I woke up at the foot of the bed one morning, after a brutal session with Marquesa. My bottom was still red with welts. Marquesa was standing above me with a wicked smile and said She had a surprise for me for Halloween. We were going to the Hookers Masquerade Ball in San Francisco. It is a benefit for a non-profit that helps hookers in various ways, but is turning into a Fetish ball that stops at nothing.

i was beginning to get used to being dressed as a maid all the time in the Marquesa home. She had bought me several outfits. The Standard Black and white maids uniform, a Sheer white silky nightie for the nights, a pretty pink outfit to wear while in the Kitchen, and then my favorite was the black dress that clung to me and had cut outs for all my private parts. i had become a well trained slave in Her care over the past two months. i was taught to wear makeup the way She liked it. Bright red lipstick, light mascara, and a small amount of blush. i was now hairless from the neck down at all times. She even had me pierce a nipple as a start to what She said would be many more piercings.

Today however I was to paint our toenails, and fingernails a matching dark red and get dressed in female undergarments and male street wear. Although what She called male was hardly that. I wore a silky black shirt with darts in it, Black wool gabardine pants that were very tight on the ass, and my shoes were black shoe boots with a slight heel. My corset showed through the shirt if you looked closely, as did the out line of it through my pants. She excused me from wearing makeup except for the mascara. i begged Her not to humiliate me like this to no avail.

We went to Hollywood and shopped in several “kinky” stores for outfits for the ball. What She picked out for me was a black formal maids uniform with white frilly skirts. i was also treated to a collar with silver studs on it. That was not too bad because the people in these stores were into the “scene”. Then She said we needed shoes and knew a place in the Mall that had some large sizes. “Please Mistress” i begged, “not dressed like this in a straight place!” “Shut up Tracie” She said. She had recently named me and now addressed me only by my slave name. “You will do anything I say, whenever I say it, resistance is futile” So back in the car and to the mall we went. When we got to the shoe store She had me sit down and She walked over to the saleswoman. Thank god i thought to my self, i can be humiliated in front of a woman but not a man. The saleswoman came over with a quirky smile, looked me over, and spoke to my Mistress. “Do you know Her size?” “Ah!” i screamed to myself. She had told the woman i was Her slave! i looked down and clutched the arms of my chair. The lady said “oh, nice polish on the nails, lets see if your feet are done too!” Off came my shoes and She giggled when She saw that they were done in the same shade. She measured my feet and went to get some shoes that i could try on. Boots, heels, pumps of all kinds were brought out. Now the embarrassment was just beginning. i had to walk around in these shoes in the store, other people were there and some just stared, others laughed at me.

We finally settled on a pair of 4 inch black heels to match the maid uniform. The toes were open. Marquesa had me wear the new shoes out of the mall, but not before we had lunch, and some additional humiliation with the waiter.

The day to leave came and i packed our bags and was told to wear my cock harness, and all my fem undergarments. “I told Mistress that it would set off the metal detector in the airport, She said it wouldn’t and who cared anyway. i spoke out of turn as i said i knew it would. She slapped me hard across the face for speaking out of turn and arguing with Her. She said if i was right She would not embarrass me further at the airport, but if i was wrong She would have me do something humiliating. i said “i am not a betting person”, She said “Too bad you are now!”

We got to the airport without incident, except that She slapped me in the cab in front of the driver, for dropping one of Her bags. We checked our bags and went towards the gate. When we got to the metal detector i went right through with no problem. “Whew” i said to myself. Now i won’t be frisked! But then i saw the look on Marquesa face, it was an evil smile. i remembered the bet and now had to anticipate something truly humiliating in the airport. We went to the gate and got our boarding pass. When the airline person asked for our ID, Mistress said to me, “Tracie, would you get my ID out of my purse?” Using the name Tracie, i knew i had to answer “Yes Mistress” but i chose to ignore the predicament and said “OK” We showed our ID’s and as soon as we did we stepped away from the counter and Marquesa whirled around and slapped me in the face and yelled at me to “Never make the error of saying “OK” to Me again, now apologize correctly and show me your are sorry by kissing my shoes!” “Mistress” i begged unsuccessfully, the glare in Her eyes was unmistakable. i lowered my head and said…”i apologize Mistress for purposefully being disrespectful to my Mistress and i will never do it again. Mistress i beg your forgiveness and humbly kiss your feet as a sign of my true devotion to you.” i knelt and kissed both of Her shoes. She smiled and told me “That’s better now get up”. i did to find most of the people there were looking and pointing. i was completely mortified. This was going to be a real tough trip, if the first two hours were any indication.

When we got on the plane in first-class we sat and i had to bear everyone whispering as they passed us to get to the coach section. At least i had the satisfaction of saying to myself that they were in coach while i was in 1st class! Mistress leaned over to me and unbuttoned the first two buttons of my silk shirt which reveled my black nippleless bra and hairless chest. Well, when the plane took off and we were asked by the Flight attendant what we wanted to drink, My Mistress asked for a Long Island Iced tea and i ask for the same. She brought them in a few minutes and reached over me to give Marquesa Hers. She glanced down and noticed the feminine undergarments and said to me, “You must be the one that was on his knees in the ticket area, I wondered who that might be” She smiled at me looked at Marquesa, and said to Marquesa, “Do you keep him on a tight leash?” My Mistress laughed and said, “Oh what a good idea!” She pulled out Her purse and got a leash and collar our and put it on me. i was as red as a beet. “I keep him on an ever so tight leash, in fact if you need anything during the flight just ask he will be of any service you need” The flight attendant winked at Marquesa and went about Her work. i begged my Mistress to lighten up but She would have none of it. I spent the rest of the flight doing little chores for Her, like massaging Her feet, neck and, being sent to the flight attendant to get Her things.

We arrived in San Francisco and went to our hotel. It was a hotel that catered to the B/D crowd, at last i felt somewhat safe. But the training and humiliation were to intensify. Upon entry to the hotel Marquesa ordered me to my knees and told me to wait. i knelt there in the middle of the lobby while my Mistress checked us in and such. The Woman at the desk said that while in the hotel we were free to behave as we wanted, as if Marquesa needed to be given permission! i carried the bags up to the room and was surprised to find a room that was outfitted partially as a dungeon. It had stocks at the foot of the bed, handcuffs suspended from the closet. A gym horse in one corner with straps for bondage in the corner. Upon entry Marquesa said “Strip except for the collar and your lingerie. She then told me to get out my maids uniform and put it on and then unpack and organize the room. After i did this, She told me to strip again and put me on the bed and told me i needed to rest, “…and i don’t want you being restless”, She laughed. She then proceeded to tie me up with ropes, chains and handcuffs until i was bound completely. My legs were together, my private parts were stuffed and tied down between my legs, my head was enclosed in a hood. i could see nothing, my mouth was accessible as was my nose. my hands and arms were tied to my waist, the hood was secured to the bed. i could move nothing except my toes and fingers. She then left the room. i lied there for what seemed like hours, i dozed off and on not knowing for how long. Occasionally i heard someone in the room but when i asked who, there was no reply. Finally i was jolted awake by the feeling of a whip on my body. She(?) was whipping me everywhere, my chest, my legs, my stomach, everywhere. i cried out only to be rewarded with a ball gag. She then said, ” I hope you got a good rest because soon we will be dressing you for the Ball and going. I want you to be a very good slave tonight as I want to show you off to my friends here in San Francisco. You will do all that I say, and you will do it immediately! Is that clear? She asked and laughed because there was no way for me to respond in any way. “When I point to the floor”, she said, “I expect you to fall to your knees.” “When I snap my fingers you are to follow, when I clap my hands you are on your knees with your mouth touching my shoes.” “Two fingers pointing to the floor, means bending over with your hands on your ankles.” “I hope you remember all of that because I am not going to repeat it, you’ll have to learn by error.” She laughed. i was then untied and told to dress. i dressed in the black and white maids outfit with the high heels, She made up my face with more than the usual makeup. A brunette wig went on me that was curly and long, i looked quite the tart. The leash went on and out of the door we went!

We hailed a taxi and being in San Francisco, he didn’t even look twice at me. We got out in front of the Masquerade Ball and walked up the stair. Many people were decked out in various costumes of varying degrees. Other men in drag, slaves, Mistresses, regular costumes, butch women, vampires, etc. i was no surprise. We went through the first door and there was a room selling all sorts of stuff for S/M and B/D. She saw a couple of friends and walked over to the booth they were in. It was a spanking booth and their was a woman slave tied up and bent over to receive spanking for $10 to donate to the event. Marquesa said “What about a male?” Her friend said that salve did not show up yet. So Marquesa, generous as She is, pointed to the floor and i fell to my knees. She said what about Her? Her friend said without hesitation, “Great!” over the bench i went, a sign was put on me that read “Male slut slave, spanking 10 whacks for $10 choose any whip!” i was tied to the bench and a gag was put in my mouth. i was there for about 5 minutes when the first person came up, a female who was new to the game and after She was instructed on how to hold the whip and use it She gave me 10 of her best, i was glad i had the ball gag on or i would have screamed. The female next to me was in tears as she had just gotten 3 spankings in a row. Another stepped up to bat this time a man, i wanted to protest. i had never had any kind of treatment from a man and this was not comfortable for me. Marquesa saw it in my eyes and walked up to me and said “Do it for me, you can do this and it would make Me so proud of you, and besides you really have no choice in the matter slut!” i closed my eyes tried to relax and took the 10 blows that were quite viscous. He asked to do it again but the other Mistress told him i needed a rest and to come back later. Marquesa patted my head and told me i was a good slave. i took about 6 more beatings the gag did a good job of muffling my cries. i also knew i would not be sitting down any time in this evening.

After a while we toured the place together, going to the dance room where Mistress had me dance with some men and women, She had ordered me to dance as slutty as possible, and that She didn’t want to see me holding back in any way. So there i was in the middle of the dance floor in my maids outfit, dancing like a complete slut, it was turning the guy on that i was dancing with who kept trying to grab me. Luckily i was stronger than he so it was no problem to keep him in his place. A couple of woman danced with me and made me feel like such a woman, by pulling me close and fondling me in very personal areas. A slow song started and i got lost thinking about what i was doing and how i got to this place in life. Six short months ago if anyone told me that i would enjoy being dressed as a woman, being a maid to a very demanding and severe Mistress i would not have believed them. i was a slave 6 months ago but nothing like this. Here i was all femmed out, i glanced at my Mistress standing near the bar and She was watching me, talking with another mistress. She smiled at me. It made me so happy to see Her pleased at my performance. i felt like falling to my knees and kissing Her feet, but no need to rush into that, i was sure to do that several times more this evening anyway. my dance partner suddenly backed away from me, I was confused by the look on her face and then, my arms were pulled behind me and a scarf went over my eyes. My hands were quickly being laced up in a thing that felt like a leather glove up past the elbows made for both arms.

I was ushered down the stairs and outside, my mistress put a gag in my mouth and told me to just go with it. i was put on the floor of a car, it seemed big and there were people on both sides of me. i must have been in a limo. We arrived somewhere and they lead me out and into a building. A collar was put on me and a chain went to it. A spreader device was put on my ankles and they were locked in place some how because i could not move my feet at all. i was bent over some device, now my ass was exposed as were all of my other points of entry. The chain on my neck collar was fastened so that i could not move my head at all. The blind fold was left on but the gag was taken out. i tried to speak. “What is happ. . .  ” Slap! Slap! Two to my face and i quickly shut up. there were all sorts of people in the room who were laughing and fondling me. My Mistress suddenly spoke up. “OK let the bidding begin.” The winner will get this slut maid for an hour tonight and for a weekend of his or Her choosing. No permanent marks and no blood sport are the only requirements. The bidding begins at $1,500 and proceeds go to the Hookers Masquerade Ball benefit. “Mistress, please i beg of. . . Slap! Slap! and a gag went back on. The bidding started but not before i was inspected in every way, they asked questions about what my talents were and what use i would be to them. They admired my equipment, fondling it and pulling on it. They deeply inspected my openings. The bidding began and i heard Men and women bidding on me. What i would do if a man won i did not know, i could only trust in fate. Finally, when it got to $2,200 a winner was declared, a Mistress known as Lady Lana.

My blindfold was removed, Lady Lana was a stunning redhead, with beautiful long legs, dressed in leather. Lady Lana asked to be left alone with Her prize and Marquesa. She said “Is She broken, will She do anything?” Marquesa responded with a smile. She walked up to me looked me in the eyes and said “Once you realize that you can and will do nothing but that which pleases me it will be much better for you.” She continued, “To please me you must take pain and humiliation, perhaps I will keep you bent over and use you degradingly now, in front of your Mistress.” “I have just the instrument” She pulled out fine leather straps that fit snug around Her waist, attached were Eight inches of glistening latex. . . i knew i was about to be taken like never before, taken like the whore i had become, the slut i had been taught to love being. i dreaded it and yearned for it at the same time. i had walked down a road that had no turns. “She said, watching you tonight on the dance floor teased me and invited me and you have brought out the beast in me, now you have to deal with it, let’s see how long you last.” My Mistress laughed, walked up to my head that was at Her waist level and held my head, She petted me as i felt the lubricant being applied. “She will be cruel to you today but it is nothing compared to how I am going to make you feel tomorrow, for I can see in your eyes your pleasure in this, and what I want to see is fear!” Then She inserted a ball gag, my mind was filled with what was happening behind me with Lady Lana, my Mistress in front of me, and thoughts of tomorrow. Thoughts of adoration and love for Marquesa filled me. Lady Lana was laughing as she began to take me. Marquesa said, “Lady Lana, be especially cruel to him.” To be owned and used by Marquesa is truly a privilege. A tear flowed down my cheek and i sobbed into my gag . . .