Guess what?  I have My ensorcelling Emerald Eyes resting on you.  That’s how I know many of you have left wonderful comments about Our sensuous stories site and the spellbinding stories you relish reading here.

I want you to know and feel the pleasures and passion We revel in each time I We get to make Ourselves comfortable and rest Our gaze on your expressions of sincere appreciation for the hypno-erotica We ALL savor here.

And you aren’t the only one who gets all cock hard and tingling as you yield to some first-class, clever and risqué writings.  I have always enjoyed cuddling up with a good story that draws Us in and drives Me wild.

A big and heartfelt “Thank you” to each arousing author who has submitted something spectacular that I’ve approved and had posted to mesmerize the hypno-erotica devotees who can’t stop feasting on your captivating creativity.

I’ve heard that for each person who calls into a radio talk show with a specific point of view or who lets a company know how much they adore their fine work–there are a lot of folks who feel the same way.  For each stimulating scribe who has contributed to’s hedonism, I wonder how many reading My words of seduction have not yielded to your muses and sent Us your real-life adventures in hypno-domination or your fantastic trance tales well calculated and crafted to keep your future readers in the palms of Our hands?! 

I hope I can charm, convince, and compel even more of you to heed Our call and overpower any hesitation to submit an autobiographical or fantasy story of your own.  It will please Us so very much each time you do so.  After all, My will is stronger than your will.  And I will you to let your light shine and give Us a look inside what Our wonderizing mesmerism has done for you and how it stirs up your immense imagination.

Sharing the wealth is a marvelous thing to keep doing.  That’s another of the reasons why each time anyone submits a story I really like, not only will I put it up for all to enjoy, you’ll get a free recording as your gifted reward for assisting Me in alluring others.

With this in mind, I want you to know how sorry I am that I havent posted replies to the comments I’ve seen.  The fact is, I have been so busy traveling as well as working on My new Mistress Marquesa internet villa.  The  very good news is My site will be whipped into shape and up and running you right where I want you in My Superior Womanly powers and under My Seductress’s Siren spells sizzling sensualities sorceries VERY SOON!

NOTE- As each one who Krystal clearly remembers and can recall…. telephone tantalization or/and Our enthralling in-person time together ever-increasingly takes you and Lady Krystal or Goddess Marquesa deeper and deeper down into hypnotic sensual and spirited connection. 

Teletrance experiences give Us a power booster rocket ride into ecstasy. So don’t be shyCall soon!

We are available and if you prefer to call personally 714-846-3782






And so, to wrap you around and around My little finger, always recall I am so happy you are enjoying the stories.  And I hope  you feel at least as good about commenting as I do when your genuine gratitude touches Us even more.  And of course, submitting to Me your well-written creativity always puts a smile on My lovely face.


Remember, My potential, present, or perennial hypno-puppet plaything, I read  every comment and really appreciate your feedback and coming back for more story time of your life in Our entrancing embrace!


Goddess Mistress Marquesa AKA Lady Krystal Mesmer continuously seduces superb storytellers and captivating commenters