Six months have passed since my complete surrender to Marquesa. Six of the happiest months of my life. She has sculpted my body into olympic condition. She has taken control of my mind to the point that I don’t even look at or think about any other women. She haunts my dreams, controls my thoughts, and makes all my fantasies come true. She is my goddess, my idol, the seductive siren who enslaves me with the mere sound of her voice.

Once again, I find myself outside her door, not knowing, or caring , how I got there. I enter my goddesses home and when I find her I kneel at her feet. “My sweet slave, so nice to see you again” Marquesa coos. “I have summoned you today because we have come to a crossroad in your training.” “Today you must choose whether you will give yourself to me completely, move in here and be my constant attentive servant to serve my every need.” “But you also must consider the alternative, not coming here any longer and regaining control of your life” “I never want to leave you,” I blurted immediately. “I must see you no matter what.” “Stop that whining immediately slave” came her stern reply. “You must experience life without my influence in order to make your decision. Now look at me. I looked into her emerald eyes, saw the facets begin to sparkle and swirl, brighter and brighter until my consciousness was lost in that green storm.

I found myself in a upscale “gentlemen’s club”. Here was a place literally crawling with beautiful women. Women of every man’s fantasy, every man’s longing, every man except me. I found that while I was attracted to the women on a physical level, they did not cause the deep stirring in my soul that I felt with Marquesa. The more I looked at the women, the more I knew there was only one woman for me.

When I finally admitted this to myself, I felt my vision dim and once again I was gone. I awoke this time in one of those S&M clubs that are found throughout the city. I could not help but stare at all the dominatrixes that populated the club. Here was the one thing that I had always desired, complete submission to a dominant woman. I thought that maybe I would be happier in the real world, outside of the realm of Marquesa. I suddenly realized that I was naked save for one of those leather slave harnesses that I’ve seen in catalogs. Suddenly a hood was pulled over my head, blinding me. Unseen hands pulled me up and dragged me across the room. I felt myself being shackled some sort of wooden frame. I then heard a female voice announce to all that I was to be punished for staring at her disrespectfully. I found myself getting turned on by this statement, was this what I really craved? Was I only searching for shallow physical pleasure? Was I allowing my basest instincts to control me? My mind swirled with self doubt as the Mistress began to administer her punishment. She was using what felt like a large crop, with each smack on my ass she demanded that I count it , then thank her. I did as I was told, not wanting to anger the woman that had me at such a distinct disadvantage. The pain grew as the number of smacks rose. I wondered if I could stand much more of this. As the pain began to overwhelm me , I turned my mind inward and began to question what I really wanted. Despite all that I had been through, the beautiful woman that I had seen, been aroused by and later punished by, I wanted only Marquesa.

Suddenly the pain became too much, and I began to cry out, not for mercy, but for Marquesa. A deep cry that emanated from the very bottom of my soul as I called for the only woman that I would ever desire.

Suddenly, the punishment stopped. I felt hands pulling off my hood, then these same hands grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back until I was staring into the eyes of…. Marquesa. “My sweet slave,” she said softly “I am sorry for putting you through all of this, but I had to find out what you really wanted. Sometimes we think we know, what our heart desires, but it is not until we are brought to our knees from despair that our true needs and desires come to the surface. I wanted your submission on every level with no doubt or indecision.  I now know that your desire to serve me is genuine, not some simple infatuation. You have proven yourself to me. Now look into my eyes and we shall be off.” Once again, I looked into those beautiful, hypnotic eyes and I knew, once and for all, that I was home.