Mystic Mistress Goddess Marquesa…

What you have always wanted.

Yes!  Even over the phone, you will naturally begin to FEEEL MY AURA, FEEEL THE MAGNETIC POWER of My aura, feeling it bathe your body with MY energy, feel goosebumps of excitement begin to form on your skin, and as you feeel MY awesome power enveloping you, flowing through your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes, through every  limb, every bone, every organ, every tissue, every cell every atom of your being, and as My power envelops you, enfolds you, surges throughout your body.


YOU FEEEL your body begin to reflexively RELAAAX — it can’t help itself, it CAN ONLY REELAX, and NOOWW  FEEEL your mind begin to calm itself and REELAX, and as I talk to you feel more and more energy leaving your body, your body aura shrinking and BECOMING PROGRESSIVELY WEAKER AND WEAKER, as though I AM KRYPTONITE, a psychic tractor beam…constantly, relentlessly, remorselessly…drawing your energy…steadily, magnetically, naturally, continuously, out and away from your body and your mind, sucking your energy and this feels so relaxing….so gooood.


YEEESSS!!!  And with each and every word I say, any remaining mental energy continues to sloowwly ebb, draining, draining into MEEE.  That’s right!!  And in your total helplessness at the hands of Your Goddess, *YOU FEEELLL, YOU EXPERIENCE, MYYY POWER AS NEVER BEFORE*, totally under MY CONTROL, COMPLETELY SUBSERVIENT. 

You are NOOWW no more than a lump of moist clay, shapeless, formless, pliable, READY, WILLING AND WAITING FOR ME to mold you, waiting for ME to transform you into something very very special.

Something that pleases ME and amuses ME and turns ME on and you look forward to your transformation, a transformation only I can bring about.  Yeesss!  

You are so much putty in My hands, submissive, passive, yielding in mind and body to MY sweet suggestions and My compelling commands.

Knowing this is what you wanted, what you’ve always wanted.  This is what you’ve dreamed of.  This is what you have always yearned for.  And Noooowww it is yours!!


Call Me!  You know you WANT to.  You know you NEED to.  You cannot resist: