I did a quick browse of your Stacy “Your New Bosses Breasts” video right away, and could immediately see that I was going to enjoy it. I was able to watch the complete video (with audio) at that point, but couldn’t really let go, because I was concerned about being “walked in on” while in trance; I’d have to wait until I could spend some “quality time” alone with the video, with nobody else home, before I could allow it to have its full effect on me. Unfortunately, it was a while before I had the chance for that, but last week I finally had a couple of hours by myself at home.When I was ready, I got my computer going, started Media Player, and made the viewing window nice and big. Like I had done the last time with the last clip I purchased I left the sound muted, so I could focus on the visual induction. I removed my pants (leaving underwear on as a precaution, in case something nice might happen….) and I sat down at the machine. I jotted down a quick note of the time – 7:05pm – clicked “Play”, and got ready for Stacy to make me take a nice, relaxing, breast-induced nap … πŸ™‚ I watched as Stacy pulled down her top, and the video began to focus in on her chest. It was really nice that there were no real distractions – no semi-transparent clothing, no pendant or crystal – just a pair of absolutely perfect and fascinating breasts, putting me under their spell. Stacy’s breasts are a wonderful hypnotic focus – even under ordinary circumstances, it’s very difficult to stop looking at them once you start. As I focused on them, I was aware that I was starting to have “tunnel-vision” even though there were other things in my field of view. I could tell that I was starting to lose my visual awareness of everything other than her and I felt that familar peaceful, drowsy feeling. It was a very gentle, subtle effect. I remember feeling very relaxed and a little sleepy, but there wasn’t a time when I remember feeling like “I can’t stay awake anymore” – it was more like gently drifiting into a state where everything was fading away – not sure how to really describe it. As I began to feel a little more drowsy, I made an effort to resist sleep for as long as I could. I knew from experience that I would not be able to stay awake much longer, but sometimes trying to resist, knowing that the induction will eventually crush my resistance no matter how hard I fight it, is half the fun. By now, the relaxed, drowsy feeling was accompanied by the pleasant sensation of a full-on erection pulsing and straining against my briefs – but I really couldn’t focus my attention on that one area, and the sensations took on a more diffuse, “full-body” character. Once again, difficult to describe but definitely very nice.

While all this was going on, I just watched Stacy’s breasts quietly, as they moved ever so slightly up and down with her breathing. I’m not sure exactly how long I was able to hold out against the deeply hypnotic effect of her mesmerizing mammaries, but it must not have been very long – there’s a part of the video near the middle, where the camera pulls back to show Stacy rubbing and touching herself. I have no memory of seeing that at all duing this session – so I must have been “gone” before that. I remember watching the gentle movement of her breasts, and just a general “nice” feeling all over – then the next thing I was fully aware of was (like last time) staring at a blank screen. My erection had subsided, and my underwear was extremely damp and sticky…but not to the point of a full release. I’d had no awareness of the increasing dampness at the time it was happening…. I looked at the clock to see how long I’d been under – the time was now a bit after 7:50pm. So, if the video was 17 minutes long, and we assume that I was under within 10 minutes after the video began, then we know that it put me out for at least 30 minutes before I finally snapped out of it – fabulous! I felt really nice for the rest of the evening afterwards, too. πŸ™‚

As you probably can guess, I really enjoyed this, and would love to see more breast-fixation inductions in the future. I’m sure there’s a limit to how much of this sort of thing you can do before people start to get bored of it but I’ll certainly buy any video along these lines that you produce! πŸ™‚ I’d definitely be interested in seeing such a video, that had an accompanying audio induction that was strongly breast-fixated as well.

Again, thanks so much – I can’t wait to see what you might do along these lines in the future – this video was absolutely wonderful, but I have a feeling that the “breast” is yet to come …”

Take care, P