Your Turn By A.R.T.

Relax as you feel My web weaving
Around and around in your mind
Replacing your worn out conceiving
With a power that’s Heaven to find

Give in as the silks of My spinning
Entangle you more than before
Evolving a change-filled beginning
To a helplessness felt in your core

You can’t know what pleasures await you
In My lock that’s your key’s perfect fit
Be grateful the gods did create you
Because now it’s your turn to submit

Where Went Eden By A.R.T.

The tale of our Adam is distant and damning
A story of snakish, bedev’ling temptation
Jehovah expelled him — we heard the door slamming
Compelled to remember his low, earthly station

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and of Evil
Had fruit of such power a woman dared try it
Sweet Eve had the courage to seek its retrieval
But God disapproved of her holier diet

The lesson is not that the Jehovah’s almighty
Or Eve’s try for power is why your life’s shoddy
The lesson is that you forgot Aphrodite
The garden of Eden’s your Mistress’ body