There is a triad of Mistress Marquesa’s videos that I have discovered and which have the most amazing and wonderful effect when watched in the appropriate, and obvious, order.

These recordings will not only set you on the path to being happily dominated by the Mistress and her Sacred Temple, they will see you through to the inevitable finish.  Your utterly submissive need to worship.  Watch these videos at your own risk.  They will ensorcell you.  They will transport you to that wonderful point of “No Return. “  I warn you out of personal compassion.  I am totally besotted with the subject matter because of my frequent viewing of these videos.

You must begin your “training exercise” with the video, Programmed for Pussy.  This video will begin your conditioning and total surrender to the power that the Sacred Temple (AKA: Pussy) will soon have over you, if you are not already under its fragrant and alluring spell.  After viewing and succumbing to this video’s powerful message you will be well on your way to seeing and accepting Pussy as the most powerful and desirable entity in your Universe.  And just the thought of the beauty of the Mistress’ Pussy will be the most powerful and desirable of all.  You WILL long to obey Her commands and perform her suggestions.  You WILL be Programmed for Pussy.

But your pussy programming will not stop there.  You will feel the urgent need and desire to continue on this remarkable pussy seduction.  You will need to go beyond your basic pussy programming.

You will need to find out just what the title of the next video, Pussy Power Persuades You, means.  You will be unwilling to rest until you find out what the power of the Pussy is persuading you to do.

Now, I’m not going to tell you precisely what that is.  Far be it from me to ruin the Mistress’ Love Spell.  But I will tell you this; before I first watched this video I thought I knew where the Mistress was going to take me.  I should have known better after all this time of being in Her thrall.  Once again the Mistress proved to me that She is the one in control.  She is the one who chooses the path that She will take me down.  She is the one who springs the surprise on my silly expectations.  Just what will pussy power persuade you to do?  Anything the Mistress directs or instructs you to do.  You will not be able to resist.  You will not want to resist.  Give in to the powerful persuasion of Pussy.  You know that you want and need to.

And once you do you will be ready to advance to, Pussy Power Enslaves You.  And once you surrender to this video there is absolutely no turning back.  You can never be anything greater than Marquesa’s totally enslaved obedient Pussy worshiper ever again.  You will never want to be anything greater ever again.  She will take you down the final steps of the path of total Pussy worship and desire and you will willingly, gladly, follow any and all of Her instructions.  You won’t be able to resist.  You won’t want to resist because you now need Her to accept you and your total Pussy subjugation.  You need Her to fulfill your desires.  You need Her to complete and fulfill your sexuality.  You need Her!

Oh Goddess!  It feels so very good to be so deeply under the Mistress’ absolute control.  Her Will is your will.  You love it.  You love this feeling of Pussy submission and you desire more of Her domination.


You have been warned!


Her Servant,