This story should not be read by any minor. It should not be read by anyone who is ethically, legally, morally, religiously, or personally {for any reason(s)} prohibited or proscribed from doing so. It should not be read by anyone who is fearful of, or uncomfortable with, the subject of feminine influence/control/domination/superiority/supremacy/inspiration or the topic of mind control in any of its forms or both.


From the moment you saw it, you knew that WATCH was meant to be all yours. You’ve never felt so absolutely certain about anything. Everything in your heart and soul and gut insistently screamed that WATCH must only belong to you alone. Only you should have it.

It was the most well-built possession I’ve ever seen. And it was as beautiful a work of art as it was the perfect machine. The gold and platinum band lined with satin and Cashmere and those first-class jewels clinched the deal of a lifetime. That one of a kind, tiptop-of-the-line WATCH had my name written on it.

Finding the woman who bought it was easier than child’s play. You could do this sort of thing in your sleep. And besides, you discover that setting your watch on this well-fixed, high heeled woman of the world and keeping your eyes pealed to watch her every arousing movement wasn’t exactly doing hard time. And if everything goes as you painstakingly plan it out to the last letter of every jot and tittle: Lets just say doing any stretch of time is something you’ll never have to worry about.

Now what? The WATCH will always be just the most magnificent thing I’ve ever deserved. I’m certain nobody who owned something so marvelous would ever give it up willingly. I know I won’t. Okay!! I also know there’s only one choice now.

You’re used to this sort of mission. Still, you can feel your heart beating. You don’t remember it ever pounding so loudly when you were doing a job. You silently take a couple of deep breaths.

I go over each minuscule iota of every last speck of all the details in my head. I’ve gotta be sure about everything. This is not the time to make a slip or screw up anything. This is too important for any stupid mistakes or failing to plan or prepare.

That’s my!!! WATCH. It’s mine. It’s so beautiful. It’s my PRECIOUSSISSISSIS! Must have it. All mine PRECIOUS! No one else must touch it. Give it to me, silly. That’s that.

The security system is state-of-the-art. And it came complete with each and every one of the high techie bells and low tech whistles someone who could afford to buy your WATCH would insist upon. This makes things a bit more difficult for you.

In your lust-filled mind’s avariciously solo focused eye you have crystal clearly seen yourself. You’re sipping a favorite drink lounging on a sunlit beach. Or this time of your life you are slow dancing with the kind of Junoesque, supermodel-looking faced babe who’s usually only seen on the wealthy arm of a man of means and then some. Other cinematic spectaculars of “Dom Perignon wishes and Beluga dreams” have played in your imaginations. No matter what the scenario, you are proudly wearing or flashing your favorite WATCH. There’s no doubt in your mind or time for hesitation now.

It took a while, but I’m inside. Those technical school classes gave you some of your well earned know-how. And those almost innumerable, usually painstakingly frustrating web searches for those special sites most people will never come close to finding. These treasure troves of criminality nuggets also gave up to me their fair share of what I needed. You gratefully smile as you silently bless former US Vice President Al Gore for inventing the worldwide web. As it turned out, the watchdogs weren’t a problem for ‘moi’ either. Now that you’re in the mansion, all you have to do is find what you came for.

She’s asleep. Where the hell did she hide it? Shit!! I’m not gonna waste time looking in any more places.

It’s good something told you this might happen someday. Your face is covered and You’ve got gloves. The voice changer you’re using tonight will drive anybody who tries any of that voice identification crap crazy. Still, you wonder. “Could she ID me? And even if she can’t, could some smart cookie or somebody who’s just plain lucky somehow get their filthy do-gooder hands on some sort of clue from her?” Think fast. Leave, or go all the way. The seconds are ticking past. Which one will it be?

Sometimes, you only get one shot at what ya really want. You’ve always known that’s the way the world works. I’m already in deep. She’s got your WATCH. It’s decided. You heard somebody say, “The dead can’t sue”. And there’s only one way you can be sure you don’t give this one any chance to ever, even unknowingly, put the finger on you. Never make the same mistake twice. I learned that the hard way in the toughest reform school of hard knocks in every knock down drag out fight to the finish off the other guy first I’ve ever had. Besides, to get the brass ring it’s dog eat dog and survival of the fittest and self-preservation and to the victor goes the spoils. Life is nothing but a winner take all the goodies rat race to get your king of the mountain-sized slice of the pie with ice cream on top with chocolate sprinkles and a cherry. I’ll grab the last droplet of all the gusto I can squeeze from seizing the day in this world is all there is.

I’m standing close, but not right next, to the head of her bed. Never give ’em any chance to grab me. Don’t get into a fight if yuh don’t have to.

Even in this little bit of light, it looks like she is one smokin’ sexy as hell. What a hot broad. Hmmmmmmm! How good is she? Since I’m here anyway, why not get a little somethin’ warm, tight, and wet and screw her brains out of her mind.

Hey! dick head, get a clue. There’d be evidence for sure after that. Who do you think you are–the master criminal who always alludes the world’s best CSI units? Not even the finest pieces of grade all A-pluses, ‘summa cum laude, in cursu honorum’ tail are worth taking such a boner-headed risk. When you’ve gotten away with the prize, you’ll slap some sense into yourself after you’ve spanked the monkey for a while. It’s the WATCH, the whole WATCH, and nothing but the WATCH. That’s all that matters.

Your weapons are ready. You flip on your really bright flashlight. And just in case, it also happens to be quite sturdy and very heavy. You shine the intense beam right in her startled, dazzled eyes.

Before she can hardly blink, I let her know the score. “Baby, the WATCH, or else. NOW!!”

When she throws back the sheets, she’s naked. What a set of shapely legs. Those breasts are better than you thought. When it comes to ‘A’, ‘H’, ‘O’, and ‘X’, this one’s got a ‘X!X!X!“`’ figure. It would be fun to top off my gems with some playtime all over and between those finger lickin good to the last drop-dead gorgeous gams.

You’re unthinking again, just like any other two-bit, half-assed, hornier as hell, jacked up, half-witted penis for brains. Lets not go through that again. Keep it simple stupid. Don’t lose your head, or your skull full of mush, over this delicious slice of hopefully spicy cheesecake. Knock it off! Are you some new kid on the block, baby in his mommy’s arms first-timer? It’s the WATCH.

“Huh who?” she mumbles groggily.

“No lip. The WATCH.” I pat my holster to let her know this ain’t some game with me.

“No quick moves. Gimmy the WATCH. No tricks.” I’ve used this menacing voice before. It’s never failed.

You step back a little and make sure your lynx-eyed eagle eyes watch like a hawk everything she does. After she’s out of the sheets, she tries to reach for a robe or slippers or something.

I’m not waiting. “No stalling. The WATCH, right now, damn it!!!”

She starts to open her mouth. One word and it’s “Thumpity kick punch, Thumpity slapfest, I’ll smack you around” city for her.

You can see those wheels working behind her enormous, restless eyes look like they’re bugged out with terror. “Could I scream before he gets to me? Can I get to my cell phone or a panic button in time? If I can get him close enough then maybe.”

“The alarm’s gone along with your power. The WATCH! One wrong move and!”

I’m not gonna finish this threat. I know this sort of leaving them hanging statement is scarier that way.

This isn’t amateur night at the kiddy show. You always keep her the right distance from you. That little pea brainlessness in her mindlessly “does she or doesn’t she?” blonde airhead may still be trying in vain to click forward with a rescue stratagem. If you have to, You’ve got ways to make her wish You’d only fucked her all three ways.

She goes to a safe and starts fiddling with it. One gun’s in my other hand now. I make sure she hears me cock it. If she takes too freaking long or I even think I see anything that even might be a weapon.

She takes out an exquisitely handcrafted, small case that’s only big enough to hold your property. Good. This may not have to get bloody after all. After you get your WATCH, You’ll make this quick. Torture was never your thing.

She turns around and starts to slowly hand me the case. That’s right.

Hold it. How do I know what’s in there?

“Open it! Let me see my WATCH.”

She opens the lid, reaches her other trembling hand inside, and brings out something sparkling. She lets the case drop to the floor so she can hold up your reward with both hands.

Good. She didn’t try to put one over on you. Your WATCH is even more perfect than you remembered.

I think I see some tears forming in her big, wide-set eyes. I can’t let that get in my way. Tonight is too valuable for any sloppy, sob sister sentiments.

You see her long fingers with those brightly polished nails stroking, caressing, and slowly moving the WATCH around in her [as Jerry Seinfeld would describe them] “man hands”. You wonder what’s up. Yes, she’s a hot-looking, sort of reminds you of Laurie Dhue with Elizabeth Taylor-esque eyes sporting just a splash of smoky gray. But doesn’t she know how serious this is?

You’re just about to say something or grab your trophy. Is she? Yes, you can barely hear her sort of whispering something over and over.

“It’s so beautiful. See! It’s so lovely.”

She is right. My WATCH is the prettiest thing.

You realize that now she’s repeating something different.

“It’s so shiny. Watch. So sparkly when it moves.”

You’re a bit unnerved now. Yes, you are in the driver’s seat of power. Still, things didn’t turn out exactly as you’d mapped them out. You don’t know what’s gotten into her. Whatever it is, she’s obviously not in any position to stop you now. Your WATCH really is the loveliest thing you’ve ever seen. She can’t alert anyone either. Just for fun, why not take a few moments and see what happens.

As you keep listening, you notice she keeps jumping back and forth and all around on several phrases or words. “So pretty.” “Always calms me dooooooown.” “Look at the WATCH.” “So beautiful watch the shiny.” “WATCH.” “Pretty.” “Soothing.” “WATCH.”

While I listen to her go out of her mind, she does all sorts of things with my WATCH. She strokes it. She holds it in one hand, then in the other, and sometimes in both. My WATCH is so pretty. And her fingernails glittery in my flashlight. The way her long fingers massage my WATCH. I’d like her to handle my magic wand that way. My shimmering WATCH, her shiny nails, trying to make out what she’s sort of almost whispering. It’s been a long day.

The next thing you remember is hearing someone snapping their fingers very loudly several times. After that, the next thing you realize is all your clothes are gone.

“So are you convinced?” you hear a woman ask in a confident tone tinged with mischievousness.

“Yes, darling. You were right about hypnosis. Teaching all my agents how to employ covertly hypnotizing language patterns, compelling body language, entrancement depth tests, and those other techniques should work wonders in the field.”

“How do you think you’ll suggest they use their new skill sets?”

“Hmmmmmmm! Off the top of my head: relaxing witnesses, building rapport with people in various circumstances, defusing potentially violent situations, handling freaking out customers. I’m sure there’ll be other ways we can use all this.”

“About the only possible limitations I can think of are the hypnotist operative’s confidence in their abilities and their inventiveness in pressure situations.”

“I must say, you passed your white glove and universal solvent acid test with flying colors,” I tell the woman who’ll always mean everything to me.

“And your field test for me was something I’d never have guessed you’d do.”

“If I’m gonna recommend my agency’s people possibly stake their lives on using hypnotism when it counts most, I had to be sure their teacher could do the same.”

“You scared the crap out of me, tonight. I didn’t recognize anything about you until after you went under. After I took your gun and flashlight, I saw your markings on them. You even disguised your voice. You’re much more devious than I realized.”

“And in part, I have you and your mesmerizing spells to thank for that.”

I see her raise her highly arched eyebrows.

“How do you mean?” she says quizzically. “You know I can’t hypnotize you into doing anything you don’t want to.”

“That’s true. However, we both know that what we humans assume we’ll do and what we may actually do can be two very different and differing things. Your suggestions for me to think, act, and as much as I could do so feel like a criminal opened me up to all sorts of possibilities. While the test was going on, I thought and felt things I’ve never done before.”

You pause for a few moments and smile at her appreciatively. “The security measures you implemented while I was away were a bitch to overcome. By the way, how long do you think it’ll be before you’ve got that report ready for the alarm manufacturer?”

“Since you refused to tell me how you would test my hypnotism outside of a counseling or laboratory setting, it was only fair we find out whether or not your skills were still up to snuff.” I watch her scratch her head. “For the report, probably less than a week.”

“Impressive as always. Finding out how I took their system down should hopefully help them install better safeguards and countermeasures to keep their equipment functioning.”

“Let’s hope so.”

“I am sorry about one thing tonight,” I say apologetically.

“What’s that?” she inquires.

“Based on some of your reactions, for a while there I thought I’d pushed the test too far.”

“It was rather intense.” You notice she’s silent for a few moments. “But then, you know more than anyone else how much I get off on extreme intensity.”

I nod my head. It’s been quite a while since I’ve really disagreed with anything she’s said.

I see that look on her such a captivating face. “National Secretary’s Day is tomorrow.”

“Does that mean you’ll insist on having the day off too?”

“Of course, boss.”

“Where is Uncle Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck when I need him?”

“Right with the rest of your alternative personalities. And speaking of your other selves.”

You hear her start making this gurgling, slightly guttural Ertha Kitt as Cat Woman purring sound. You know full well what that means. “Get your arse over here my favorite scratching post.”

i joyously fall to my trembling knees and crawl over where i belong under Her sway. my voice answers the command from This One and Only Goddess’s lips as we both know i always will be forever blessed and blissful because She allows me to belong to Her. “Yes, Magnifical Mistress!”

All sorts of sensations run up and down your wholly becharmed body and all over your ensorcelled mindlessness. She has elected to scratch you in that especially pleasurable spot.

“Does My pet like?” She rhetorically asks with obvious glee and playfulness.

“Yeeeeeeesssssss, Miiiiiiisssssss stirrrrrrr eeeeeee esssssss,” i mumble gratefully.

“Give Mistress what I want.”

you start to move forward.

“Be patient. That comes later. Here is your next command. …”


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