goddess paused and let her gaze rest meaningfully on her counterpart, “Rick might do as you say. But his devotion to Me is total.”

“Oh, is it?” asked the other woman, a mischievous smile lighting her dark eyes. She reached out an elegantly shaped hand and gently stroked Rick’s cock, feeling its heft distend under her teasing touch. “He seems to like me, too.”

Some of the other guests gasped at this impertinence, but Goddess Marquesa remained unperturbed. “You’ve discovered the aspect of his conditioning that keeps him housebound. I programmed him so that he will respond to the sexual advances of any woman, and so that if he has sex with anyone other than Me his orgasm will be doubled in force.”

Empress Michelle rolled her eyes. “That still doesn’t explain why he won’t leave the house.”

Goddess Marquesa smiled. “Since you’ve never truly dominated a man you don’t understand. To retain the privilege of being My sex toy Rick must remain chaste for Me. Originally I set the condition that he must provide Me proof of one rejected sex partner each time I fucked him. But My conditioning made acquiring such tribute too difficult for him to endure. He was afraid that if I continued to demand that he flirt with other women, he might eventually succumb to temptation and be exiled from My bed. He begged Me for mercy, so I offered to shelter him here in My house. Initially, at his own request, I kept Rick chained and locked in a chastity device. But his confidence in his own self-control has grown, so now he is free to roam the house at will. In lieu of the sacrifice of rejected sex partners, I allow him to work as My personal slave to earn the privilege of serving Me with his body.”

“If he can’t orgasm with you, can he at least get himself off?” Mistress Lucretia asked.

“No,” Goddess Marquesa replied. “I short-circuited that faculty also with My hypnosis. Every month I milk his prostate so that his system won’t get backed up. Otherwise his cock exists only to pass urine and please Me.”

Empress Michelle gaped in shock and disgust. “What kind of life is that?” Turning to Rick, she asked, “Why do you accept this? What pleasure do you get out of this arrangement?”

Rick’s eyes had been lowered as the Dominas discussed him, but in response to this question he looked up, his cheeks flushed with feeling. “I live to please Goddess Marquesa,” he declared, “in return She allows me to desire Her.”

“What?!?” blurted Empress Michelle, her eyes wide with incomprehension.

“I allow him to desire Me,” reiterated Goddess Marquesa. “He gives Me his beauty, and his passion, and his vigor. In return I grant him the gift of yearning for Me ceaselessly. I’ve allowed him to experience what few men have been privileged to learn- that wanting Me is more fulfilling than having anyone else.”

“You bitch!” spat Empress Michelle. “I’ve known you since we were teenagers, Marquesa, and you’ve always been the same! You called this party so you could show off your pretty toy boy and throw this story of your mighty ‘dominance’ in our faces. But I’m not fooled. This lunkhead may let you lead him around by the cock for now, but you have no special power over him. I felt his meat go stiff in my hand- you won’t hold on to him for much longer.”

An uncomfortable silence fell over the room. Finally, Goddess Marquesa spoke. “Sisters,” she began, addressing her remarks to her assembled guests, “please forgive Michelle. Jealousy and overstimulation have made her forget her manners. She is right in one thing, though. Part of My purpose in inviting you here today was to show you how I have enslaved My pet Rick. I want it to be an example to you all-


We can enjoy the devotion and service of men on our own terms, without yielding the slightest degree of control. Indeed, when We know our own power and worth We can enlist men to be willing agents of their own enslavement. Remember this as you each uphold the dignity of being a Domina.”

Having finished her speech, Goddess Marquesa indicated with a gesture that the party was at an end. The assembled Dominas rose and murmured subdued thanks, their festive mood dampened by the friction of Empress Michelle’s outburst. As the others filed out of the door politely held open by Rick, Goddess Marquesa detained Empress Michelle, saying, “Don’t leave just yet. There is business to settle between you and Me.”

“What do you want?” Michelle asked testily. “An apology? Don’t hold your breath.”

“I’ve known you too long to expect anything as classy as an apology from you,” Goddess Marquesa replied. “But your petty envy has gone on long enough.”

“Envy? Of you?!” Michelle sputtered. “I taught you everything you know, Marquesa. I am twice the Domina you are. Always have been, always will be.”

“Do you care to put that to the test?”

“What do you mean?” Michelle queried, her eyes narrowing suspiciously.

Looking at Rick, Goddess Marquesa ordered, “Lie down,” indicating a long couch on one side of the parlor. Rick did as he was commanded. As he did, the Goddess began to unbutton her blouse, removing it to reveal her magnificent breasts cupped in a black silk bustier.

“What are you doing?” interjected Michelle, nonplussed.

“Challenging you,” answered Goddess Marquesa, continuing to undress. When she stood in only her bustier, stockings, and garters she walked over to a cabinet at the other side of the room and removed from it a large strap-on dildo. As Michelle and Rick looked on curiously she buckled the harness of the dildo around her waist, so that the rigid shaft jutted out from between her thighs.

“You said that Rick liked you,” Goddess Marquesa began to explain, addressing the other woman. “That may be so, even without My conditioning. You have always been attractive…”

At this Michelle snorted in derision, as if to say that her counterpart had committed a gross error in understatement.

“But one thing is for certain,” Goddess Marquesa continued, “however he might feel about you, you sincerely want him. I could smell your desire for him as soon as you walked into My parlor. Combine that with your petty feelings of rivalry for Me, and I know you would like nothing better than to steal him away from Me.”

“What if I did want to steal him?” Michelle retorted in irritation, “What do you plan to do about it?”

“Oh,” Goddess Marquesa replied, smiling brightly, “I don’t plan to do anything. Quite the contrary. I would like to give you every opportunity to try. You say that you are the better Domina. Prove it. Let’s see if you can seduce Rick before I seduce you.”


“I’m proposing a very straightforward contest. The rules are simple. You see how I have had Rick prostrate himself. You will stand at one end of the couch, being sure to keep both feet on the floor, and use your mouth and hands on Rick. I will engage you from behind. If you can make him cum before I make you cum, you win.”

Michelle laughed. “And if I win?”

“Rick knows my rules,” Goddess Marquesa declared, glancing sideways at her pet. “If he ever has another orgasm, he can no longer serve as My sex toy. Once I cast him aside you may have him if you want him.”

“You are so full of shit, Marquesa,” Michelle sneered, reaching up to pull off her sheer top and expose her full white breasts. “You put on such a front, but you are not nearly as indifferent as you pretend. You are going to miss Rick’s cock when I steal him from you. I accept your challenge.”

Empress Michelle stripped naked and stood in front of Rick, hand on hip, offering him an enticing view of her fit body. “I’ve never believed in this hypnosis crap that Marquesa spouts on about,” she declared, “but I know, hypnosis or not, you are turned on by me.” Rick’s cock was rock hard and pulsing, as if in assent. A bead of pre-cum on its tip seemed to presage an easy victory for the Empress.

Michelle bent over, leaving her feet flat on the floor as she had agreed, and began working her hands up Rick’s torso toward his nipples, savoring the shiver of sexual delight that Rick could not conceal.

“I can feel your resistance breaking down,” Michelle said matter-of-factly, “there is a kind of chemistry in….oh!”

The feeling of Goddess Marquesa’s fingertips gently stroking the top of her inner thigh startled Michelle. “You had better put some lubricant on that dildo,” Michelle warned.

“I won’t need to,” Goddess Marquesa replied, her voice directly behind Michelle. “Your pussy will provide me with all the lubrication I need.”

Michelle was surprised by the slight thrill of pleasure that the Goddess’s touch elicited between her thighs, but brushed it off and gently rubbed Rick’s nipples. He bit his lip to suppress a moan, but he was obviously aroused. Michelle bent over and blew softly on his cock, making it spasm excitedly.

The Goddess’s stroking became more intense, and to her distress Michelle felt her pussy becoming slick. “You can’t help but like My touch…” Goddess Marquesa whispered silkenly into Michelle’s ear, “any more than you can resist focusing on the sound of My voice. You find it soothing, but at the same time…stimulating.” As she spoke Goddess Marquesa ran her free hand slowly up the other woman’s spine and brought it around to cup Michelle’s right breast, which she massaged firmly but gently. Michelle gasped, shocked to feel herself becoming so turned on.

Momentarily disoriented, Michelle rallied herself to seize Rick’s cock, and began stroking. As she applied pressure he could not suppress a moan from escaping his lips. Michelle smiled, anticipating triumph…

But then a delicious sensation broke her composure. Goddess Marquesa pushed forward, pressing her satiny thighs against the backs of Michelle’s legs as the tip of her shaft gently parted the lips of Michelle’s pussy. Michelle was wet and receptive, the dildo entered her smoothly. The feeling as Goddess Marquesa gently rocked her hips was delightful, Michelle could feel explosive pleasure begin to build deep inside of her, and for a moment lost her focus on Rick.

Rick grunted. His faced was bathed in sweat, his breath coming in short pants. The pause had given him a chance to forgo release, otherwise he might have exploded. Resisting the urge to cum was obviously taking all of his willpower. Michelle had missed the chance to conquer him completely. “Damn it!” she exclaimed, and bore down on his cock with renewed intensity.

Rick was mumbling something. Michelle strained to hear: “I live to please Goddess Marquesa…I live to please Goddess Marquesa…,” he repeated over and over like a mantra. Meanwhile Goddess Marquesa had never stopped talking to Michelle. Michelle could feel the Goddess’s words in her head as much as she heard them: “Feel Me, Michelle…I’m moving inside you. So deep. So good. It feels so good. You realize now that you had your feelings for Me all wrong. You don’t hate Me. As you feel My touch, listen to My voice, you can’t help but feel affection…..Desire….My words, My will envelope you with feelings of lust and love”

The muscles all around Rick’s cock were quivering. He was holding back his orgasm by superhuman effort. Michelle, by contrast, could feel her own resistance slipping. The pleasure in her loins was pressing against her like hot lava trying to escape a volcano. Her emotions were becoming confused. In desperation Michelle bent down and took Rick’s cock into her mouth, working his shaft aggressively with her tongue and throat. Rick’s trembling intensified, he was hovering on the brink.

Goddess Marquesa was counting down numbers, saying something about going deeper and deeper….     Michelle could feel herself snapping.  Some part of her wanted to yield to Goddess Marquesa…to surrender.  Michelle looked up at Rick, pleading. “You have to let go!” she said, resuming stroking his slick cock firmly and rhythmically. Rick shook his head, the pain of retention contorting his features into a mask of torment. “Must…belong….to… Goddess….,” he gasped, “can’t…live….without…..Goddess!”

“Please, Rick!” Michelle cried, stroking desperately. “Let go! Let go….let…let…” Michelle froze in mid stroke. Her face constricted into a rictus of ecstasy. Her mouth formed a tight “O,” a sound began deep in her diaphragm and built steadily in intensity, becoming a wailing scream of satisfaction. “Ooooooh! Oooooooooooooh!!! Oh Marquesa! Marquesa! Oooh, yes! Yes! Yes!”

Michelle’s back arched involuntarily, propelling her backward into Goddess Marquesa’s embrace. She forgot Rick, forgot herself, allowing herself to be cradled loosely in the Goddess’s arms and surrendering to the spasms of sheer delight that wracked her frame. Her eyes rolled back into her head as the orgasm swept through her body like an earthquake. When the waves of ecstasy finally subsided she passed out, pitching forward onto Rick’s belly and sending a thin trail of drool dripping down his contoured abs.



“This is a surprise!” Mistress Lucretia exclaimed as Goddess Marquesa entered the foyer, arriving for Lucretia’s annual Fetish Ball. “I thought you said that he never leaves your house!”

“My pet has had a change of heart,” Goddess Marquesa replied, gesturing toward Rick, who followed on a silver chain leash clasped in the Goddess’s right hand, naked except for a black leather speedo and a studded collar. “A little experiment we performed about a month ago demonstrated that Rick’s willpower has strengthened considerably. He feels secure coming out as long as I keep him tethered.”

“How nice!” Lucretia remarked, placing an air kiss on the Goddess’s right cheek.

As Goddess Marquesa led her pet into the main room of the house she drew the usual gestures of deference to her regal presence, combined with looks of lust and envy. When they reached the edge of the dance floor a familiar figure stepped out of the crowd. She was as lithe and fetching as ever, but makeup and couture could not hide the effects of stress and lack of sleep.

“Marquesa, I’ve been trying to reach you…” Michelle sputtered, the drink clutched in her hand sending drops flying as it trembled.

Goddess Marquesa turned her face away from the other woman, projecting chilly offense.

Michelle choked off in mid-sentence, realizing her mistake. “I’m sorry…” she began again, “I meant to say Goddess…please…”

“What do you want, Michelle?”

“I can’t stop thinking about You. I don’t understand…what have You done to me?”

“I killed the proverbial two birds with one stone, Michelle,” Goddess Marquesa explained. “I demonstrated to My pet here that he could resist temptation, and finally settled accounts with you for so many years of sniping and envy. I knew how you would react if I invited you to My house and dangled Rick in front of you. The tea party was a trap, and you fell into it obligingly.”

Michelle raised her drink to her lips and took a long swallow, trying to process what she had just heard. “I know I should hate You, but I can’t,” she said when she had finally composed herself. “I’ve never felt the way You made me feel. I can’t go on without feeling that again…”

“Our business is over, Michelle,” Goddess Marquesa declared, “you lost.” She tugged on Rick’s leash and made to move away.

“No, please….wait!” Michelle exclaimed, grabbing at Goddess Marquesa’s elbow with her free hand. The Goddess turned, glaring angrily. In desperation Michelle threw her drink aside and dropped to her knees.

“Please, I’ll do anything!” Michelle cried, startling the other guests as her voice cracked with emotion. “I must be with You. I love You! I….I worship You!” As the other guests looked on in shock, Michelle bent down and kissed Goddess Marquesa’s feet, continuing to murmur her pleas between impassioned kisses.

“Look at Me, Michelle,” Goddess Marquesa ordered. The other woman did as she was commanded, raising her head and gazing deeply into the Goddess’s piercing emerald eyes. “There is only one way that you can be with Me,” the Goddess explained, “I want to hear you beg, to know you understand.”

“Please make me Your slave,” Michelle answered, her voice hoarse with passion. “Hypnotize me. Go deep. Take anything You like. Make me Your toy the way You did to Rick…”



“Your slaves make a pretty pair,” Mistress Isabelle remarked as she accepted a lump of sugar from the naked waitress. Her plate already had a madeleine placed on it by the naked waiter, who had moved on to serve another Domina seated in Goddess Marquesa’s parlor.

“I agree that Rick and Michelle are ‘easy on the eyes,’ but thank you for saying so,” replied the hostess of the party as she sipped from her steaming cup.

“Is there non-dairy creamer?” Mistress Lucretia asked, examining the tray held out by Michelle.

“I live to worship Goddess Marquesa,” Michelle said.

“What?” asked Lucretia, confused.

“I live to worship Goddess Marquesa,” Michelle repeated.

“Go to the kitchen and get some almond milk for My guest, Michelle,” Goddess Marquesa commanded.

As the waitress left, the Goddess addressed her guests. “Please forgive Michelle, she can only utter that one sentence. It is a function of My conditioning. I didn’t have the heart to strip her of the ability to cum, as I did with Rick,” she explained, gesturing toward the naked waiter, “but I had to extract some sacrifice from her in return for the privilege of being My sex toy. I must say…” she continued, a wry smile lighting her brilliant green eyes, “she makes more sense now than she ever did before.”

This elicited shrill laughter from the room. Some of the other Dominas laughed because what the Goddess said was true, others laughed because they did not dare do otherwise. Goddess Marquesa smiled warmly and sipped her tea contentedly, happy in the knowledge that both responses were perfectly appropriate.