Disclaimer: In this story a fictional character engages in the unethical behavior of using drugs to gain control of an unsuspecting subject.
I do not condone such behavior or actually utilize it with My potential slaves. I enjoyed the story enough to publish it; because it is a fairly common fantasy and as a fantasy that’s cool with Me.  😉  It is a fantasy for entertainment purposes, for many of you who may have long time fantasized about such wantonly wicked things.

Vance walked through the door a little agitated already from work but the toy truck in the floor that he tripped on set him off.
“I’ve, said, it, one thousand times, don’t, leave, this, shit, out,” as he kicked it down the hall.
“Good thing Johnny’s not here to see that, “ Elaine said sarcastically. Ahh honey, come on and take that coat off. Go back to the bedroom and change your clothes I’ve got dinner all ready for you. “Where’s Johnny and Eve,” his children no where to be seen. They are spending the night next door remember? I told you this morning before you left for work. Tsk, tsk, you are so caught up in that building project.
She handed him a drink as he slipped off his coat, with a frown beginning to edge up his face. “You told me this morning?” She was already back in the kitchen signing to herself. Vance
Had a memory like a steel trap so forgetting that his kids were spending the night? He smelled the buttery smoked chicken aroma wafting as he opened the bedroom door and he lost focus. His drink nice and cool as it slid down his throat with a soda tingle. What a day, he thought.

Soon his pants were off and he was in his jeans and long t-shirt. Out of the glossy leather oxfords and into his comfy sandals. Another sip and he was feeling much better. “so babe, what’s cookin?” Welllll, you mean besides me?
Elaine had her apron on but it was different, then he noticed. She was wearing a garter belt, and a black bustier and high heeled leather stilletos??? Umm, honey? He said pointing at her outfit not seeming to be able to make out what his brain was thinking.
“I know, so risqué for me. Do you like iiiit?” He took another drink from his oversized glass and gulped. “ohhhh yeah.” He felt so loose. “Elaine, what is in this drink? Wow it’s good, and kinda strong. I don’t even taste the hooch!”
“Oh, it’s just a little something I made up babeeee. You’ve been such a gooood boyeeee.” Vance felt a slight shutter. The kind of feeling you get when you miss the last step or you feel a little faint. He sat down. Wow, I might be becoming a light weight…he laughed.
“Here hon, let me freshen that drink for you.” Elaine walked over from the fridge and poured a white creamy looking liquid into his glass and shot some soda into it quickly. “Drink up it’s almost time to eat.” Vance turned it up this time gulping half and feeling looser.
“I’m gonna put on some jazz honey.” Elaine stepped into the other room. Vance stood up but felt like his knees were a bit week. “What is this stuff honey? 100 proof?” He popped an olive from the hours doervs dish and washed it down with another gulp.
“So you really like it huh?” Her voice so sweet from the other room. Did her voice deepen he thought? Why does it sound differently? As he sat there he began to notice that he was feeling uncomfortable. He shifted his weight, cleared his throat. It was weird he felt fine but suddenly not so good, like missing something. Elaine wisped back in and suddenly he felt better.
“Honey you ok?” Elaine’s concerned voice soothed him so nicely. “You look a little green.” She giggled. “No, no I’m fine. Something made me feel funky but much better now.” “Ok,” she chirped, “let’s eat.”
Vance was amazed at how good the dining room looked. “You really knocked yourself out for this one Babe.” He smailed so pleased at how everything was going, he felt so good. They sat down and she handed him the bread. “Oh I forgot the butter,” she jumped up and skipped back to the kitchen.” Vance’s silly grin on his face felt funny, his face felt numb and kinda tingly. I am so out of drinking practice, he thought. Suddenly however that unsettled feeling hit him again. Stronger this time, and edging toward painful. He gulped the last of his drink and asked Elaine to bring some more. She complied and returned with the butter. Vance didn’t notice the bottle before but it was really tall and kinda old looking. It had herbs or something floating in it. There was some kind of other thing floating in it but it was hard to see through the thick liquid. “Is this sambuca?” “no” said Elaine. Here, she sat down a taller glass and poured it almost full. “Have a real drink, loverrrrr boyeeeee.”
He swooned again, as if his elevator just dipped two floors down beneath him. He felt so strange. He took another large drink from this tall glass. So fuzzy, what is going on? “I gotta stand up,” he said, almost slurring his words. “No, no you don’t honey,” Elaine’s voice almost stern. He felt himself fall back into his chair midway through rising. Elaine smirked.
“So, here we are. You and me,” her voice changed again. I’ll tell you what was in that drink as soon as I turn off the scents. She stood up and switched off a vase that looked like it was puffing out smoke. We don’t need the illusion that I am fixing dinner anymore, do we?”
Waaa…aat? It was bit hard to form his thoughts into words now. He looked into the kitchen and for the first time noticed that there really was nothing there for dinner. He looked at Elaine, puzzled but smiling. “what’s going on baby?” not that he cared at this point.
“Oh, it’s alittle something I threw together,” she laughed again but this time sounded slightly sinister. I’ll be back, you sit here, my looooove. She again skipped off and the second she left he felt as if he wanted to sob. “Come back Elaine! Come back!” He shook his head and girtted his teeth. He could’nt stand for he to leave the room! That’s what he was feeling. He felt himself getting scarred and excited all at the same time. He stood and steadied himself against the buffet. Then launched himself to the kitchen entry. “Elaine!, Come back!” he was almost full of tears as he called out. He slid down the side of the entry way to the floor. It seemed as if
hours passed. He looked up and there she was, towering over him.
There was something dangling from her, her pelvis? Elaine? What…is…tha…
Before he could get it all out he felt the mask go over his face. A long tube dangled down from, but from where? He was trying to paw off the mask and look. She pulled him over to a stool where she sat down. She pulled up her apron and he saw the tube was dangling from the inside of the apron. Her long slender fingers, now encased in silky gloves took the tube and snapped it to another device between her legs. She then turned a valve slowly on the side of the tube. His nostrils were then filled with her pungent, heavy, lips soaked scent. He coughed slightly.
“Breath, my sweet, sweet slave, breathe deeply.” His eyes rolled back into his head and he sighed and he took in her scent.
He woke up on the bed and was naked except for a small rope that was wrapped around his cock and balls and connected to his wrist. Elaine slid next to him. Her eyes wide and firey. This is what you wanted….slaaaaave boyeeeee. Vance, said “yesss” Goddess, yessssss”
She pulled down her bustier to release her breast. His eyes were drawn to her engorged nipples.
They were dripping. His mouth gaped open at the mere sight. “yes, yes my love pet, you will drink deeply. Her long fingers caressed the back of his head, as he felt her nails scratch him slightly. She pulled his head gently to her bulging dripping nipple. His mouth clamped down upon it and he started to drink it in. The breast was so full it flooded his mouth.
He moaned as it sank deep into his body, this heavenly milk. “She began whispering to him. “you love me so much. you don’t want me to be away from you. The oxytosin that I am passing to you is binding you to me. You’ve been drinking it all evening dear boy. I bet you noticed you didn’t want me to be away from you, did you? Not at all. Yes I added a little something extra to the concoction but mmmm, it was sooo good wasn’t it.”
Vance tried to raise his hand but it was tied to his cock so he left it down. “yes my dear, leave it down there. I have plans for your other hand.” She put it upon her other breast that he massaged as he drank deeply of the other. “Now,” she said deeply ” feel my hand sliding around your cock my love slaaave.”
She wrapped her hand and it was so stiff he felt all of the blood rush out of his head and to supply his now engorged cock. “Look at me dear, tell me you love me,” she crooned as her hand slid up and down his shaft.
He blinked sleepily, and lifted his eyes to look upon her face. His eyes so unfocused. He blinked again and cleared them. Elaine’s face was coming into focus. She gently pulled him off of her now drained nipple and raise his chin while stroking him slowly. His eyes adjusted, and he shook his head. Elaine’s face became unfocused. He blinked again, and again. Vance then shuttered and shook. His eyes welled up with pools of tears. As they streamed down he said, yes, Goddess, yesssss Goddesss. She pulled his face to her other breast to feed. A knowing smile crossed her lips as her blue eyes finished turning to green, her brunette hair to blonde
And her lips to the most beautiful shape of all.
Marquesa’s love spell was complete. Any thoughts of Elaine faded as THE MAQUESA took control and Vance never looked back.